The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 2 starts and sits

Man, what a Week 1. If you were lucky, you made it through with a victory. If you were even luckier, you didn’t have Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson, Andre Ellington or some of the other bigger names in the fantasy world that went down to injury.

How did we do with getting you the right starts? If you started Chris Ivory, John Brown, Matt Ryan, and Jordan Cameron you are probably sitting at 1-0. If you started Davante Adams (which multiple experts here said he was a MUST start), Doug Martin or Golden Tate, well then we owe you better starts this week.

Several Wayniac Nation experts felt benching Frank Gore was the right move and boy were they right. We also nailed the bad weeks Justin Forsett, Andre Johnson and Joique Bell had in store. Unfortunately, we also thought Brandon Marshall, Ellington and Delanie Walker were in store for a bad week, but all three found the end zone.

This week, with some big injuries already in the mix, you want to dig deep. Nobody wants to fall into an 0-2 hole. Who do we have for you?

The WolfPack Division of my Nitro League, circa 2001.
The WolfPack Division of my Nitro League, circa 2001.


Starts of the Week: QB Marcus Mariota – Let me start by saying that I was one of the Bucs’ fans who didn’t want Famous Jameis. This past weekend was complete vindication for me. I know it was only Week 1, but if you need a Week 2 QB replacement he is not a bad choice. He comes into a game against a Cleveland defense that made the Jets look great. I expect a lot of waiver wire moves picking up Marcus as a bye week replacement. Get him now if you can.

RB Darren Sproles. Of the 3 viable RB’s in Philadelphia, Sproles impressed me the most. I also think that he is the one that fits the nutty professor Chip Kelly’s offense the best. Yes, I know that DeMarco is facing his old team but DeMarco is not built for the up tempo sideline to sideline offense that the Eagles like to run. Insert Sproles. He may not get a TD but he had 40+ yards rushing, and 7 catches for 76 yards week 1. If you have a PPR league he is a must start. Sproles is owned in 75% of leagues but only starting in 17% of them. If you have him start him, if he is a Free Agent get him.

WR Nate Washington -The Texans are in for a long season at the QB position but Nate Washington could be the beneficiary of this. Teams are still going to double team NUUUUUUUUUUUK and make it hard for whomever is throwing the ball to get it to the best playmaker on the team. This leaves Nate Washington open for some prime targets. In fact last week he was targeted 11 times and he had 6 catches for 105 yards.

The Hall of Fame Version of Sits this Week– QB Peyton Manning. I think we are seeing the beginning of the end. Against Baltimore Peyton looked average, missing many throws that Eli could make. Peyton is undefeated against the Chiefs as a Bronco but that streak ends Thursday night. Same for RB Adrian Peterson. All day looked like any day Monday night. 10 carries for 31 yards against a 49ers defense that everyone expected to be on the decline isn’t good. If the Lions are going to load the box and make Teddy B beat them expect another ho hum performance from AP.

Teddy Ballgame:

Starts of the Week: RB Darren Sproles is going to have a big game against the Cowboys at home. Seems to be plenty of work for him in the Philadelphia offense. I also really like rookie RB David Johnson as a sleeper flex play.

Sits of the Week: Where David Johnson will shine, RB Chris Johnson will fail. I think the rookie Johnson will eventually be the starter. I’m also sitting WR Andre Johnson because if TY is hurt he could end up on Revis Island.


Start of the Week: WR Terrance Williams. I drafted Dez in the 2nd round and laughed at the guy that drafted Terrance Williams in the 13th… Who’s laughing now?  Romo has to throw the ball to someone and Williams has been reliably catching his tosses the last 2 years.  Jason Witten will see increased targets, but it remains to be seen whether Cole Beasley or Devin Street will be fantasy contributors.  Williams turns into a front line WR for the next 2 months and we all saw how ready Byron Maxwell was for the opener.  Congrats to you if you took a late round flyer on him.

Sit of the Week: RB LeSean McCoy. I reluctantly agreed with my team partner to draft him with the 30th pick because of the value.  He hasn’t been the premier runner since 2013 and now Anthony Dixon is clearly the goal line back.  I don’t care who the Bills are playing, McCoy would stay on my bench until further notice.  I’d rather go with Chris Ivory or Mark Ingram, whom I also have on my bench.  



Saucy T: 

Starts of the Week: QB Carson Palmer. Palmer looks healthy, and under Bruce Arians a healthy Carson Palmer is an elite fantasy QB. Throw in the fact that the Cardinals workhorse RB is now CJ2K, and it’s easy to see Carson throwing all day long. The Bears defense held Aaron Rodgers to under 200 yards passing, but Chicago’s defense is still bad. I expect Palmer to be a top 5 option this week. 

RB Justin Forsett – If you drafted Justin Forsett, you may be starting to worry after week 1, but you have no reason to. Denver has stockpiled defensive stars since Seattle throttled them in Super Bowl 48, and Baltimore’s game with Denver was an old fashioned slug fest. I expect a huge bounce back this week for Forsett against the Raiders, who allowed Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard to have good fantasy days.

