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Fantasy Hoops: Conquering DFS basketball

I know nothing about fantasy basketball. I’ve been playing a lot of quarter and dollar multipliers while I figure it out. Some nights I turn my quarter into $15 finishing in the top five of thousands. Other nights, I feel like I pick the perfect lineup and finish 22,306 out of 25,000.

Like I said, I’m figuring it out.

That being said, I’ll share a few things here daily while I do.

My journey to DFS basketball stardom.

FanDuel Fee – Week 11 DFS Picks

What a great Week 10 it was for me.  I had one of my best days in DFS I’ve ever had.  With Wayniac Nation on a hiatus last week, I wasn’t able to send out my plays, which it turns out would’ve been fantastic.  But we are back this week and hopefully we can duplicate last weeks success.

FandDuel Fees winning picks are just a click away.

FanDuel Fee – Week 9 DFS Picks

Welcome to Week 9 of the NFL season.  There are a ton of byes this week so we have to dig deep to come up with the unique lineups for GPP play.  For Cash games, there seems to be an agreement of paying up for RBs and finding value at WRs this week.  Picks are for Main Slate only unless otherwise noted.  Let’s get to it:

Read on for more of FanDuel Fee’s winning DFS picks.

FanDuel Fee – Week 6 DFS Picks

Sorry for the super lateness of this.  Time gets away from me pretty much all the time.  Week 6 is upon us and the values are out there for us.  This looks to be the week where you pay up at RB and look for extra values at WR.  You can go either way at QB and TE, so it just matters how you construct your lineups.  For clarification, these are for MAIN SLATE only unless otherwise noted.   Let’s get to it:

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FanDuel Fee – Week 5 DFS picks

Welcome back folks.  As we move on to week 5 of the NFL season, we start getting more information and a clearer picture as to who is going to do what and against who.  We also see that injuries are taking their toll on players and guys you didn’t know the names of at the beginning of the season are becoming your go to guys.

Week 5 on FanDuel has become extremely tight with pricing.  The value plays are way fewer this week which means, we’re going to have to get creative if you’re going to be playing in GPP’s.  Cash games may become more chalky but if you can diversify your lineup correctly, you can come out on top.

Onward to your winning picks!

FanDuel Fee – Week 4 DFS plays of the week

Hello again everyone.  Glad I didn’t write this up for that pitiful game last night, although, if you had AJ Green in season long, or even DFS long slate, you are sittin’ pretty right about now.  That being said, this week’s version is not going to include a write up for every player. If I have a chance before Sunday to update this post with some specifics, I will.  Remember this is Main Slate, no London Game or Monday night game either.

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FanDuel Fee – Your Week 3 DFS winning starts

So I missed the Thursday night game again.  No worries, FanDuel has now listed it’s main slate as Sunday only games.  I’m hoping that at some point this season, I’ll get to this prior to a Thursday night, but I’m not counting on it.

It also looks like I’m only going to get to Cash Plays this week.  I’ll try and update this with Tourney plays before Sunday, but don’t hold your breath.

Take a look at FanDuel Fee’s top picks for Week 3.