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Welcome to the home page of my NCAA Division II endeavors outside of The includes The DII Nation Podcast and The DII Report, my newsletter that is dedicated to promoting the stories of DII student-athletes and coaches, and simply a spot for me to geek out on stats and take some research-based content to your inboxes.

The DII Nation Podcast

The DII Nation Podcast was born on August 12, 2021. I reached out to long-time NCAA DII beat reporter, Bethany Bowman, to see if she would take the venture with me as cohost, and she immediately said yes.

In our brief time as hosts, we have seen the show exceed expectations on just about every level, including reconnecting with former DII student-athlete and current Washington Nationals pitcher, Josiah Gray.

Our episodes run weekly, and you can catch them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, YouTube and anywhere else you want to listen. Just click below and it will take you there. Please follow us on Twitter at @DIINationPod and our Instagram page as well!.


Both Bethany and myself are humbled from the comments on YouTube and Twitter. Many coaches and scouts appear to like what we are doing, and these words of encouragement are what we need as we shape the direction of our new podcast:

The DII Report newsletter

The DII Report newsletter began this fall. It is still in its earliest stages but I have been overwhelmed with the viewership and subscribers in just a few short months. Please check it out and if you like what you see, consider subscribing. It’s as easy as clicking right HERE.

Welcome to my website. Here you can get an idea of my work and find writing samples as well as the DII Nation Podcast.

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