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Roddy White and Arian Foster: Fare thee well

This has been one heck of an offseason for NFL veterans. Long time stalwarts and fan favorites are finding themselves without homes, at least for the time being. Mario Williams. Charles Johnson. Chris Clemons. Marques Colston. There are so many that NFL.com put out there Top 99 Free Agents list.

None are bigger or mean more to their franchises than Arian Foster and Roddy White.

More on White and Foster’s illustrious careers.

The Houston Texans: 3 free agents to consider

The Houston Texans have one big, glaring need staring them in the face and the whole NFL knows what it is. Brian Hoyer‘s instant classic of a playoff game showed OB and Rick Smith that this team needs a quarterback. And they have made it clear that that is their major goal.

There are a few other holes, although not as pressing, on the Texans roster. There are also quite a few veterans who may be able to fill them currently on the open market. Here are three guys I wouldn’t mind seeing in Texans Battle Red next season.

3 Veteran Free Agents worth taking a look at.

The Houston Texans: Now Watt?

The Super Bowl is over and done with and that only means one thing. Since none of the official big cuts will be made until March, every football head is talking one thing… the NFL Draft.

Mock Version I. Mock Version II. Mock Version II.B. It will change on a day by day basis over the next few weeks, and it’s not because there is some new astounding insight. It’s because there is nothing else to write about.

That being said, what is the future of the Houston Texans?

Keep reading for what the future may hold for the Texans.

The Houston Texas are AFC South Champs: their proudest moment

The Houston Texans are AFC South Champs. I know that heading into the week the Indianapolis Colts needed the most absurd combination of victories — including both a Donald Trump victory in DC and a Philadelphia 76ers win on the court — to steal that honor from the Texans, but behind a dominant 30-6 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, it became official.

It may have been the proudest moment in the history of the franchise.

Read more on why yesterday’s victory was so huge in Houston.

The Texans J.J. Watt, a Red Ryder BB Gun and an overreaction

“Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB gun,” J.J. Watt said.

It seems people have taken great exception to this quote. Some of my friends have called Watt a punk for his statements. He made Andy Dalton — the Red Rifle in question — very sad after the game, which in turn made me laugh.

Can we lighten up a bit here, folks?

Why J.J. Watt is still a stand up guy!

NFL Sundays with SBJ: Closer Coffee

SBJ got back into the driver’s seat last week. Maybe it was because I gave him an A- and not an A on his midseason report card, but he went 5-1 in those free picks for you. You got to love that. This week, he has to make a very difficult decision. Does he predict that The Wayniac’s Texans pull of the Monday Night Miracle… or does he lose his job? Only one way to find out!


Public: 22-35 (2-4)

The House: 35-22 (4-2)

Sportsbook Jesus: 35-22 (5-1)

You see those pie charts people? You do understand that no one beats Vegas, right? You do see that our SBJ is dead even with The House, right? It’s time to believe!

Onward to the SBJ Primetime Specials!

The Houston Texans: What do you do? UPDATED

I’m at a loss. My Houston Texans are bad, really bad. They have been bad before, but the abysmal 2-14 season had all the signs showing a meltdown and no one was really surprised that it came. Matt Schaub had lost his touch, and Gary Kubiak had run his course (about two year’s earlier, but you know that Rick Smith blind loyalty, folks!). This year, this is different, and this team is worse than that 2-14 team.

What are the problems with the Texans? Keep reading.

Joe must go and other NFL musings in Monday’s random thoughts

The Houston Texans have a few great players on their football team, but neither of them stem from the quarterback position. The Miami Dolphins don’t have a single great player on offense. But they have a whole bunch of good ones that makes what is happening with the Phins completely unacceptable. In fact, if it were up to me, Joe Philbin wouldn’t even be allowed on the plane ride home across the pond. Hope you have your passport, sir.

The NFL highlights today’s random thoughts!

It’s Like Donnie Baseball All Over Again…

“I’ve been thinking about things this offseason, and I just kind of wonder sometimes, ‘Is this still the place for me? It’s just something I’m just thinking about.” (per the Houston Chronicle)

Andre Johnson Vs New York Wallpaper__yvt2

It was a gut punch to all Texans’ fans. The words of the most powerful player in franchise history reached into our bodies and pulled out our souls. The heart of the Houston Texans wants out.

If you don’t know, I am a diehard Texans’ fan. When you take a look at my profile picture, you will notice I am in a number 80 jersey. That is because Andre Johnson is not just the greatest Texan ever, he is my favorite football player to ever step on the field. Andre Johnson isn’t just the Texans’ best wide receiver… Andre Johnson is the Texans.

A plea for Andre to stay

School’s Out: What We Learned from the NFL 2013 Season

What a week, folks. There was a lot going on even without football and baseball. Saban grabbed 19 of ESPNs top 50 recruits to form yet again, the top freshman class in the nation. A-Rod came to his senses and dropped the lawsuit, although I still think he’s a jerk and there is something more behind it. Syracuse beat Notre Dame to stay #UNDEFEATACUSE and remain #1 in the land. Lastly, over in Sochi, the most bizarre Olympics to date kicked off with the US, of course, capturing the first gold.

Despite all that, I still rather write about football. With the 2013 NFL season all wrapped up, one thing I learned it’s that I suck at projecting the Super Bowl! All I can say is Wow, tip my cap, and congratulate the Seattle Seahawks. They went out there and totally thrashed the greatest offense of all time. It was the most anticlimactic end to an otherwise exciting season, even worse than the infamous fade to black Sopranos ending. Seriously, the Seahawks had the lead for 59 minutes and 48 seconds. It was total domination.

