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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 3 Starts and Sits

Last week was a wacky one in football. Jameis Winston and the Bucs pulled off a huge upset in The Benz, while Andrew Luck couldn’t find his way off of Revis Island. Both those events brought my Beat the Pooch Survivor Pool from 76 people to SIX. Fantasy was even harder to project.

JD did yet another fantastic job. He told you to start Terrance Williams who walked away with 18 points and to bench LeSean McCoy, whose 13 points are not acceptable for a first round RB1.

Teddy Ballgame must have been engulfed with his toddler, because his Johnson and Johnson picks were spot on, telling you that David Johnson was a good flex play and that Andre and Chris Johnson should remain on your bench.

My sit of the week, DeMarco Murray, couldn’t have been any worse, and despite finding the end zone, it still only gave Pierre Garcon 14 points, a number that two dozen WRs beat last week. My benching of the entire Broncos TE situation proved correct as well, as all three TE options combined for a mere 12 points. I did unfortunately tell you to bench the Jets defense, but who saw that coming?

Jarvis Landry and Greg Olsen were quality starts, but Drew Brees was a bust. I don’t think anyone expected what happened Sunday in NOLA so I get a pass. Saucy T nailed his Carson Palmer start, but did advise you to bench Tom Brady, which I did. Luckily, I had Ryan Tannehill and was still able to walk away victorious.

We are a few experts short this week, but that doesn’t mean we won’t bring you the same top notch advice. Who is in the Wayniac Nation’s crystal ball this week?

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 2 starts and sits

Man, what a Week 1. If you were lucky, you made it through with a victory. If you were even luckier, you didn’t have Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson, Andre Ellington or some of the other bigger names in the fantasy world that went down to injury.

How did we do with getting you the right starts? If you started Chris Ivory, John Brown, Matt Ryan, and Jordan Cameron you are probably sitting at 1-0. If you started Davante Adams (which multiple experts here said he was a MUST start), Doug Martin or Golden Tate, well then we owe you better starts this week.

Several Wayniac Nation experts felt benching Frank Gore was the right move and boy were they right. We also nailed the bad weeks Justin Forsett, Andre Johnson and Joique Bell had in store. Unfortunately, we also thought Brandon Marshall, Ellington and Delanie Walker were in store for a bad week, but all three found the end zone.

This week, with some big injuries already in the mix, you want to dig deep. Nobody wants to fall into an 0-2 hole. Who do we have for you?

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 12 Starts & Sits

Last week I needed to go 3-0 across my fantasy leagues to stay in the playoff hunt. Two of those games I not only won, but won in convincing fashion as both were over 30-point victories. The third I lost and it wasn’t pretty. Not only did I lose by 17 points, I lost to the future Mrs. Wayniac. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought, it was more like when Anakin Skywalker betrayed Obi Won Kenobi and became more powerful. She was a novice for the 2013 season and picked my brain for every ounce of fantasy information I had. She then joined my league with Kid Robot and the apprentice has beaten the master. So congratulations, but just remember what happened to Darth Vader’s empire. They crumbled when the pressure was turned up. So, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. I’m coming for you Shiny New Toys.

Well, if you listened to my starts and sits, you hopefully were able to win all of your games. Philip Rivers was my start of the week at QB and while he played mistake free football and still mustered 15 points, there is clearly something wrong with him. Whether Antonio Gates was right about the ribs or not, Rivers is not the same QB he was just a few weeks back. Mark Ingram continued to tear it up with another 17-point day. Roddy White was able to get in the end zone yet again and the Packers defense was the highest scoring defense of the week.

Mark Sanchez was able to salvage 23 points in garbage time after looking completely lost and miserable, giving more touchdowns to the Eagles, but it was still pretty smart to sit him. Ryan Mathews, Marques Colston, and the Eagles defense all under performed while Vernon Davis actually improved. Last week Davis had one catch for seven yards. This week he had one catch for eight yards.

This is the last week of byes. The good news is that it is the Steelers and the Panthers so their aren’t a ton of fantasy relevant superstars you need to worry about their absence. Still, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, Kelvin Benjamin and Ben Roethlisberger need replacing. Who do you start this week? You know the Wayniac Nation has your answers!

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 8 Starts and Sits

Well, fantasy folks, we are essentially at the hallway point of the season. As we are cruising along in the 2014, I thought it would be fair to let you know where our experts stand and take some accountability in our first season as fantasy gurus (that term is used very loosely here at The Nation!). Fee, Dunton and Ted Reed have struggled thus far all coming in at around 30 percent accuracy in their predictions. J.D. has been the all-star of the bunch and his starts and sits have hit almost every time coming in at almost 90 percent correct. The Wayniac? Well, I am right around 70 percent accurate, but in my defense, I pick eight more starts and sits then the rest of the bunch.

So, are we there yet? Not quite, but we have succeeded in getting you some wins. Last week, for example, J.D. was on again. He told you to start Odell Beckham, Jr. who went off for two touchdowns, 34 yards receiving and a 13-yard rush for a 20 point day. He also told you to sit Zac Stacy who got the ol’ goose egg this past Sunday. Ted Reed was right in sitting Frank Gore who was shut down and eventually made a non-factor in the 49ers blowout loss registering two points. Fee and I nailed it on Lamar Miller who is quietly becoming a solid RB1 with the backfield finally all to himself. I missed big on Kirk Cousins who got benched for the lowly Colt McCoy, but I hit on starting Owen Daniels who returned to the end zone, and sitting the way overblown flavor-of-the-week Andre Holmes.

This week the Giants and the 49ers are on byes. Those are two teams that are pretty heavy in fantasy talent. This is also the time of the fantasy football season that if your hovering around .500 with a 4-3 or 3-4 record that every game counts if you want to make the post season. So, who gets you those extra fantasy points this week? We got you covered!

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