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Wayniac nation fantasy football spectacular – week 9 recap

Week 9 was another good week here at The Wayniac Nation. In this article we are going to take a look back at the Week 9 picks from our team. Let’s get to it.

Survivor and Spread Picks

All three writers survived with their survivor picks and we went 5-for-7 collectively against the spread for solid showing.


Survivor – Texans ✅

Spread – Vikings -4 ✅

Dolphins +4.5 ✅

Giants +3 ✅

Fanduel Fee

Survivor – Steelers ✅

Spread – Steelers-13.5 ❌

Packers -2.5 ✅


Survivor – Raiders ✅

Spread – Raiders +1.5 ✅

Buccaneers -5.5 ❌

Starts and Sits

WayniacJosh Allen – 46.1David Johnson – 1.6 inj.Mclaurin – 24HOckenson – 12.4
Fanduel FeeDerek Carr – 22.6James Robinson – 15.9Brandon Cooks – 18.8Fant – 6 inj.
DuntonHerbert – 30.7James Conner – 3.2Will Fuller – 21.5Gronk – 0.7

WayniacBrees – 34.1Ezekiel Elliot – 7.9Robby Anderson – 10.8Gesicki – 5.7
Fanduel FeeBridgewater – 35.4Ezekiel Elliot –7.9Corey DAvis – 0.0Hurst – 9.7
DuntonTannehill – 22.2TB RB’s – 3.3/7.1Allen Robinson – 11.6Andrews – 3.7

As you can see our starts were on point. Our sits were very good as well other than QB’s which we were all off on. Once again overall our picks were very good with only a few hiccups. Come check out our youtube channel for our week 10 picks for Survivor, Spread, DFS, and Season Long.


Let me clarify exactly what the final Classifications are that I’m listing in these Rundowns, just incase there is any confusion, and we are all crystal clear.

The Classification listed under the Picks is the Classification that we are taking in that matchup. It’s not the Classification result of the game. So, if you are scratching your heads thinking, “Why did he list the Week 4 GMEN @ VIKINGS Monday Nighter as a HOUSE DOG PEOPLES SPECIAL, when the result was a PEOPLES FAVORITE HOUSE CROSS?”, that’s why. It’s the classification we are riding with, but not the official classification result.

Onward to SBJ’s weekly rundown.


So, how many freshmen in here clocked my Week 1 picks at 1-8. Ok, now, how many sophomores had it at 2-7? Most of you? That’s what I suspected. Let’s review just the MNF Primetime Combo.

All betting trends are current as of Monday night at 11pm EST, and brought to you by http://www.scoresandodds.com

With the people having already taken the Sunday nighter, we knew the House was taking one of these two sides, right? I should see everyone’s head nodding, yes? Can ya hear me in the back! Hello?! Good. That should have been a given.

Class is in session. Keep reading for more of SBJ Primetime picks.


3-6. Brutal. Probably shouldn’t have gloated about the Labor Day run. Serves me right. In the words of the mother of the 41st President of the United States…”Don’t gloat…

I think me and Cam could both take a lesson from this insightful woman to heart. Hear her, Cam?  No elaborate celebrating after every time the chains move. No premeditated dances you’ve spent an entire offseason choreographing in front of your mirror. No lame post game sideline group shots pointing to the left, right, and whatever other nonsense you have planned this year. It’s not likable behavior, it’s tacky, and it reeks of a rookie having never been in the end zone before.

Keep reading for SBJ’s breakdown.


Anyone catch the Panthers/ Broncos game on Thursday night? Good. Did anyone bet it? No, right? Why not? Because we don’t trust Thursday night betting trends, as I went over in our list of important lessons taught in SPORTSBOOK 101, correct? Well, you should have taken the BRONCOS +3(-125) without even hesitating a second. ‘How’, you ask? Wouldn’t taking action in that game fly directly into the face of the third lesson listed in my last post? Well, sort of.

See, that wasn’t really Thursday Night Football. That was the NFL Kickoff Game, which was the first chance for gamblers to take action on a relevant NFL game in seven months. So, much like a junkie going though withdrawal, sports gamblers can’t wait to collect on their first winner of the year, especially after such a long layoff. Which means, the betting trends had more action, or at least the equivalent of action that is usually bet on any given Sunday night or Monday night game. I probably should have clarified that in the SPORTSBOOK 102 introductory post, but I didn’t.

Now you know the difference between Thursday Night Football and a Thursday Night Kickoff. And just for future reference, I’ll add this rule: If Al Michaels is announcing the game, then you can trust the betting trends.

Read more for what SBJ says about Week 1’s Prime Time games.

NFL Sundays with SBJ: Irrelevant jumps and drops

Weeks four and five of the NFL season saw SBJ go a combined 10-2 in his free picks for you and your bankroll. Last week, he admittedly was blinded by his own fandom, and didn’t have that SBJ record in which you have grown accustom. I can only imagine that after years of knowing of him, he bounces back with a perfect weekend. Listen carefully, boys and girls.

SBJ’s Week 7 Picks ahead!