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Wayniac nation fantasy football spectacular – week 9 recap

Week 9 was another good week here at The Wayniac Nation. In this article we are going to take a look back at the Week 9 picks from our team. Let’s get to it.

Survivor and Spread Picks

All three writers survived with their survivor picks and we went 5-for-7 collectively against the spread for solid showing.


Survivor – Texans ✅

Spread – Vikings -4 ✅

Dolphins +4.5 ✅

Giants +3 ✅

Fanduel Fee

Survivor – Steelers ✅

Spread – Steelers-13.5 ❌

Packers -2.5 ✅


Survivor – Raiders ✅

Spread – Raiders +1.5 ✅

Buccaneers -5.5 ❌

Starts and Sits

WayniacJosh Allen – 46.1David Johnson – 1.6 inj.Mclaurin – 24HOckenson – 12.4
Fanduel FeeDerek Carr – 22.6James Robinson – 15.9Brandon Cooks – 18.8Fant – 6 inj.
DuntonHerbert – 30.7James Conner – 3.2Will Fuller – 21.5Gronk – 0.7

WayniacBrees – 34.1Ezekiel Elliot – 7.9Robby Anderson – 10.8Gesicki – 5.7
Fanduel FeeBridgewater – 35.4Ezekiel Elliot –7.9Corey DAvis – 0.0Hurst – 9.7
DuntonTannehill – 22.2TB RB’s – 3.3/7.1Allen Robinson – 11.6Andrews – 3.7

As you can see our starts were on point. Our sits were very good as well other than QB’s which we were all off on. Once again overall our picks were very good with only a few hiccups. Come check out our youtube channel for our week 10 picks for Survivor, Spread, DFS, and Season Long.

FanDuel Fee – Week 6 DFS Picks

Sorry for the super lateness of this.  Time gets away from me pretty much all the time.  Week 6 is upon us and the values are out there for us.  This looks to be the week where you pay up at RB and look for extra values at WR.  You can go either way at QB and TE, so it just matters how you construct your lineups.  For clarification, these are for MAIN SLATE only unless otherwise noted.   Let’s get to it:

Read more for Fee’s DFS picks of the week!

Happy Thanksgiving from Wayniac Nation

I know I have a lot to be thankful for this fine morning. While a lot of it surrounds the future of my personal Wayniac Nation, it also has to do with my family traveling from afar and standing in my kitchen preparing our meal with The Wifeyiac. I am also very thankful for you guys, the people who read this blog and have been a part of the greatest experience of my life.

I am definitely thankful for the Wayniac Nation team and contributors, present and past — Varrass, Mary, the Sports Illuminati, Amelia, Saucy T, Nomi the Greek, Sperry Mason, Kid Robot, The Englishman, Nick the Greek, Holloway, Mark.9 the Game, SBJ, Benny Smalls, Dunton, Teddy Ballgame, J.D., Fee the Commish, my brother and of course… The Wifeyiac.

I am also thankful — as are much of you — that we get a full slate of football as the backdrop to our Thanksgiving activities. While the athletes and teams deserve praise, let’s not forget to be thankful for the people behind the scenes. The guys and gals that sit behind the camera, the social media manager who tweets out updates so you can sneak a peek at some scores while your family is driving you bananas, the beat reporters who have the recap ready for you the second the game is over in case you were busy in the kitchen or behind the bar.

I do it. I have to travel to cover events, and being away from my wife and family is the only part of my job that isn’t fun. I can only imagine that it is intensified on a holiday that is all about eating and relaxing… and watching football. So let’s not forget the “little guys”.

Whether you are one of the crazies who think this holiday is about shopping, or one of the people like me who think this is a day for celebrating thanks by eating so much you are unthankful you ever did… enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


How Richard Sherman Became My Favorite Player in 30 Seconds

And for my next number…

It’s unreal. You think you have an awesome blog in the works. You think, Nothing can make me angrier at sports than what I just witnessed. But then, as a sports blogger, you jump on Twitter and Facebook to see what the world is saying and BAM! I have a new topic. So, I am putting my post Brady/ Manning V rant on hold, because I feel it my duty to the sports world to talk about the NFLs newest bad boy.

As long as he isn’t playing my Texans, Richard Sherman is my favorite player in the NFL. In one night, this classless thug out of Compton made himself his own corporation. He was both blasted and praised on Twitter and Facebook, talked about on every sports network, and defended by sports bloggers across the nation in less than twelve hours. If you didn’t know who Richard Sherman was last night, you sure do now.

U mad, bro?

None of this is new for Sherman. He called Roddy White an easy matchup, told Revis to pick up his game, and labeled Harbaugh a bully. He tweets and texts opposing players, and whether you’re the back up wide receiver or Tom “The Golden Boy” Brady, he’s going to tell it how it is. He is the new Terrell Owens. Instead of OchoCinco, we now have DosCinco. And much like his predecessors, he has the walk to back all the talk. Love them or hate them, these are the players people remember. Ten years from now, more people will remember Randy Moss than James Lofton or Tim Brown because there is more entertaining sound bytes from Randy than those two ever had.

The Bank of Randy

And there is nothing wrong with playing the game as the likes of Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson do. They are two of the best at what they do and simply let their play do the talking. Tom Brady is from the Bellichek camp and never talks, but that isn’t what makes him better than Ryan Leaf. People want controversy, it makes them orgasm to have the opportunity to have a focal point of their rage. Richard Sherman gave everyone that last night.

If you don’t know by now, Richard Sherman is absolutely brilliant. He was salutatorian in high school, had a rumored 1400 score on his SATs, and earned a Communications degree from Stanford. On top of that, he was recruited by a one Pete Carroll, current mentor to The Legion of Boom, and while in high school, Sherman made Carroll, the coach of our nation’s best (and probably dirtiest) program amid a 34 game winning streak, wait over two hours to interview so he could finish an AP course. Yet because of his “antics”, because of his “trash talk”, he was labeled a classless thug.

RRROAW RRRRRROAW like a dungeon dragon

Why? Because he is from Compton? Because he is a dumb jock who couldn’t possibly know what he was talking about? Because instead of saying the same watered down “I tip my cap to the Niners but this is just one game” garbage we always hear, he called out a guy he totally took to school and shut down possibly the most over rated QB in football?

Let me tell you what Richard Sherman is. He is an entertainer. He brought some life back into a game that the higher ups and union are trying to take away. He is a shut down, lights out defender who plays the game hard and extremely well. Oh yea, he also happened to save that game and put the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, which has been an after thought to his words. So, all of you people hating on him, stereotyping him, and trying to bring him down are just fueling the fire. And, folks, I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Ta Daaaaa

That being said, I totally think it’s Peyton Manning’s year and the Seahawks won’t win the Super Bowl, but man, are we in for a great two weeks.

Maybe it’s because my idols are Howard Stern and Frank Sinatra. Maybe it’s because, like those two, I don’t know how to keep me thoughts to myself. But I think Richard Sherman is an alright dude. I need to cool off. Till next time, maybe I will actually have the chance to tell you about my thoughts on Brady and Manning.