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Miami Dolphins land Arian Foster while the Jets fly without a pilot

In late March of 2015, Arian Foster visited the Miami Dolphins. I said on April 1st that the Dolphins brass were foolish for not offering him a contract and locking him up right then and there. Apparently, just a few months later, they agreed.

The Jets would also benefit from getting Ryan Fitzpatrick under contract, but the problem is, they can’t even find him.

Read on for more notes on the AFC East.

Where oh where will Arian Foster land?

There is no hiding my affection for Arian Foster. He is the greatest running back in the history of my favorite football team. It was sad to see him go, but I also thought it was the right thing the Houston Texans had to do.

A few months back, Foster had a preliminary visit with the Miami Dolphins. Admittedly, Foster himself said that he is still a month away from being ready for football action, and thus he left Miami without a contract.

So where will Arian Foster land?

Keep reading for more on possible destinations for Arian Foster.

Roddy White and Arian Foster: Fare thee well

This has been one heck of an offseason for NFL veterans. Long time stalwarts and fan favorites are finding themselves without homes, at least for the time being. Mario Williams. Charles Johnson. Chris Clemons. Marques Colston. There are so many that NFL.com put out there Top 99 Free Agents list.

None are bigger or mean more to their franchises than Arian Foster and Roddy White.

More on White and Foster’s illustrious careers.

Are Steve Smith and Arian Foster headed to Canton?

The past two weeks in the NFL have seen a rash of injuries to some of football’s biggest stars. Le’Veon Bell is done for the year, and Matt Forte is out for extended periods of time. Now, Keenan Allen looks like he will be out for the season.

Two big Achilles burst over the past two weeks, and with them, possibly the careers of two of the more exciting players over the past few years.

Saucy T asked the other day:

If Steve Smith and Arian Foster never step on the field again, are they Hall of Famers?

It’s a great question. Let’s find out.

Keep reading to find out if Smith and Foster are Canton bound!