Wayniac nation fantasy football spectacular – week 9 recap

Week 9 was another good week here at The Wayniac Nation. In this article we are going to take a look back at the Week 9 picks from our team. Let’s get to it.

Survivor and Spread Picks

All three writers survived with their survivor picks and we went 5-for-7 collectively against the spread for solid showing.


Survivor – Texans ✅

Spread – Vikings -4 ✅

Dolphins +4.5 ✅

Giants +3 ✅

Fanduel Fee

Survivor – Steelers ✅

Spread – Steelers-13.5 ❌

Packers -2.5 ✅


Survivor – Raiders ✅

Spread – Raiders +1.5 ✅

Buccaneers -5.5 ❌

Starts and Sits

WayniacJosh Allen – 46.1David Johnson – 1.6 inj.Mclaurin – 24HOckenson – 12.4
Fanduel FeeDerek Carr – 22.6James Robinson – 15.9Brandon Cooks – 18.8Fant – 6 inj.
DuntonHerbert – 30.7James Conner – 3.2Will Fuller – 21.5Gronk – 0.7

WayniacBrees – 34.1Ezekiel Elliot – 7.9Robby Anderson – 10.8Gesicki – 5.7
Fanduel FeeBridgewater – 35.4Ezekiel Elliot –7.9Corey DAvis – 0.0Hurst – 9.7
DuntonTannehill – 22.2TB RB’s – 3.3/7.1Allen Robinson – 11.6Andrews – 3.7

As you can see our starts were on point. Our sits were very good as well other than QB’s which we were all off on. Once again overall our picks were very good with only a few hiccups. Come check out our youtube channel for our week 10 picks for Survivor, Spread, DFS, and Season Long.

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