FanDuel Fee – Week 11 DFS Picks

What a great Week 10 it was for me.  I had one of my best days in DFS I’ve ever had.  With Wayniac Nation on a hiatus last week, I wasn’t able to send out my plays, which it turns out would’ve been fantastic.  But we are back this week and hopefully we can duplicate last weeks success.

I was so stoked at last week as I was able to take down my first Tournament winning a Survivor Tournament.  Since it was a free tournament, the prizes were small, but when it started with almost 2000 people week 1, and whittled down from there to the final week, week 10.  I was one of the last 250 people left in the final and below you’ll find my lineup that landed me in first place.


I won’t go into this too much, but the bottom line is Brady screwed me so hard in other entries I had where I finished pretty high, but should have finished so much higher.  I’m not complaining at all, but damn I wish I had any other QB.  Again, still my best DFS week ever to date.

On to week 11:



Andrew Luck ($8100) – This Indy-Tennessee game has all the makings of a big shootout.  Not too much defense, and plenty of offense from both sides of the ball.  Luck should be slingin’ it to try and hang around with Mariota.

Marcus Mariota ($8000) – Same goes for the other side of the ball.  Mariota is on fire and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Tom Brady ($9300) – The cost here might be too high to get him in, but all signs point to solid numbers this week for Brady.

Kirk Cousins ($7600) – The Packers are seemingly a funnel Defense.  Able to stop the run (although not recently) but not able to stop the pass.  Cousins has been consistent this year if anything and the Skins can move the ball.

Best of the Rest – Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford


Le’Veon Bell ($9100) – Bell is the top play this week.  Again, he’s very expensive and we’re going to need as much as we can get for the WR’s this week, but if you can get him in, do it.

Legarette Blount ($7300) – Cleveland’s D is terrible, period.  But they are especially bad vs the run.  Even though Blount scored 3 times last week, we’re hopeful that Belicheck and the Pats continue to pound him.

Spencer Ware ($7700) – TB just gave up 100 yards to Jordan Howard and they blew out the Bears.  Imagine what KC should be able to do on the ground to them.

C.J. Prosise ($4900) – No Michael and Rawls first game back.  Prosise was used a ton last week and he should get a similar amount of volume even with Rawls eating to some of it.  Philly hasn’t been able to stop anyone recently.  Expect the same here.

Best of the Rest – Theo Riddick, Demarco Murray, Frank Gore


Odell Beckham ($9000) – The most expensive receiver this week, but vs the Bears D, this could be worth it.  Even with the Giants trying to make a concerted effort to try and run the ball, the only way the Giants score and move the ball this year is through the air.

Jordy Nelson ($7800) – This game should also be a barn burner.  It couldn’t hurt to get the receiver that has the most targets in the red zone with Rodgers throwing it.  I’m not sure I believe in Starks to have a great game.  Good maybe, but GB is going to have to throw it.  Maybe just the threat of Starks, could open things up down the field.

TY Hilton ($7900)/Donte Moncrief ($6500) – With Luck being a solid play this week also, these guys are going to have a ton of opportunity in this game.

Doug Baldwin ($6700) – With Russell Wilson looking healthier, Baldwin has been solid.  Again, the Eagle Defense has been exposed recently.

Best of the Rest – Julian Edelman, Golden Tate, Cooper/Crabtree, Larry Fitzgerald


Martellus Bennett ($5200) – With Gronk most likely out or even limited, Bennett is way underpriced this week.  He should have a lot of opporunity vs the Cleveland D.

Delanie Walker ($6400) – This guy just keeps getting better and better.  With the way Mariota is playing, Walker is one of his main targets.  He’s just too good right now to not play.

Eric Ebron ($5400) – I like the Lions this week vs Jacksonville, who haven’t been able to stop too many offenses this year.

Best of the Rest – Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert


Hopkins, Gostkowski, Nugent


Chiefs, Giants, Lions, Dolphins

GPP – Tourney Plays

Alex Smith, Kelce, Tyreek Hill Stack

Any combination of Mariota/Luck, Matthews/Hilton/Moncrief

All parts of the GB/WASH game including Jamison Crowder

Any part of the Patriots

I love Lesean McCoy this week in GPP as well

Isiah Crowell could also be a great contrarian play


How did you do in Week 10 DFS?  Let me know in the comments below.


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