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The 4th Annual Wayniac Nation Super Bowl Prediction Special!

It’s finally here. Super Bowl 51. I don’t know what’s more impressive. The Thread has stuck with me contributing articles and to this Annual Wayniac Nation Super Bowl Prediction Special! — my favorite piece of the year — or that their beloved Atlanta Falcons are finally back in the big game.

Look, we all know where The Thread allegiances stand by now. But that doesn’t mean it’s as easy a pick as you think.

As always, I’ll let them do the talking.

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The NFL Playoffs: takeaways from the Divisional Round

There was some great football played this weekend. And then there was the performance by Brock Osweiler.

Let’s look at some of the biggest takeaways we learned this past weekend.

Keep reading for more on my thoughts from this weekend’s NFL playoff games.

The NFL M(atty Ice)VP: time for the Atlanta Falcons to get some love

(For the second time this season, our fantasy guru better known as Saucy T has left his confines of fantasy football analysis to drop some quarterback knowledge on us. Last time, we argued if the Cowboys should stick with Dak or turn the keys to the car over to Romo. This time, he looks at the three-horse MVP race consisting of three quarterbacks.

I specifically asked Tim to write this piece as a Falcons fan. To see the debate through a Falcons fans eyes really presses the issue, because the numbers speak for themselves. So without further ado…)


Tim Mason | Fantasy Football/ NFL analyst

As a Falcons fan, this season has been a pleasant surprise. The Falcons have surpassed my optimistic expectations, and the biggest reason why is the MVP-level play of their quarterback, Matt Ryan. For me he should be the clear cut winner of this year’s award, and the stats back it up.

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The NFL MVP Race: Let the debate begin

We are entering Week 15 of the NFL season. That is both hard — and sad — to believe, isn’t it? With the New York Giants beating the Dallas Cowboys and tightening up the NFC East and overall playoff picture, we are looking at one of the tightest races for divisions we have seen in a long time.

Which is both exciting and nerve racking.

Which also leads to a big pool of MVP candidates, seemingly larger than usual.

I called upon our guy Dunton who helps with The Wayniac Nation Power Rankings to help break down the NFL MVP race. We got more than a handful of names to throw in the mix.

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The Dirty Birds in the Big Easy in today’s random thoughts

Oh, Thursday Night Football. It really brings out the worst from good teams on such a short week of preparation. Last night, the Atlanta Falcons headed to NOLA on a five game winning streak and — aside from Devonta Freeman — played a terrible game. Why can’t they solve the riddle of The Benz?

It’s time for the Falcons to find another gear in today’s random thoughts.

NFL Week 1 Hangover Cure: WEEK 2!!!

The NFL provided a hell of an opening weekend for football junkies out there. The Eagles, Dolphins and Falcons led inspired comebacks to claim victories, while the Bills rolled into Chicago and upset a team that many touted as a Super Bowl contender with an MVP candidate in Jay Cutler at the helms. The lowly Browns showed tremendous poise in a monstrous comeback that fell just short against the Steelers while the defending champs look like they have the moxie to be the first back-to-back Super Bowl winners since the Pats did it a decade ago.

Two of the biggest stories of the upcoming week have to do with off the field issues. I’ve already told you my thoughts on the Ray Rice issue (which you can see here if you missed it), so to see how this further unravels will be quite interesting. Elsewhere, the 32 player reps have yet again put off the vote about the hefty punishments from the league’s drug policy. Josh Gordon and Wes Welker anxiously await the results in hopes of returning to the field.

How do the boys of autumn follow up a weekend like that? It will be a tough act to follow, but there are some highly intriguing games on the slate for the coming week. The week kicks off Thursday night, when arch rivals square off as Ben Roethlisberger takes his Steelers to Baltimore in a match-up with Joe Flacco. It should set the tone for an action-packed weekend.

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