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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 6 Starts and Sits

Let me tell you a little something about The Wayniac and fantasy football. For every genius play I pull, somewhere down the line I am still an idiot.

I was nearly perfect this week. I told you to start Eli Manning (who dropped 32 points), Devonta Freeman (who dropped 33 points), and Willie Snead (who dropped 21 points). I also reminded you that you drafted Antonio Gates to start and not to hesitate in getting him in your lineup this week, and hopefully he rewarded your starting team with his 30 points and not your bench. My Packers defense start was the top netting fantasy defense in several formats, so that helped as well. A perfect 5-for-5 in starts.

My Latavius Murray sit was right on as he wound up getting benched, as was my Owen Daniels sit who didn’t even secure one target. The Wayniac, however, bought the stats. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I looked at the Raiders NFL worst defense against tight ends, and dropped Gary Barnidge to roll the dice with OD against the hapless Raiders. The Wayniac went against The Wayniac, and watched a goose egg from OD (which I originally projected) while Barnidge dropped nearly 30 points.

I also went against myself in the case of Josh McCown. I told you to sit him. However, my QB situation in one league is in complete disarray. Andrew Luck is my starter and Derek Carr is my backup. Luck was ruled out and there was no way (and rightfully so) was I starting Saucy T’s sit of the week in Carr (which he was correct on as well). So I picked up Kirk Cousins, but when DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed we declared inactive I dropped him for Jay Cutler. When Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal were declared inactive, I dropped Cutler and picked up the top QB available… Mr. Josh McCown. He would be the number one scoring QB on the week and lead my team to a 212-point performance, third best in league history (incidentally, yours truly is number one AND number two as well — insert pat on back here).

We all make mistakes. I usually keep mine to one, so hopefully you took the other 90% of my picks to heart and won a few games this week.

The Cowboys, Raiders, Bucs and Rams are on byes. Luck, Julio Jones and a bevy of other superstars are highly questionable. Who do you turn to this week?

Who’s my experts have as Week 6 Start ems and sit ems? Keep reading to find out!

The WN Fantasy Football Report: week 5 start ’em and sit ’ems

And last week highlighted the emotional roller coaster that we call fantasy football. One week after nearly two dozen players registered 30 or more points, they all came crashing back to earth. One week after 180 points was getting you a one point win, you were hoping to sneak a victory out by scoring 90 points. This is the life we have chosen, folks.

How did we do?

Dunton and Saucy T were right that Derek Carr would make a nice bye week/injury replacement. I, myself, listened to their advice and was able to beat our own Wayniac Nation expert JD by starting Carr for Andrew Luck. Saucy T also nailed that Martellus Bennett, whose 24 point day crushed me in one league.

A bevy of running backs picked by our experts as sits played just as they said… poorly. Carlos Hyde‘s three points, certainly didn’t help anyone, while Joseph Randle‘s whopping eight points were quite the opposite of his three TD performance last week. C.J. Anderson has entered must sit territory and is now part of the dreaded RBBC.

I must admit how proud I am. The Wifeyiac knocked it out of the park as four of her predictions should have won you games. She told you Devonta Freeman was no joke and to start him and that Cam Newton, despite many thinking he would struggle with a depleted WR corps, is back to must start status. If you sat Matthew Stafford (as she and Teddy Ballgame advised) and Alfred Morris you did alright.

The Wayniac? I had an off week. My start of the week came through in a big way as Philip Rivers went off for 358 yards and three TDs. Unfortunately, Jeremy Hill snuck in the end zone three times to disguise the fact that he still isn’t running the ball very well at all, making my sit of the week wrong. I aso told you to start Jonathan Stewart, with the label that if he couldn’t get it done against the Bucs, he wasn’t gong to get it done. Well, folks, his five points led me to my only fantasy loss in my three leagues last week, so Mr. Stewart is not an advised start until further notice.

