The Wayniac Nation Fantasy Football Report: Week 1 Starts and Sits

Finally, fantasy football is here! My merry band of experts are back to bring you the best advice on the ol’ information highway and it is FREE!

Last week, the WN Team brought you some predictions on this years best and worst out there, so hopefully you were able to grab a few of our sleepers, breakthroughs and MVPs in your draft. The next step is to get you your best team on the field.

Week One is so tough. You sat there for hours drafting a team… and then another… and if you are like me and my co-horts, most likely another. Anyone you drafted in rounds one through five are starting this week. You didn’t draft players in the Top 60 of football to ride the pine the first week.

But you still will have some question marks. Are there some sneaky RB2 plays out there? You know you have three solid options to use at flex and for the past three days, you have had each one of them in your lineup. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

This week is a crapshoot, because all you can do is base your questionable decisions upon projections and last year’s performances. That being said, you can still find some great plays to make sure you lock down a 1-0 start to your season.


Start of the Week: QBs Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo: Both of these QBs are facing weak secondaries. In fact I may try to join the Giants secondary before Sunday. I expect the Steelers/Patriots game to be a shootout and the weak New England secondary is going to be a buffet of points for Big Ben. As for Tony, he always plays well against the Giants on Sunday nights and now he gets to face a Giants secondary that many week one QB’s would love to face. Go get your points Romo.

Sit of the Week: RB TJ Yeldon: He may become the RB Jacksonville needs to become relevant again but it won’t be this week, not against Luke Kuechly and the Panthers run defense. I think Yeldon is going to be good but it won’t look that way after week 1.  Give him some time.

By the way, bench any player that wears a Washington uniform. I don’t see any value in any of these players week 1 as they play a Dolphins team who has to open the season living up to some of the hype. These are two teams moving in completely different directions and the Redskins are in crash and burn mode.

Photo Cred: USA Today
Photo Cred: USA Today

Teddy Ballgame (formerly Ted Reed):

Starts of the Week: WR Golden Tate: I like Tate to have a big game in San Diego while the Chargers D keys in on a healthy Calvin Johnson. I’m not sure if RB Doug Martin is going to be what they say, but I think he will have a big game in the opener against Tennessee at home. 

I also really like WR Markus Wheaton because you know the Patriots will try to shut down Antonio Brown. Wheaton will get his targets and he has something to prove before Bryant returns.

Sits of the Week: RB Joique Bell because Ameer Abdullah is the real deal. Like Dunton, I think you should sit RB Alfred Morris because the Dolphins D line will be tough to run on and they will probably fall behind and throw the ball a lot.


Oh I’m so happy to have football back. Nothing better than watching games every Sunday and having fantasy to look forward to every week. It’s Week One and there’s a lot to take in so I’m giving you what I think could be big. Some are going to seem pretty darn obvious while others not as much, but I’m not missing the opportunity to be right the first week of the season!

Starts of the Week: QB Tom Brady. He’s pissed and he’s going to take it out on Pittsburgh. QB Matt Ryan has shoot out written all over it.  QB Tony Romo faces a G-Men D that isn’t good and they have no secondary. Their offense might keep it close but the Boys should have a field day. RB Doug Martin. I really like him this year. Could be Comeback of the Year. He’s looked great in preseason and the matchup is nice, too.  

Sits of the Week:  WR Brandon Marshall. The Browns have Joe Haden and the Jets offense doesn’t scare anybody.  I hate to say it cause I have him but you should probably sit RB Frank Gore against a solid Bills D. Sit RB Mark Ingram as well. The Cardinals have an underrated group on defense and the Saints passing game is questionable at best. 


Start of the Week: WR Davante AdamsAaron Rodgers should have a field day with the Bears defense and Adams and Randall Cobb could both put up top 10 WR numbers this week.  Depending on when your draft was, you may not have a starting investment in him, but he is definitely worth a spot in your lineup.

Sit of the Week: RB Justin Forsett– I’m not high on Forsett to begin with and his matchup at Denver could be as tough as it gets.  I know you probably spent a 1st or 2nd round pick on Forsett, but chances are that you have an RB that has more points sitting on the bench.


Saucy T:

Starts of the Week: QB Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo is usually an afterthought for most fantasy players, but Tyrod Taylor shouldn’t be overlooked. He has elite weapons around him in LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins, which combined with his own natural running ability give him a pretty high floor. In a game where he’ll most likely be trailing against a soft Colts D, I expect Taylor to have a top ten finish.

