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And the Sports Oscar for Best Picture goes to….

I have to say I’ve never been a big Oscars guy. One reason is my wife hates going to or watching movies, so until this year I hadn’t seen a nominated movie in like ten years. Another reason would have to be a result of how pissed I got that Pulp Fiction lost to Forrest Gump for Best Picture. I never watched after that until this year.

Two things led to my watching the Oscars with an intensity only surpassed by watching football. First, I recently invested in a beautiful, albeit totally illegal software that allows me to stream movies for free… many times while still in the theaters. I was able to watch almost every movie up for the major categories. Second, there was an office pool that I entered which made the Oscars SOOOO MUCH more fun to watch. I finished dead last by the way, but totally worth it.

It is in this spirit I present the Top Ten Sports Movies Ever Made. I could easily do Top 30 and I know there will be plenty left off the list, but the following are my ten favorite sports movies.

What are Ryan’s favorite sports flicks of all time? Keep reading to find out.