The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 7 Starts and Sits

You know what I love about having quality fantasy footballers helping me with your weekly starts and sits? I am in three leagues. Two of those leagues I am doing just fine as I am top scorer in one and six points of the lead in the other. My third league has been a nightmare. I was on a three-game losing streak and faced a must-win situation. Rolling into Sunday’s game, I had Pierre Garcon slated in my wide receiver slot. Right before the game, I listened to our own J.D. who has been on fire with his picks, and benched Garcon for Mohamed Sanu. Sanu had a monster game, going off for 29 points in a PPR league, while Garcon turned in 13 points. That’s a difference of 16 points. I won my game by 15. Had I not started Sanu, I tie. Thanks, J.D.

We had a few other picks that made us look very good last week as well. I told you to start Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco with confidence. Bortles threw for over 300 yards and Flacco set a touchdown record with five in 16 minutes. Steve Smith was a solid start, as was Lamar Miller. Our experts did get burned a few times. Eli Manning was Fee’s start of the week and he was embarrassed by the Eagles. J.D. said to sit Cam Newton who had one of the best games by a running back all weekend, despite being a quarterback, and Dunton missed on Rob Gronkowski despite being accurate that Tim Wright would steal his touchdown. Gronk still went for seven receptions and 94 yards, so he turned in a very respectable game.

This week the Eagles are on bye. That means Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Zach Ertz and the Eagles defense will all be on the pine. There has also been a bevy of major injuries leaving fantasy’s biggest stars in doubt. Will Megatron suit up? What about A.J. Green? There is no denying so many big names are out this week and fantasy owners will have a lot of questions to answer. Don’t worry, folks, that’s what we’re here for!

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins

Starts of the Week: Ben Tate, Justin Forsett and Lamar Miller, RB.
Tate is looking like a legitimate starting running back in the NFL. He is always an injury risk, but when he plays he puts up points. The Browns have seemingly established themselves as a running team, so as long as he’s healthy he’s a lock. My preseason sleeper was Miller (see here) and he is already having a career season. Now, with Moreno out for the season, the backfield is all his. Forsett has come out of nowhere and he gets to tee off against the dismal Falcons defense at home.
Sit of the Week: Drew Brees, QB.
I don’t think Brees has ever been a sit, even when he was in San Diego. This week he has two factors against him. He stinks on the road and the Lions defense is seriously legit, as the number one overall defense in the game. You probably also want to sit the Broncos running backs. Don’t be fooled by Hillman’s great performance last week. The 49ers are not the Jets.

Start of the Week: Brian Hoyer, QB.
Johnny Clip Board has become the most hyped bench player ever. Hoyer is really showing the Dawg Pound something and this week against the lowly Jaguars he moves the Browns closer to first place.
Sits of the Week: Eli Manning, QB and TY Hilton, WR.
We saw what happens when a defense gets after Eli last week, and the Cowboys will be pumped up and do the same. Eli will be on the run most of the game. Hilton had a monster game last week, but looking at his 2013 game log, you will see it was rare that he had back-to-back solid performances. Against a stingy Bengals defense, he may get you ten points or so, but if you have better options, go for it.

(Photo Credit: CBS Sports)
(Photo Credit: CBS Sports)

Ted Reed:
Start of the Week: Reggie Bush, RB.
If Megatron doesn’t go, Bush will probably be spread out a lot, which means he could have a huge game through the air. You know he has had his eye on this bout against his former team.
Sit of the Week: Frank Gore, RB.
Gore returned to reality against a formidable Rams front last week. Throw on top of it that it may be a shootout in Denver, meaning Carlos Hyde may see the field more, Gore seems like a logical sit.

Start of the Week: Odell Beckham, WR
Last week I told you to get him on your team and he’d be an automatic start soon. This was glorified Sunday night as Victor Cruz got his complimentary Gator ride out of the 2014 season. Beckham is still under the radar, but I don’t expect that for long.
Sit of the Week: Zac Stacy
The Rams spread their carries out evenly between Stacy, Benny Cunningham and Tre Mason last week. This week, they are up against Seattle. The Rams don’t have anyone on their roster worth a start consideration this week regardless of who their playing.


The Wayniac:
Starts of the Week:
QB: Kirk Cousins – Tennessee is terrible. They barely beat Jacksonville last week. The past two weeks, the Titans defense has made Brian Hoyer and Blake Bortles look like All-Pros. Cousins is going to light it up, especially now that Gruden has made it clear that Cousins days are numbered.
RB: Lamar Miller – I agree with Fee on this one. This is the day Miller has been waiting for, a backfield to call his own. The Bears defense is still banged up, and he should have a nice day. Last week he had one fantasy point until late in the third quarter. He finished with 15.
WR: Larry Fitzgerald – He sure looked great last week with a quarterback throwing the ball in Arizona again, huh? This week, Palmer is one week healthier and they play the Raiders, aka the team that makes you fantasy superstars.
TE: Owen Daniels – The Falcons have a weak defense and the Ravens are solid outside with the Smiths. That means Daniels is often forgotten about, and he’ll probably sneak into the end zone this week.
Defense: Browns – The Jaguars are terrible. Bortles is getting there and Storm Johnson is going to be great. Just not this week, however.

Sits of the Week:
QB: Brees – I’m going with Fee again. When Graham is not on the field, Brees is not the same, especially on the road.
RB: The Colts RBs – Trent Richardson has looked like an NFL running back again. Ahmad Bradshaw has been great, especially in the passing game. This week, however, Luck is going to have to win this game against a stout Bengals defense.
WR: Andre Holmes – He’s the flavor of the week and one of the top waiver wire moves of Week 7. He has two things going against him, however. He is on the Raiders and he is playing perhaps the best secondary in football. Holmes may have a nice week, but not a start-him week.
TE: Greg Olsen – Olsen is one of fantasy’s best tight ends. Kelvin Benjamin is sidelined with a concussion and that leaves the Panthers limited in throwing options. The Packers are hot and need this win. They will look to shut down the Panthers best weapon in the passing game.
Defense: 49ers – They are going to get a few picks and a few of those sacks when Peyton Manning just dives into the turf and begs not to be hit. But they are going to let up yards and points as well. Regular season Manning always plays big in prime time games.

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