Panthers, Dolphins, Jets and Vikings are on a bye this week. So, who’s on the menu for fantasy football week 5?

Keep reading for The Nation’s week 5 starts and sits!

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 2 starts and sits

Man, what a Week 1. If you were lucky, you made it through with a victory. If you were even luckier, you didn’t have Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson, Andre Ellington or some of the other bigger names in the fantasy world that went down to injury.

How did we do with getting you the right starts? If you started Chris Ivory, John Brown, Matt Ryan, and Jordan Cameron you are probably sitting at 1-0. If you started Davante Adams (which multiple experts here said he was a MUST start), Doug Martin or Golden Tate, well then we owe you better starts this week.

Several Wayniac Nation experts felt benching Frank Gore was the right move and boy were they right. We also nailed the bad weeks Justin Forsett, Andre Johnson and Joique Bell had in store. Unfortunately, we also thought Brandon Marshall, Ellington and Delanie Walker were in store for a bad week, but all three found the end zone.

This week, with some big injuries already in the mix, you want to dig deep. Nobody wants to fall into an 0-2 hole. Who do we have for you?

Keep reading to see Week 2’s Starts and Sits

The Wayniac Nation Fantasy Football Report: Week 1 Starts and Sits

Finally, fantasy football is here! My merry band of experts are back to bring you the best advice on the ol’ information highway and it is FREE!

Last week, the WN Team brought you some predictions on this years best and worst out there, so hopefully you were able to grab a few of our sleepers, breakthroughs and MVPs in your draft. The next step is to get you your best team on the field.

Week One is so tough. You sat there for hours drafting a team… and then another… and if you are like me and my co-horts, most likely another. Anyone you drafted in rounds one through five are starting this week. You didn’t draft players in the Top 60 of football to ride the pine the first week.

But you still will have some question marks. Are there some sneaky RB2 plays out there? You know you have three solid options to use at flex and for the past three days, you have had each one of them in your lineup. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

This week is a crapshoot, because all you can do is base your questionable decisions upon projections and last year’s performances. That being said, you can still find some great plays to make sure you lock down a 1-0 start to your season.

Onward for Week One’s Starts and Sits!

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 12 Starts & Sits

Last week I needed to go 3-0 across my fantasy leagues to stay in the playoff hunt. Two of those games I not only won, but won in convincing fashion as both were over 30-point victories. The third I lost and it wasn’t pretty. Not only did I lose by 17 points, I lost to the future Mrs. Wayniac. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought, it was more like when Anakin Skywalker betrayed Obi Won Kenobi and became more powerful. She was a novice for the 2013 season and picked my brain for every ounce of fantasy information I had. She then joined my league with Kid Robot and the apprentice has beaten the master. So congratulations, but just remember what happened to Darth Vader’s empire. They crumbled when the pressure was turned up. So, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. I’m coming for you Shiny New Toys.

Well, if you listened to my starts and sits, you hopefully were able to win all of your games. Philip Rivers was my start of the week at QB and while he played mistake free football and still mustered 15 points, there is clearly something wrong with him. Whether Antonio Gates was right about the ribs or not, Rivers is not the same QB he was just a few weeks back. Mark Ingram continued to tear it up with another 17-point day. Roddy White was able to get in the end zone yet again and the Packers defense was the highest scoring defense of the week.

Mark Sanchez was able to salvage 23 points in garbage time after looking completely lost and miserable, giving more touchdowns to the Eagles, but it was still pretty smart to sit him. Ryan Mathews, Marques Colston, and the Eagles defense all under performed while Vernon Davis actually improved. Last week Davis had one catch for seven yards. This week he had one catch for eight yards.

This is the last week of byes. The good news is that it is the Steelers and the Panthers so their aren’t a ton of fantasy relevant superstars you need to worry about their absence. Still, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, Kelvin Benjamin and Ben Roethlisberger need replacing. Who do you start this week? You know the Wayniac Nation has your answers!

