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Week 8 Recap

Welcome back to the Wayniac Nation Fantasy Football Start and Sit Spectacular. In this article we are going to take a look back at the Week 8 picks from our team.

Survivor and Spread Picks

All three writers survived with their survivor picks and we went 4-for-5 collectively against the spread for the second-straight week.


Survivor – Chiefs ✅

Spread – Eagles -8 ✅

Buccaneers -8.5 ❌

Fanduel Fee

Survivor – Chiefs ✅

Spread – Colts-3.5 ✅

Broncos +3.5 ✅


Survivor – Seahawks ✅

Spread – Seahawks -3.5 ✅

Starts and Sits

WayniacCarr – 15.7Eagles RB – 8.9Corey Davis – 22.8Gronk – 12.1
Fanduel FeeBurrow – 25.3Jonathan Taylor – 4.1Brandon Aiyuk – 19.1Jimmy Graham – 2.3
DuntonBrady – 25.9Gurley – 10.6Tyreek Hill – 26.8Jonnu Smith – 3.9

WayniacGoff – 17.7Montgomery – 11.5Diggs – 12.2Fant – 8.2
Fanduel FeeStafford – 32.8Swift – 3.8JuJu – 10.2Hockenson – 10
DuntonJosh Allen – 14Ronald Jones – 5.6Thielen – 4.2Hunter Henry – 5.3

Both our starts and sits were pretty solid in week 8. Only a few different spots where we were off on our picks. Overall a very solid week once again for the Wayniac Nation Crew. Come see us for our week 9 picks for Survivor, Spread, DFS, and Season Long.

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 12 Starts and Sits

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys! We have a full slate this week, three awesome Turkey Day games and, per usual, a ton of injuries.

We also have your award-winning, fantasy advice. We hope you and yours enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and win some fantasy!

The best fantasy football starts and sits are one click away!

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 3 Starts and Sits

Last week was a rough one. Chances are either your first round draft pick underperformed or was injured.

KEY 1st ROUND WEEK 2 BUSTS: Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley, Rob Gronkowski (still hasn’t suited up in ’16), Devonta Freeman, Eddie Lacy, A.J. Green and Lamar Miller.

Of course, the injury trend continued this week as more high-profiled NFL stars are going to now be on the shelf for the foreseeable future.

KEY WEEK 2 INJURIES: Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Jonathan Stewart, Donte Moncrief, Corey Coleman, Arian Foster, and Danny Woodhead.

There’s a good chance there are some big holes in your lineup this week, especially with names like Antonio Gates and Delanie Walker popping up questionable yesterday. So, who do you start and sit?

We got you covered.

Continue reading for our Week 3 Starts and Sits.

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 2 Starts and Sits

Week 1 is in the books. It was an exciting week for sure with a lot of high scoring action. We had a short glimpse into the future here, as we embark on a Peyton Manning and Tom Brady-less NFL, but Drew Brees certainly reminded us what elite quarterback play looked like, as did Andrew Luck in his long awaited return to the field.

Keenan Allen was the first to upset fantasy footballers as he once again saw his season come to an early end. Jamaal Charles and Gronk were on the sidelines, and right now don’t look too good for this week. So, who do our experts see as some smart plays?

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 1 Starts and Sits

It’s here, Wayniacs! The day we have all been waiting for, OPENING DAY!

You know the deal by now. The past three seasons I have had the honor of accumulating a top notch team of fantasy experts. Each week we bring you our starts and sits for the week, and for two seasons we try our best to give you the best FREE insight on the internet.

So without further ado, here’s your Week 1 picks!

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 8 Starts and Sits

This is a big week for me in Fantasy Football. Sitting at 6-1 in two of my leagues and being in first or second in points in both, a victory unofficially locks up the last seed playoff spot. It would mean that over the next five weeks, I would only have to worry about one win to guarantee a good playoff spot. You can bet I am focused on the right picks this week.

Keep reading for the best Start em and Sit ems on the intraweb!

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 4 starts and sits

Last week was a fantasy football… well, fantasy: high octane action and tons of points. My Fighting Blue Hose had four players combine to score more points than EIGHT other teams in my league. When Rishad Matthews is dropping 30 points, it is a great week.

Not every week is going to be like that, however, and with byes starting and this crazy run of injuries to big time players, it only gets harder. Especially when the leagues best QB and TE are on a bye as well as an RB by committee in New England that does nothing but score TDs.

