Where you can find me

The easier question is where you can’t find me.

For writing samples and work experience, please visit my LinkedIn page.

When the pandemic hit, I played it safe and took a job as a Communications Manager for a bank. When sports came back, I slowly worked my way back to sports journalism as a freelancer, returning to Turner Sports as a NCAA Division II and college baseball beat writer and Talking Chop, covering the minor leagues.

Communications was never the right fit for me. And quite honestly, that’s okay. The one message I’ve tried to convey since the day this site launched as a sports blog was never to give up on your dreams. It’s never too late. Do what you love and love what you do. What I am best at is telling a story, and where I shine doing that is in marketing and journalism.

So I am back with Turner Sports for the 2021-22 season while still freelancing with Local Marketing, Inc. in Atlanta writing articles and reviews for the automotive industry.

The easiest place to find my work is the DII microsite in which I assisted in creating and maintain daily. Check it out right HERE. If you look at the top menu bar, you’ll see the DII Nation hub. There you can find links to subscribe to my DII Report newsletter and the DII Nation Podcast which I host with Bethany Bowman.

I served as the Deputy Manager of the SB Nation site, Minor League Ball. I started as a writer, became the Rome Braves beat writer for the site in 2016, and served as the Deputy Manager from 2017 until November 25, when SB Nation decided to focus more on the team brand instead of the general sites and did away with Minor League Ball, despite being a top 10 site annually. The good people at Battery Power (formerly Talking Chop) took me on and I now cover the Braves there. I also appear as a guest on the minor league podcast Road to Atlanta, part of the Battery Power podcast network.

I did quite a bit of work with PGA.com, the PGA Championship microsite, and the Ryder Cup microsite before the PGA of America ended its time with Turner Sports. I haven’t done much since, but there is still plenty out there (which you can see some examples in the provided links).

I also do quite a bit of freelance work for marketing firms. I have been doing this since 2009, starting with Meta Media, Inc. in Atlanta, Ga. I currently write regularly for Local Marketing, Inc. in Atlanta, Ga. focusing on car dealerships, pet stores, law firms, and most recently, unicorn parties at a local entertainment center.

I spent three years with the now-defunct FanRag Sports. When I started, I covered minor league baseball for the microsite, Today’s Knuckleball. At the end of 2015, they purged the separate sports microsites and formed one site, Fan Rag Sports. I was the only minor league freelancer to survive. By the end of 2016, it underwent yet another change becoming FRS. The site folded by 2018. I wrote as many as seven articles a week in the early years while writing three a week at the very end. Unfortunately, when the site closed its doors, they shut down the website. My work, as well as the work of many other very talented writers, was lost forever. Some of these are archived in pieces on Wayniac Nation.

I met Eric Cole a few years back on the Braves minor league beat. He lets me cameo on his site MLB Daily Dish, also part of the SB Nation network. I am grateful that he allows me to write some big league stories, like this one on the Yankees 2018 season.

Those are my basic homes. You can also find me as a guest on Braves and DII podcasts, and our very own The Fantasy Football Breakdown podcast hosted by myself and former Wayniac Nation fantasy football analysts Mike Dunton and Chris “Fanduel Fee” Fiumano.

Welcome to my website. Here you can get an idea of my work and find writing samples as well as the DII Nation Podcast.

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