Onward to Week 12’s Starts and Sits

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 10 Starts and Sits

Man. Week 10 is upon us and there are another bevy of fantasy superstars on the shelf with byes. I have six of my nine starters out in one league this week. I have never been an advocate of drafting a team around byes, after all, it’s only one week you have to suffer. Karma isn’t kind to me this time around, as I am rolling into battle with the ferocious backfield of Frank Gore and Jonathan Stewart against the team one game ahead of me for first place. Well played, schedule makers, well played.

Last week, when some of fantasy’s biggest scorers were on bye, you relied on us to get you the right starts and sits. How did we do? Fee missed on starting Russell Wilson who had a quiet game against the Raiders, but hit big with Jeremy Maclin‘s 35-point performance. He was right in sitting Doug Martin, Cam Newton and Stewart, but Percy Harvin surprised a lot of people (including yours truly who had him on my bench) with his 2014 breakout performance. Ted Reed hit on Shane Vereen with his 17-point day and looked like he was right about Andrew Hawkins, who was averaging 10 yards per catch before leaving the game injured. Ted was also correct in sitting all of the Rams’ running backs. J.D. was right in both of his Starts of the Week as Ronnie Hillman and Martavis Bryant both had multiple touchdown days. Me? My Start of the Week Ryan Tannehill blew up for 30 points, while my Sit of the Week Andy Dalton finally had a good game. It still wasn’t a monster output for a quarterback (23 points) but it’s amazing what A.J. Green can do for a slumping QB.

This week, names like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Philip Rivers, Arian Foster and Alfred Morris are on a bye. Once again, our gurus had to dig deep for some important starts and sits for you. As the season has gone on, we have gotten better and better. Hopefully, you have been listening to us and doing the same!

Continue to Week 10 Starts and Sits

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 9 Starts and Sits

What do Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Martellus Bennett, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, Golden Tate, Reggie Bush, Joique Bell and Matt Forte all have in common? Clealry it isn’t that they are all mature leaders on their teams because Jay Cutler is listed in the mix. No, these are all big-scoring guys that all have a bye this week. Picking the right people to start is leaps and bounds more imperative than picking who to sit this week. One of my teams has six people on a bye this week, for crying out loud. What that basically comes down to is if you are on the schedule, you are suiting up for my Fighting Blue Hose.

Last week, I called out our three worst statistical fantasy gurus. I told you that their first half of their rookie fantasy expertise was under par. How did they respond? Dunton was perfect last week as his Start of the Week, T.Y. Hilton, dropped 26 points and his Sit, Marshawn Lynch put up a meager seven points. Fee also went perfect, getting 30 points out of his Golden Tate start and  a mere 16 from his Matt Ryan sit. Ted Reed responded by pulling a Larry Fitzgerald 32-point performance against a tough Eagles defense out of nowhere, and agreeing with Fee on the Matt Ryan Sit of the Week. Six-for-six, folks. If you had doubt in us before, that should erase any left.

Keep on keeping on for your STARTS AND SITS

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 8 Starts and Sits

Well, fantasy folks, we are essentially at the hallway point of the season. As we are cruising along in the 2014, I thought it would be fair to let you know where our experts stand and take some accountability in our first season as fantasy gurus (that term is used very loosely here at The Nation!). Fee, Dunton and Ted Reed have struggled thus far all coming in at around 30 percent accuracy in their predictions. J.D. has been the all-star of the bunch and his starts and sits have hit almost every time coming in at almost 90 percent correct. The Wayniac? Well, I am right around 70 percent accurate, but in my defense, I pick eight more starts and sits then the rest of the bunch.

