The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 1 Starts and Sits

It’s here, Wayniacs! The day we have all been waiting for, OPENING DAY!

You know the deal by now. The past three seasons I have had the honor of accumulating a top notch team of fantasy experts. Each week we bring you our starts and sits for the week, and for two seasons we try our best to give you the best FREE insight on the internet.

So without further ado, here’s your Week 1 picks!


Start of the Week: WR, Amari Cooper-Oakland has been getting a little bit of hype this summer. To live up to this they have to start the season well. Do you remember how good the Saints d was last year? Of course you don’t, they were terrible. Amari should have a good start to his season against an improving but still have to prove themselves Saints’ defense.


Sits of the Week QB, Cam Newton. Go ahead you read that and said to yourself “Is this guy serious?”  I am this week. Two things at play here. 1. There is no way Cam has same season this year that he had last year and 2. He is still playing the Broncos defense that made him look very unMVP like back in February. I watched Cam’s third preseason game this year and was very worried. He missed a ton of throws and I’m not sure if that is knocking the rust off or there is a bigger issue there. Either way playing against the Broncos Def is never a bargain and this week Cam may not be the best QB option to go with.

Let’s be real it’s hard to tell anyone to sit a RB who they just drafted to help them win Fantasy games but honestly I think RB CJ Anderson needs to sit this week. He is playing a staunch run defense against a Panthers team looking for revenge. What makes it worse is that Trevor Siemian is being thrown into the fire as the NFL celebrates the start of a new season. I see the Panthers stacking the box to not allow CJ to go anywhere forcing the Broncos into passing situations. This is not the week CJ is going to help out any teams who drafted him.

WR Jarvis Landry has a tough road game against Seattle. The window is closing on the Seattle D being a top ranked Defense but I think that window stays open at least through the early part of this season. I expect Jarvis to be fairly quiet this week.


I’d like to preface week 1 by saying Start Your Studs. Week 1 isn’t time to get cute. The guys you drafted in the first few rounds should be pretty matchup proof. They may end up as busts but it’s too early to know. Play them.

Starts of the Week: QB, Derek Carr – in 2015 the New Orleans secondary was historically bad, and I don’t expect 2016 to start any different. This game will be high scoring and Carr has shown he can air it out. I expect a top 5 finish for Carr this week.

RB, Giovani Bernard – I expect a big year out of Jeremy Hill, but week 1 against the Jets stout front seven favors his pass catching teammate Giovani Bernard. The Bengals have shown they are willing to adapt their game plan to their opponent and I expect Cincinnati to lean heavily on Gio this week. Gio should be a top 20 RB in ppr leagues and is still flex worthy in non-ppr leagues.

WR, Donte Moncrief – I’m very bullish on Colts 3rd year wideout Donte Moncrief this year and expect him to get off to a hot start week 1 in a shootout type game with the Lions. Moncrief was looking great with Andrew Luck last year, and I expect Luck to look for him early and often in this week 1 matchup.

Sits of the Week: QB, Cam Newton – It might seem blasphemous to tell you to sit last year’s #1 QB, but we saw Cam look mediocre under pressure against Denver in the Super Bowl, and although Denver lost some talent on defense, they still have a great secondary and pass rush. I expect Cam to be more like Clark Kent than Superman in week 1 and would steer clear if possible.

RB, Jeremy Langford – The Bears offensive line improved this week with the addition of 3 time pro bowler Josh Sitton, but Adam Gase, known as the quarterback whisperer, has taken his talents to South Beach and I expect regression for Cutler and this offense in 2016. Langford will get plenty of touches, but he might not have much room to work against The Wayniac’s Texans in week 1.

WR, Kelvin Benjamin – Unlike Cam, Benjamin didn’t get to face the Broncos defense in the Super Bowl, but I still expect similar poor results. Benjamin is coming off a major injury and could be on a snap count. Even if he isn’t limited, I expect Aqib Talib to prevent Benjamin from having a big day. There is just too much risk to warrant playing Benjamin in week 1.


Starts of the Week: I really like QB Jameis Winston this year. I think that Winston will get the season started right against ATL on Sunday. This game could be high scoring and he will probably be airing it out.

WR,  Michael  Crabtree and Eric Decker. I think both Crabtree and Cooper will have huge games against the Saints D. I like Decker to have a big game at home against the Bengals D because they will probably be giving special attention to Marshall.

Sits of the Week: RB, Jonathan Stewart is going to have a real hard time getting anything going against a very stingy Broncos D tonight.

WR, Jarvis Landry and the entire passing game of the Dolphins are going to have a nightmare on the road against The Seahawks and the crowd noise.


Start of the Week: RB, LeGarrette Blount. Sunday night against a stout defense in your NFL debut? Gronk reportedly saying his hammy is still sore? You can be sure their big ol’ beast is going to see a lot of touches.

Sit of the Week: QB, Philip Rivers was seemingly picked by a lot of people who took Tom Brady as well. If you can afford to sit him against the Chiefs, that defense is too tough for him.


Starts of the Week:

QB: Dak Prescott and Brock Osweiler
RB: DeAngelo Williams and Eddie Lacy
WR: Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree
TE: Coby Fleener
DEF: Houston Texans

Sits of the Week:

QB: Matt Ryan
RB: Melvin Gordon and Jeremy Hill (both may occupy this slot all season for me)
WR: Jeremy Maclin and Julian Edelman
TE: Eric Ebron (like my running back selections, he has a lot to prove before not becoming a perma-sit).
DEF: Redskins 

2 thoughts on “The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 1 Starts and Sits”

  1. You really had a bad game C.JAnderson and Benjamin were studs that’s why everyone should always be amused when so called experts make there picks in fantasy,I play in a very big $ league and have won 4 out of the last 7 years and my motto do your own DD guys like you are not any more experts then the average guy

    1. Thanks for reading Bob. The term experts is used loosely on this site, as all of us here are basically players just like you and I.

      Quite honestly your accolades are nice and congrats to you, but the size of the pot and the amount of trophies you have won makes you no more of an expert than anyone here.

      As my readers know, I’m in three pretty nice money leagues and I made the finals in all three last year. So, maybe I do know something, eh?

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