Enough about Super Bowl XLVIII. It’s in the books. Now we reflect on what was. My Houston Texans were the most overhyped team in years. They were projected to be in the Super Bowl by a lot of experts. I watched every game, folks, and they were literally two or three plays away from an 0-16 season. In the end, Kubiak and his entire regime paid the price. Despite having to endure the worst season I’ve had to sit through as a Texan fan – and that says a lot people – there were a few tidbits I was able to take away from the ’13 season.


Look, Tommy, were going to take Edelman and make him a star, ok?

1. Bill Belicheck is a genius and the best coach in football.
If you believe that there is a correlation between Spygate and Belicheck’s ability to win a Super Bowl, I’ll have the Easter Bunny come pick you up and discuss how the Red Sox were held title-less for 86 years because of a fat, dead Babe Ruth. Look at his resume this millenium: 158 wins, double-digit wins 11 years in a row, 11 AFC East Titles, a 3-2 record over 5 Super Bowls, and an undefeated regular season campaign. It’s not even about the numbers with Belicheck, it’s how he has done it. In the early 2000s, before Brady was merely super human and not a football god, he ran a run first, defensive minded team. Then in 2007, he got new toys he never had before in Randy Moss and Wes Welker, and they went 16-0 as Brady unleashed himself through the air as one of the NFL’s most dominating QBs. This season, he lost his best WR in Welker. He lost the NFLs best TE to multiple injuries and his back-up TE to the penal system. Vereen was down for most of the year, and it seemed he lost a key defender each and every week. He still won 12 games and the AFC East, and he still was on the cusp of making it to the Super Bowl. Belicheck seems to get it done with any combination of players, any style of offense or defense, and as long as he has Brady, even as he begins to decline in talent, the Patriots are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

2. Chip Kelly was better than advertised.
I assume many of you were like me. Entering 2013, I thought Kelly was another great college coach who thought he could change the NFL with his crazy schemes. Through 4 and a half games, the skeptics looked to be right. The Eagles started 1-3, but late in the 2nd quarter of game 5 against the Giants, Nick Foles replaced an injured Michael Vick and changed the Eagles season. They would go 9-3 with Foles at the helm and capture the NFC East title. Kelly helped make Foles the next big QB (2891 yards passing, 27 TD, 2 Int, and a league leading 119.2 QB rating over 10 and a half games). His offense helped return LeSean McCoy to stud-dom as he lead the league in both rushing (1607) and total yards (2146) with 11 combined TDs. The Eagles still have work to do, but Kelly has them going in the right direction.

Tony Romo and Jason Garrett walk into a bar…

3. The Dallas Cowboys are a joke.
I’m tired of hearing about these guys. Over the last 10 seasons, they are a mere 87-73 with 2 NFC East titles and a 1-3 playoff record. Compare that to the other team in Texas, the aforementioned under achieving Houston Texans. The Texans have the same amount of division titles and more playoff wins over the same amount of time, and until recently, they have mostly been an afterthought. It’s time the Cowboys are, too. Somehow, the Cowboys are always a “threat” for the NFC East even though they lose out on the last game of the season every year. Tony Romo is always on the verge of becoming and elite QB, but he simply is not. This team is good but needs changes from top to bottom.


4. Megatron… You have company. 

Throughout Calvin Johnson’s tenure, there were many good WRs in the NFL. We have even watched quite a few future Hall of Famers like Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. None came close to the sheer talent that Calvin Johnson possesses… until now. Josh Gordon had a spectacular 2013 campaign. What is more remarkable? Was it that he led the league in receiving (1646 yards) in just his second season? Or was it that he did it despite missing the first two games of the season? No, it was that fact that he was the ONLY weapon on a terrible Cleveland Browns offense that provided Gordon with Brandon Weedon, Brian Hoyer, and Jason Campbell behind center. The debates have already begun in fantasy circles. Who is the best WR heading into 2014? It sure will be fun to find out.

You’re an All-Pro, and you’re an All-Pro, and you’re an All-Pro….

5. The Seattle Seahawks 2013 defense is one of the greatest of all time.
Halfway through the third quarter of SB48, Jay Holloway turned to me and asked If you blogged that the 2013 Broncos team was the best offense ever, doesn’t this make the Seahawks the best defense ever? Well, Jay, they certainly have earned the right to be in the conversation. Let’s compare them to what many consider the top defenses of the Super Bowl Era:

1985 Bears: 4,135 yards allowed, 198 points allowed, 61 turnovers, 64 sacks, and 5 TDs
2000 Ravens: 3,967 YA, 165 PA, 58 TOs, 35 sacks, and 1 TD
2002 Bucs: 4,044 YA, 196 PA, 47 TOs, 43 sacks, and 5 TD
1974 Steel Curatin: 3,074 YA, 189 PA, 60 TOs, and 3 TDs
(sacks were not yet an official stat)
2013 Seahawks: 4,378 YA, 231 PA, 57 TOs, 43 sacks, 4 TDs

Their numbers are very comparable. The yards allowed and points allowed are inflated because, let’s face it, it’s a different NFL where offenses rule and defenses can’t hit. You could argue that makes their defense all the more remarkable. What can’t be denied is that the 4 teams listed above won their Super Bowls defeating Tony Eason/ Steve Grogan (Bears), Kerry Collins (Ravens), Rich Gannon (Bucs), and Fran Tarkenton (Steelers). The 2013 Seahawks completely dismantled Peyton Manning, one of the Top 5 QBs of all-time who just completed the single greatest season of all-time. Are they the greatest? Maybe, maybe not, but they are clearly now part of the argument.

Well, there you have it. The 2013 NFL season is officially wrapped up. It’s time to turn our attention to the NBA, college hoops, and the Olympics for a few weeks until the NFL Combine and Spring Training is under way. Until next time, GO ORANGE!!!