WR John Brown – Some people might be scared away from playing Brown with news that Michael Floyd could be ready week 1, but there is no reason to be. This game has shoot out written all over it. Bruce Arians loves to air it out, and with a healthy Carson Palmer back under center there should be more than enough targets to go around. Brown is also the fastest WR on the Cardinals, and the most likely to get over the top of the suspect Saints secondary.

Sits of the Week: RB Frank Gore – Gore seems to have a personal fountain of youth, and I’m not going to bet against him having a good year in a high powered Indy offense, but don’t expect him to get off to a hot start against Buffalo. Buffalo’s defense is one of the best in the NFL, and Chuck Pagano has recently said they will limit Gore’s workload early in the year to preserve his legs for postseason play. Running back is always scarce, so you may not have a better option, but if you have another serviceable back, I’d stay away from Gore.

Cowboys Backfield vs. Giants – I haven’t seen a mess this big since Caddyshack 2. The Cowboys have the best offensive line in football which should produce fantasy superstars, but instead may produce nothing but heartache. Nobody knows who will start against the Giants, and it may not matter. Starting a Cowboy RB is playing fantasy Russian roulette. The Cowboys plan on using a full blown committee and riding the hot hand. If you guess correctly it could pay off huge, but I’ll stick with the safe play week 1. 

The Wifeyiac:

Start of the Week: WR Davante Adams. A lot of people are concerned with whether Cobb can replace Jordy Nelson, but little attention has been paid to who is going to step up and replace Cobb’s roll. James Jones is who he is at this point and Adams has a chance to be a star with AA Rod throwing to him.

Sit of the Week: RB Andre Ellington. He’s a better Darren Sproles than he is a lead back. Plus, Chris Johnson is waiting to take over. Go Pirates!!!

Photo Cred: ECU Athletics
Photo Cred: ECU Athletics

The Wayniac: If you are new to our advice column, I like to give you a start and sit at each position.

Starts of the Week:

QB – I have been on Ryan Tannehill‘s breakout season since June. He has the deepest WR core of his career and a quality TE in Jordan Cameron as long as he keeps his head on his shoulders and avoids the concussions.  Lamar Miller has become a legit NFL RB, and as Ted and Dunton already referred to, the Redskins are a dumpster fire. Tannehill is going to tee off.

RB – I can’t believe I am suggesting this, but you should go with Chris IvoryThat’s the first and last time I will recommend a Jet. I was surprised that Ivory was drafted to seemingly be a starter in all three of my leagues, so against 2014’s worst rush defense, he is a must go.

WR – The Bengals defense is tough, but Amari Cooper sure looked good on some screens this preseason. I think the Raiders will think of untraditional ways to get the ball in their future star’s hands, and I think he will make those chances count.

TE – Jordan Cameron. Better start him before he gets knocked out.

K – Randy BullockThe Texans are going to struggle with Arian Foster out and Brian Hoyer learning B.O.B’s style of offense, but they have enough talent to move the ball into FG position.

Def – Jets. They play the Browns people. The Cleveland Browns.

Photo Cred: ABC News
Photo Cred: ABC News

Sits of the Week –

QB – If you are still starting Colin Kaepernick at QB, you have serious issues on your fantasy squad. I am using this slot as a forewarning for all season. Don’t start him. Hell, if he was playing against his own terrible 49ers defense, I still wouldn’t start him!

RB – I think the Oakland Raiders are vastly improved this season. Last year, their rush defense wasn’t all that bad. I know you will never sit Jeremy Hill in Week One after drafting him so highly, but don’t be surprised if he is a let down this week. That being said, I also don’t trust Rashad Jennings  at all. Eli will be chucking it, and Shane Vereen will probably wind up on the field more.

WR – This has nothing to do with personal feelings because I picked him as my Comeback Player of the Year. That being said, I don’t think this is the week Andre Johnson breaks through. He went very high in most of my drafts, and I think he will settle in as a solid WR2, but on the road against a pretty solid Bills secondary that allowed the third least yards through the air in 2014 isn’t easy.

TE – Delanie Walker. I like Walker a lot. He is a fantastic bye week TE replacement, but I saw many leagues draft him as a starter. I understand the TE class is thinner than the past few years, but I would almost role the dice on Richard Rodgers or Ladarius Green this week.

K – Dan BaileySounds crazy, but I don’t see the Cowboys lining up for many FGs this week. That being said, they should rattle off seven TDs getting you seven points, but I think there are better options out there.

Def – 49ers. These guys have more holes than an ESPN breaking news story. Stay clear.

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