How’d we do last week? Several of my experts said that Donte Moncrief should be your start of the week, and he performed well, returning to the end zone and clearly establishing himself as Andrew Luck‘s number two weapon. If you listened to Fee and started Tyrod Taylor, you wound up in great shape, as he is becoming one of the more exciting fantasy QBs in the league.

Speaking of Fee, he also told you to sit Megatron and Golden Tate, as well as the Eagles, which aside from a breakout performance by Ryan Mathews, were pretty solid picks. Some of the experts lucked out as their sits of the week Drew Brees and DeMarco Murray didn’t even see the field.

Yours truly crushed it. Nearly 30 % of fantasy footballers are still starting Colin Kaepernick and I told you not to be fooled coming off of a huge week in garbage time against a soft Pittsburgh defense. He didn’t even throw for 100 yards, but he did throw two TDs… to the Cardinals defense. Cam Newton came through as my start of the week in a big way, as did my other starts of the week Le’Veon Bell and Amari Cooper. I did miss and tell you to sit Jason Witten, which proved to me that no matter how hurt this guy is you start him. He’s that good.

So who do we have lined up for you this week?

Read on for Week 4’s starts and sits!

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 14 Starts & Sits

Last week was a wild one in the NFL. I’m not sure how many experts saw Ryan Fitzpatrick going off for 358 yards and 6 touchdowns, although yours truly picked DeAndre Hopkins as my Start of the Week. If you listened to me you enjoyed his 50-point day as he amassed 238 yards and two touchdowns.

Tre Mason blew up on the scene and I think he officially staked his claim as lead back in the Rams system. Aside from my Ryan Tannehill start, the rest should have gotten you a win. Ryan Mathews got in the end zone, Hopkins shined, Martellus Bennett had 20 points and the Vikings defense exploded. If I only listened to myself, maybe I wouldn’t have missed the playoffs against Carter. Who am I kidding? He had the deadly combo of Coby Fleener and Keenan Allen en route to a 198 point day. Can’t win em all as they say.

This week is huge. Making the Final Four is something to brag about a little. It’s like I told Nomi the Greek, getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs is like not even making the playoffs. So we geared up this week and made sure you got you the best there is in the world of starts and sits!

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 11 Starts and Sits

Week 11. It is a pretty big week for most people, but for me it’s a bit different. You see, in my BFFL, acclaimed member of The Thread, Kid Robot thought it would be an interesting idea to have my fiancé join his fantasy team. Last year was her first year doing fantasy in her own league and she is pretty darn stout. She asked for my tutelage prior to her 2013 draft and learned the rest on her own. Last year, she made the playoffs. This year, in her FFFL, she is in first place. This week I play her. Win or lose, she is one of the biggest Patriots fans there is and I have Tom Brady and Shane Vereen going against her Sunday night. I know that is tearing her up inside.

Last week, we were a few experts short because of busy weeks. Ted Reed was really busy in particular. I want to give a huge shout out and big congratulations to the newest dad on the Wayniac Nation staff. Congrats, Ted, and welcome back. You only have so many leaves of absence during the fantasy football season.

The experts that were here knocked it out of the park. Fee hit on everything. Justin Forsett went off for 112 yards and two touchdowns, Kelvin Benjamin went for 70 yards and two touchdowns and Matt Ryan had a decent enough day. His sit, Ryan Tannehill, had a whopping 10 points. J.D. was right about Mychal Rivera and his 20-point performance, although he missed on Jeremy Hill who fell back to reality with a 6 point day. He told you to sit Odell Beckham, Jr. who somehow performed well against the Seahawks, but told you not to be duped into starting Bobby Rainey against a weak Falcons defense because Charles Sims was healthy and would steal carries. Sims did just that, with two more carries and 9 more yards. Me? I definitely missed telling you to start that soulless ginger Andy Dalton, but Denard Robinson (20 points), Mike Evans (32 points) and the Packers defense (17-20 points depending upon format) cleared my name. Sitting Jay Cutler and Vernon Davis and his huge 8-yard catch in a week short on tight ends and quarterbacks hopefully helped you as well.

This week, aside from the Dallas Cowboys offensive stars, there isn’t too many relevant people on a bye. Of course, if you are starting any Jets or Jaguars on a regular basis, you need way more help than my experts can give you anyway. But we will certainly do our best!

Week 11 Starts and Sits!