Happy Thanksgiving from Wayniac Nation

I know I have a lot to be thankful for this fine morning. While a lot of it surrounds the future of my personal Wayniac Nation, it also has to do with my family traveling from afar and standing in my kitchen preparing our meal with The Wifeyiac. I am also very thankful for you guys, the people who read this blog and have been a part of the greatest experience of my life.

I am definitely thankful for the Wayniac Nation team and contributors, present and past — Varrass, Mary, the Sports Illuminati, Amelia, Saucy T, Nomi the Greek, Sperry Mason, Kid Robot, The Englishman, Nick the Greek, Holloway, Mark.9 the Game, SBJ, Benny Smalls, Dunton, Teddy Ballgame, J.D., Fee the Commish, my brother and of course… The Wifeyiac.

I am also thankful — as are much of you — that we get a full slate of football as the backdrop to our Thanksgiving activities. While the athletes and teams deserve praise, let’s not forget to be thankful for the people behind the scenes. The guys and gals that sit behind the camera, the social media manager who tweets out updates so you can sneak a peek at some scores while your family is driving you bananas, the beat reporters who have the recap ready for you the second the game is over in case you were busy in the kitchen or behind the bar.

I do it. I have to travel to cover events, and being away from my wife and family is the only part of my job that isn’t fun. I can only imagine that it is intensified on a holiday that is all about eating and relaxing… and watching football. So let’s not forget the “little guys”.

Whether you are one of the crazies who think this holiday is about shopping, or one of the people like me who think this is a day for celebrating thanks by eating so much you are unthankful you ever did… enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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