Sits of the Week: QB Tom BradyIf you drafted Tom Brady late in your draft like the Wayniac himself, you might think you are the smartest fantasy player on the planet after week 1. Tom Brady will still be valuable this season as long as Gronk is out there, but I think it’s time to consider not starting QBs playing at Buffalo. The Bills shut down the games top two QBs (Rodgers last season and Luck in week 1) and I expect that trend to continue against Brady.

Seahawks Defense – Fantasy owners that took the Seahawks D probably took them early, which means they won’t bench them until their bye week, but Green Bay is the league’s best offense, and the Packers have lost to Seattle in back to back seasons. I think that Green Bay will look at the film from the last two seasons and find a way to attack an undermanned Seahawks D that is still missing Kam Chancellor.

The Wifeyiac:

Start of the Week: RB Danny WoodheadRivers has always loved pass catching RBs and Woodhead got a rare goal line carry after Melvin Gordon fumbled. Gordon looked good aside from the fumble, and the backfield will soon be his, but against a tough Bengals defense, the Chargers may see themselves needing more screens than power runs.

Sit of the Week: RB Melvin GordonHe will get his touches, he will probably get near 10 points. But if he fumbles again, the Chargers have already shown that even if they are down, they will bench him. Let Gordon mature another week or two depending on the match up on your bench.

The Nitro League Championship Trophy
The Nitro League Championship Trophy

The Wayniac:

Starts of the Week:

QB: Drew Brees. Sounds silly to consider benching Brees, but I also got no less than 10 emails and texts yesterday asking if it is time to bench Peyton Manning for good. If Marcus Mariotta torched that Bucs defense, Brees may score 100 points by himself.

RB: Bishop SankeyThe Cleveland Browns made Chris Ivory look like a superstar. Sankey won’t get many calls from me this season — most Titans won’t — but this slot may be reserved for any RB playing the Browns all season.

WR: Jarvis LandryI liked how he got you a point rushing while adding 13 receiving points. I also like how if you are rewarded for individual punt returns, he took it to the house. Landry is an exciting playmaker in the making, and he’s facing a Jaguar team that allowed Jerricho Cotchery in the end zone and Ted Ginn to tally more than 50 yards.

TE: Greg Olsen. I don’t want to see him do well because he is playing my Texans, but the bottom line is that the Texans don’t usually do a good job stopping premier tight ends. Travis Kelce case in point: 6 receptions, 106 yards and two touches.

Def: Texans. Did you see what happened when Brian Hoyer stopped turning the ball over and giving the Texans defense a short field to work with? They shutout the Chiefs in the second half and JJ Watt was so pissed he sacked Smith without his helmet. They won’t pitch a shutout, but they should rack some good fantasy points.

Sits of the Week:

QB: Philip Rivers. I don’t think Rivers will be terrible, it’s just that he has about one good game a year on the road and I don’t see Cincinnati the place it is going to happen. He’ll get you 15 to 20, but in today’s QB NFL, there are more points out there than that.

RB: DeMarco MurrayI get it. He is going to want to tee off against his former team. Here’s the thing, you take away those two TDs last week and Murray had five points. As Saucy T said at half time at the MNF game, “Trent Richardson has more yards rushing than Murray this season.” And, folks, Richardson isn’t on a roster. Chip Kelly does what it takes to win, and when they get in those no huddle, fast paced sets, he showed he had no problem sticking with Darren Sproles. The fact that the Eagles were down two with two minutes left and Kelly put Sproles in the game shows that he is all about the matchup, and for now that means it is a huge RBBC.

WR: Pierre GarconHe will be the flavor of the week since D Jax is out for a bit. I just don’t believe in Garcon. He may get you 10 to 12 points this week, but I rather take a flier on a Cole Beasley snagging two TDs from Tony Romo than Garcon as Kirk Cousins number one WR against the Rams.

TE: Broncos TEs. I love me some OD, but Owen Daniels is old and Virgil Green is invisible. The Chiefs defense is strong and where most QBs like to have a safety net in their TE (especially in Week 1), Manning has Emmanuel Sanders. Stay clear.

Def: Jets. They will get you some points, but is there really anyway that Andrew Luck is that bad two weeks in a row? They went from my start of the week last week to the bench. I rather take a flier on the Saints defense against Jameis Winston than the Jets in Indy on Monday night.

2 thoughts on “The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 2 starts and sits”

  1. Starting to thing the same thing about Shady McCoy. I picked up Karlos Williams on both teams and may play him in one league. Love Terrance Willaims this week and like you I am starting Brees over Brady on one team and Romo over Brady on the other. Defense of the week will be the Saints. Not super high on Forrsett this week but I am going to roll with him. Where are you at on Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate?

    1. Man, Megatron and Golden Tate are frustrating aren’t they?
      I think it’s too early to pull either from your lineup as you need another week to see how they perform. Tate is banged up, and Megatron may just be permanently injured at this point, but with Staffords arm, I just can’t bench them just yet, unless you have a sick combo ahead of them. Right now Tate is my WR2 in one league, but I wish he was my WR3.

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