Fantasy Football: Way-too Early Positional Rankings for 2021

The 2020 fantasy football season is behind us. Despite a new year of fantasy being way down the road, it’s never too early for some fantasy football rankings.

Over the past few weeks, the team at Fantasy Football Breakdown has taken an early look at the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. Perhaps not surprisingly, Dunton, Fanduel Fee and The Wayniac had a consensus No. 1 at all four positions.

Who are they? Of course, the big news is we are now in the podcast world, and can find out on your walks, runs, Peloton or whatever it is you do while you listen to things. You can go to ANCHOR and listen to us there or see where you can find our podcast for your listening pleasure, such as Google Podcasts or Spotify:

SPOILER ALERT: Josh Allen, Christian McCaffrey, Davante Adams, Travis Kelce 😉

Your listenership is the support we need and greatly appreciate, but if you’re feeling extra generous, there is also a “SUPPORT” button where you can help the Fantasy Football Breakdown podcast cause and help us continue to get this thing off the ground.

As always, if podcasts aren’t your cup of tea, we’re still on the YouTube. You can see each top 10 below:

Top 10 QBs for 2021

Top 10 RBs for 2021

Top 10 WRs for 2021

Top 10 TEs for 2021

And please, don’t forget you can catch us LIVE every Wednesday night at 9:15 p.m. ET on Twitch. And, shameless plug for our awesome co-host, Fanduel Fee, be sure to check out his weekly card breaks on that same Twitch channel.

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