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Week 8 Recap

Welcome back to the Wayniac Nation Fantasy Football Start and Sit Spectacular. In this article we are going to take a look back at the Week 8 picks from our team.

Survivor and Spread Picks

All three writers survived with their survivor picks and we went 4-for-5 collectively against the spread for the second-straight week.


Survivor – Chiefs ✅

Spread – Eagles -8 ✅

Buccaneers -8.5 ❌

Fanduel Fee

Survivor – Chiefs ✅

Spread – Colts-3.5 ✅

Broncos +3.5 ✅


Survivor – Seahawks ✅

Spread – Seahawks -3.5 ✅

Starts and Sits

WayniacCarr – 15.7Eagles RB – 8.9Corey Davis – 22.8Gronk – 12.1
Fanduel FeeBurrow – 25.3Jonathan Taylor – 4.1Brandon Aiyuk – 19.1Jimmy Graham – 2.3
DuntonBrady – 25.9Gurley – 10.6Tyreek Hill – 26.8Jonnu Smith – 3.9

WayniacGoff – 17.7Montgomery – 11.5Diggs – 12.2Fant – 8.2
Fanduel FeeStafford – 32.8Swift – 3.8JuJu – 10.2Hockenson – 10
DuntonJosh Allen – 14Ronald Jones – 5.6Thielen – 4.2Hunter Henry – 5.3

Both our starts and sits were pretty solid in week 8. Only a few different spots where we were off on our picks. Overall a very solid week once again for the Wayniac Nation Crew. Come see us for our week 9 picks for Survivor, Spread, DFS, and Season Long.

NFL Sundays with SBJ: Closer Coffee

SBJ got back into the driver’s seat last week. Maybe it was because I gave him an A- and not an A on his midseason report card, but he went 5-1 in those free picks for you. You got to love that. This week, he has to make a very difficult decision. Does he predict that The Wayniac’s Texans pull of the Monday Night Miracle… or does he lose his job? Only one way to find out!


Public: 22-35 (2-4)

The House: 35-22 (4-2)

Sportsbook Jesus: 35-22 (5-1)

You see those pie charts people? You do understand that no one beats Vegas, right? You do see that our SBJ is dead even with The House, right? It’s time to believe!

Onward to the SBJ Primetime Specials!

NFL Sundays with SBJ: I’m kind of a big deal… people know me

8 weeks are in the books in the NFL. That means this is SBJ’s first official midterms as NFL odds guru with Wayniac Nation. 30-21 in his free picks for you thus far, not too shabby. Since SBJ is the self-proclaimed professor of his Sunday classes, how would The Wayniac – a former teacher myself — grade SBJ’s midterm performance? Being a mere one win behind the oddsmakers in Vegas, I would give him an A-. We don’t want him to get complacent. Keep thickening those wallets, SBJ, my readers need holiday presents by the time the end of the semester rolls around.


Public: 20-31 (2-4)

The House: 31-20 (4-2)

Sportsbook Jesus: 30-21 (3-3)

Keep reading for this week’s free NFL primetime picks

NFL Sundays with SBJ: Irrelevant jumps and drops

Weeks four and five of the NFL season saw SBJ go a combined 10-2 in his free picks for you and your bankroll. Last week, he admittedly was blinded by his own fandom, and didn’t have that SBJ record in which you have grown accustom. I can only imagine that after years of knowing of him, he bounces back with a perfect weekend. Listen carefully, boys and girls.

SBJ’s Week 7 Picks ahead!

NFL Rundown with SBJ: 1,2,3.. what are we gonna do?

Another 5-1 week, folks. My Sportsbook Jesus is 10-2 the past two weeks. The only person you are hurting by not listening to my NFL odds man is yourself. And your lonely wallet. Your lonely, lonely wallet. Without further ado, I give you the best FREE picks on the intraweb courtesy of SBJ.


See where SBJ went right in Week 5 as he preps you for Week 6!

NFL Sundays with SBJ: Do you know what they call him?

If you have been paying attention, the Sportsbook Jesus has been building you a nice little vacation wad of cash the past few weeks. Last week, he nailed it, going 6-1 (in case you missed it, take a look at his new weekly recap feature right here). Who does he have in this week’s prime time matchups for you? Take a look in your weekly NFL Sundays with SBJ.

Giants or 49ers? Steelers or Chargers? SBJ has you covered.