The 4th Annual Wayniac Nation Super Bowl Prediction Special!

It’s finally here. Super Bowl 51. I don’t know what’s more impressive. The Thread has stuck with me contributing articles and to this Annual Wayniac Nation Super Bowl Prediction Special! — my favorite piece of the year — or that their beloved Atlanta Falcons are finally back in the big game.

Look, we all know where The Thread allegiances stand by now. But that doesn’t mean it’s as easy a pick as you think.

As always, I’ll let them do the talking.


Ok Wayne, here’s a little reverse psychology for you. I’ve been awful at predicting the Super Bowl winners the past couple of years, maybe 0-3? So, I’m picking the Pats to win because of this!!! Let’s go 0-4!!! Rise up Patriots… or something like that!!!


Falcons, 35-24.

Matt Ryan has four touchdown passes and 350 yards. The New England defense can’t slow down Matt Ryan and the offense. Falcons D come up with enough turnovers to limit that NE offense. 


31-24 Falcons victory.

Matt Ryan is going to get a Super Bowl MVP trophy to put next to his regular season MVP 🏆.  Atlanta’s defense makes Brady uncomfortable all day with a two sack game from Vic Beasley and finally seal the deal with and interception. 


28-17, Atlanta Falcons!

I think the Patriots D will slow the Falcons offense, but in the end Matty Ice and the offense will still be too much. However, I think Matty throws an early interception – but they still come back strong. I think the ATL D steps up and has strong game! I think we get a couple of sacks/strong tackles on Pretty Boy Brady. And I think Taylor Gabriel has two TDs. 

Of course, Matty Ice secures the MVP – once and for all no more silly comments. 


Winner: Atlanta Falcons 38-24.

Like they did against the Packers, the Falcons defense will get pressure on Brady up the middle with guys like Grady Jarrett and Ra’shede Hageman forcing Brady to get the ball out quickly, and the Falcons dynamic offense will prove to be too much for New England’s No.1 defense. 

MVP: Matt Ryan

Everyone is expecting Belichick to take away Julio, but I think he’ll actually look to stop the dual threat backfield duo first, and dare Matt Ryan to play a perfect game and beat him. I also expect Matt Ryan to do just that and silence the doubters once and for all.


Falcons win, 36-21.

MVP — Mohamed Sanu. Bill will want to shutdown Julio “Jet” Jones. I could see anyone, honestly, but I think they will try to shutdown Julio and the run game — leaving Sanu wide open!

And lastly…


This is the toughest Super Bowl prediction I have ever had to make. On the one side, I have my loyal Thread who I root for the Falcons to see them happy. On the other side, I have The Wifeyiac… and I don’t want to sleep on the couch.

I have gone 1-2 in my Super Bowl predictions in the past. The one time I won, I predicted both the score and said that it would be as exciting as the Rams/ Titans Super Bowl and end on the one-yard line. That was Super Bowl 49. The Patriots won. Anyone remember how?

So, what do we have? We have an Atlanta Falcons offense that finished the regular season second in Total Offense at 415.8 yards per game and first in Scoring Offense at 33.8 points a game. Then, we have the New England Patriots, who led the NFL in Scoring Defense, allowing just 15.6 points a game, while allowing 326.4 yards a game.

Behind center, we have Matt Ryan. Ryan is the NFL MVP no matter what the results show tomorrow night. He hasn’t thrown an interception in six weeks, throwing 18 touchdowns over that span. Across the field, is the GOAT. Tom Brady, appearing in his seventh Super Bowl, is well, Tom Brady. He’s thrown two interceptions in the past six weeks, both coming in the same game against the NFL’s No. 1 defense (and there’s your Houston Texans reference).

Sometimes, it doesn’t come down to who’s better, because in all honesty, I think the Patriots are. They are more well-rounded, with a fast and electric defense, pretty solid special teams when Dion Lewis is playing smart, and obviously an offense that is so difficult simply because you can’t prepare for who will explode from week-to-week.

Sometimes, it just comes down to who’s time it is. We’ve seen it plenty of times before throughout the annals of sports history. The Cinderella story, the David and Goliath comparisons. This city is dying for a championship. I would argue that outside of Cleveland — who came so close in baseball, and so far in football, and the whole LeBron thing almost seems to not count — no other fan base in the country needs this win more than Atlanta, who’s city has taken an — excuse the French — ass-whippin’ from the media around the nation.

The Falcons come out pumped and dominate the first half, 21-10. Bill Belichick, as he always does, makes the proper adjustments and we roll into the final three minutes of this game with the Falcons trailing 34-28. Matt Ryan gets the ball and solidifies his nickname, showing there is Ice in his veins.

Falcons win, 35-34 in the single most exciting Super Bowl in the history of the game.

Well, it’s that, or they just get blown out of NRG Field, but I’m hoping for the former.

4 thoughts on “The 4th Annual Wayniac Nation Super Bowl Prediction Special!”

  1. The Pats, unquestionably, are the seasoned, tested super bowl pick. The Pats are the easy, comfortable pick and may well be the right pick.

    Here’s the deal, the Seahawks have a better defense than the Pats, period. The Falcons had no problem shredding the legion of boom. The Falcons defense got a couple of confidence building games against the rams and the 49ers, but that confidence carried into the playoffs against Seattle and Green Bay. The Falcons took both to the woodshed. Other than the opening drive against Seattle, the Falcons d has been a beast. The late points don’t really tell the story if you understand the context of the moment. Essentially, the Falcons allowed their opponents to moved the ball, slowly, and score. They traded points for bleeding the clock. When a team has a 25+ point lead in the second half, it’s difficult to blow that lead unless your offense is just awful.
    So, I believe the Falcons are better, but they have to prove me right tonight. Don’t be surprised if New England looks just as frustrated as Seattle and Green Bay did. Honestly, I believe it’s New England’s experience that will make this a good game. Otherwise, I would say the Falcons would win easily. Either way RISE UP ATLANTA!!!!!!

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