So, are we there yet? Not quite, but we have succeeded in getting you some wins. Last week, for example, J.D. was on again. He told you to start Odell Beckham, Jr. who went off for two touchdowns, 34 yards receiving and a 13-yard rush for a 20 point day. He also told you to sit Zac Stacy who got the ol’ goose egg this past Sunday. Ted Reed was right in sitting Frank Gore who was shut down and eventually made a non-factor in the 49ers blowout loss registering two points. Fee and I nailed it on Lamar Miller who is quietly becoming a solid RB1 with the backfield finally all to himself. I missed big on Kirk Cousins who got benched for the lowly Colt McCoy, but I hit on starting Owen Daniels who returned to the end zone, and sitting the way overblown flavor-of-the-week Andre Holmes.

This week the Giants and the 49ers are on byes. Those are two teams that are pretty heavy in fantasy talent. This is also the time of the fantasy football season that if your hovering around .500 with a 4-3 or 3-4 record that every game counts if you want to make the post season. So, who gets you those extra fantasy points this week? We got you covered!

Continue onward for your Week 8 Starts and Sits

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 7 Starts and Sits

You know what I love about having quality fantasy footballers helping me with your weekly starts and sits? I am in three leagues. Two of those leagues I am doing just fine as I am top scorer in one and six points of the lead in the other. My third league has been a nightmare. I was on a three-game losing streak and faced a must-win situation. Rolling into Sunday’s game, I had Pierre Garcon slated in my wide receiver slot. Right before the game, I listened to our own J.D. who has been on fire with his picks, and benched Garcon for Mohamed Sanu. Sanu had a monster game, going off for 29 points in a PPR league, while Garcon turned in 13 points. That’s a difference of 16 points. I won my game by 15. Had I not started Sanu, I tie. Thanks, J.D.

We had a few other picks that made us look very good last week as well. I told you to start Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco with confidence. Bortles threw for over 300 yards and Flacco set a touchdown record with five in 16 minutes. Steve Smith was a solid start, as was Lamar Miller. Our experts did get burned a few times. Eli Manning was Fee’s start of the week and he was embarrassed by the Eagles. J.D. said to sit Cam Newton who had one of the best games by a running back all weekend, despite being a quarterback, and Dunton missed on Rob Gronkowski despite being accurate that Tim Wright would steal his touchdown. Gronk still went for seven receptions and 94 yards, so he turned in a very respectable game.

This week the Eagles are on bye. That means Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Zach Ertz and the Eagles defense will all be on the pine. There has also been a bevy of major injuries leaving fantasy’s biggest stars in doubt. Will Megatron suit up? What about A.J. Green? There is no denying so many big names are out this week and fantasy owners will have a lot of questions to answer. Don’t worry, folks, that’s what we’re here for!

Continue on to see this weeks best Starts and Sits

The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 6 Starts and Sits

Our fantasy staff had a mixed bag of results in our starts and sits last week. That being said, if you listened to most of what we said on who to start and sit, you should have propelled yourself to victory. Tom Brady and the Patriots came out and redeemed themselves after an embarrassing week in Kansas City. This hurt Fee and Dunton on their sits. J.D, Ted Reed and I, however, didn’t miss on ours. Ted foresaw a dismal day by the Cardinals defense and J.D. nailed it with Alfred Morris and his two points. I told you to sit Colin Kaepernick. There were 15 quarterbacks who scored better than this over rated chump, so even if you were in a 14-team league, he didn’t fare as a starter. Montee Ball, Eddie Royal, Travis Kelce and the Bears defense (my other sits of the week) all registered under ten points. If you listened to me and started Greg Olsen, the Lions defense, Eli Manning and DeAndre Hopkins, you probably walked away with a win.

Last week was marred by some big time injuries. Calvin Johnson is highly questionable and very uncertain to play in Sunday’s bout against the Vikings. Donald Brown, Rashad Jennings, Montee Ball, Jake Locker, Zac Stacy, Jimmy Graham and Reggie Bush all left games hurt last week. This week, the Saints and Chiefs are on byes, and they are two teams with some explosive fantasy starters that will need to be replaced. So who do you turn to this week? You know we have your answers!

Continue on for the best starts and six for Week 6