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The NFL Playoffs: takeaways from the Divisional Round

There was some great football played this weekend. And then there was the performance by Brock Osweiler.

Let’s look at some of the biggest takeaways we learned this past weekend.

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The NFL Hall of Fame: Tomlinson headlines 15 modern-era finalists

When we looked at the finalists last season for the NFL Hall of Fame I said I was not envious of the voters. This year, it doesn’t get any easier.

The 15 finalists have been announced and the 46 members of the selection committee are anxiously awaiting until Super Bowl Eve to vote on their next class to enter the hallowed walls in Canton. That, of course, is the tricky part.

It takes 80 percent to earn enshrinement. No less than four people will be inducted per season, while no more than eight will ever be in a new class. When you add on sure-fire bets Jerry Jones and Paul Tagliabue as contributors, and Seattle Seahawks safety Kenny Easley as the senior finalist, you are looking at five former players possibly getting their chance this season.

Five of these 15 finalists:

LaDainian Tomlinson, Terrell Davis, Alan Faneca, Joe Jacoby, John Lynch, Terrell Owens, Kurt Warner, Morten Anderson, Tony Boselli, Kevin Mawae, Isaac Bruce, Jason Taylor, Brian Dawkins, Ty Law, and Don Coryell.

Good luck with that.

Onward to my thoughts on this year’s Hall of Fame class.

The Wayniac Nation NFL Power Rankings: Divisional Round

And then there were eight.

Despite the world over complaining about the Brock Osweiler and Connor Cook matchup in the first game of this year’s NFL Playoffs, none of the three remaining games on the weekend were all that competitive. There were no upsets as all four home teams advanced, setting up this coming weekend’s Divisional Round.

For four teams, the season came to an end. They are locked in slots nine through twelve as we inch closer to our final Power Rankings of the season.

So how does the Top 12 look this week?

Divisional Playoff Rankings are one click ahead.

The Houston Texans: three takeaways from Wild Card Weekend

Yesterday’s intriguing battle between two third-string quarterbacks ended in the Houston Texans favor. For the second consecutive week, Brock Osweiler looked good (that’s not a typo) en route to the Texans third playoff victory in the history of the franchise.

What can we, as Texans fans, walk away with from this victory?

Click here for the 3 biggest takeaways from the Wild Card win.

The NFL M(atty Ice)VP: time for the Atlanta Falcons to get some love

(For the second time this season, our fantasy guru better known as Saucy T has left his confines of fantasy football analysis to drop some quarterback knowledge on us. Last time, we argued if the Cowboys should stick with Dak or turn the keys to the car over to Romo. This time, he looks at the three-horse MVP race consisting of three quarterbacks.

I specifically asked Tim to write this piece as a Falcons fan. To see the debate through a Falcons fans eyes really presses the issue, because the numbers speak for themselves. So without further ado…)


Tim Mason | Fantasy Football/ NFL analyst

As a Falcons fan, this season has been a pleasant surprise. The Falcons have surpassed my optimistic expectations, and the biggest reason why is the MVP-level play of their quarterback, Matt Ryan. For me he should be the clear cut winner of this year’s award, and the stats back it up.

Keep reading for more on Matt Ryan’s MVP campaign.

The Wayniac Nation NFL Power Rankings: Playoff style

Well, here we are. It’s hard to believe but the NFL Playoffs are upon us. Twelve¬†teams are left playing, all with the same goal. Which teams have the best shot?

The beauty of the playoffs is that anything can happen. Although with some of the quarterbacks in this postseason, it seems like some teams face an impossible challenge.

Remember, we switch formats this week moving forward. The past five weeks we have given you each conference’s Power 5 and one Honorable Mention. This week, and for the rest of the season, we give you the Top 12, playoff teams only.

So, how did they fall?

Wildcard Playoff Rankings are one click ahead.


To this day, my brother loves to make fun of me for having chosen my favorite team based on a helmet logo, when I started rooting for the Buffalo Bills in 1989. We also had an extremely heated debate during one Christmas where he felt my Eagles fandom credentials should be revoked because when asked who would I root for in a Bills versus Eagles Super Bowl, I said the Bills. That exchange happened during a drunken night out almost ten years ago and was close to coming to blows.

Onward, for the conclusion of SBJ’s epic journey.


Mandeville, LA 1984 – Still rockin’ the fields in my favorite #3 inspired by Texas Ranger first baseman Pete O’Brien.

So, I guess you’re all wondering: “What the hell does any of this have to do with your favorite sports franchise, and where are we at this point with regards to that?”

Great question. Let’s get a breakdown of where we stand with the big four American sports up to the age of eleven, shall we?

SBJ’s search continues. Click here for more.

The Wayniac Nation NFL Power Rankings: The Dak Attack keeps rolling

It is official. For the first time since the 2003 Super Bowl that saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rise victorious over the Oakland Raiders, neither team from the last Super Bowl is returning to the playoffs. That means this January, there will be no dabbing, and Gary Kubiak will be in his rightful place… not on the football field.

Not much has changed in the AFC, but the rise of the Packers has certainly continued to shake up the NFC. The AFC Power Rankings were relatively easy this week with all six teams already locked in for the postseason. The NFC, however, still has some work to be done, with two playoff spots and a division winner still at large.

Remember, our Power Rankings break down the best five-ish teams per conference until the playoffs start, in which it becomes a comprehensive NFL Power Rankings.

Who made the cut this week?

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