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The NFL Playoffs: takeaways from the Divisional Round

There was some great football played this weekend. And then there was the performance by Brock Osweiler.

Let’s look at some of the biggest takeaways we learned this past weekend.

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The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott and the Point/ Counterpoint game

I’m not envious of the Dallas Cowboys. They are faced with a decision that could change the course of their franchise. Teams have done it before. The Giants let Phil Simms walk in favor of Jeff Hostetler. Kurt Warner became a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback at the expense of Trent Green. Twice, Drew Bledsoe has been “Wally Pipp-ed”, first by Tom Brady and then by Tony Romo.

So, is Tony Romo about to be Romo-ed?

I couldn’t answer the question alone. I called upon our own fantasy expert Saucy T to shine some light on one side of the arguement, while I take care of the other.

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