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10 best player never to win a World Series

Yesterday was Ernie Banks birthday. Mr. Cub would have been 86 years old. It got me thinking. Banks of course played one of the toughest careers in the game, playing 19 years with the Chicago Cubs and never once seeing the post season.

So which other superstars ended historic careers without winning a World Series?

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Go Cubs Go: Fly the W the Cubbies jump the goat

There’s a lot that can be said about last night’s World Series victory by the Chicago Cubs, some of which will be discussed right here in the upcoming days. We saw Theo Epstein cement his legacy as own of the greatest masterminds in MLB history, and for all those that thought Joe Maddon was the best skipper in baseball, even in a losing effort Terry Francona proved otherwise.

Ben Zobrist showed once again that he may in fact be the most under appreciated hitter of his generation. We saw two dynasties form, as both the Indians and Cubs have even more talent coming up the pipeline that neither should go away. And we saw for all the hype, for all the commotion over service time and Kris Bryant, he was worth the wait and everything advertised. He has surpassed Bryce Harper as the best young player in the National League in my eyes.

Last night wasn’t about Theo showing the world he was right in his rebuild. It wasn’t about the young Cubbies rising victorious. It was about Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Ryne Sandberg getting their due. And it was about Cubs fans, finally hearing the call they had long been waiting for from one of the most beloved voices in the history of the game.

Thank you Budweiser and the Cubs and Indians for showing Harper that he’s clueless. Baseball is fun again.

Kansas City Royals are on top of the World (Series at least)

Simply put, that was a great World Series. The Kansas City Royals trailed in EVERY game of the Fall Classic, yet somehow won this World Series without an inkling of a doubt, four games to one. The past two nights were just about as exciting as October (and November) baseball can get.

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This is going to be a great World Series!

You got to hand it to the Mets, folks. Win or lose, they certainly are involved in some of the more exciting World Series ball games of all time. Last night’s doozie from The K included an inside-the-parker, a network blackout, a Bill Buckner-esque scare on the night of the anniversary of the ’86 Mets win, a game-tying bottom of the ninth-home run and a walk-off sac fly win in the 14th. And there are six games left…

The 2015 World Series in today’s random thoughts.

Miracle Mets or Loyal Royals? The WN World Series Preview

So, after waiting 30 years to get back to a World Series, the Kansas City Royals made sure that kind of gap wouldn’t occur again by making it to back-to-back Fall Classics. For the New York Mets, its the first time this millennium (but not century) that they have been this far into October. It’s the battle of two young teams, and one that should be awesome.

So, how does The Wayniac see it going down?

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The Wacky Week in Sports

Well, folks, baseball season is over. The end of the World Series will now bring endless amounts of rumors as to where each big free agent is going to go. College football had some big games and the playoff picture may have gotten a little bit clearer. That’s still weird to hear, huh? Playoff picture and college football in the same sentence? Russell Westbrook proved to be one of the most fragile “superstars” in the NBA and the Dallas Cowboys dropped their second straight loss. Pretty eventful week, huh?

Onward to the wackiness of the week!

#DynaSFy… Or Is It?

The 2014 baseball season ended Wednesday night. The Kansas City Royals fell 90-feet short in ending one of Major League Baseball’s most historic postseason (or was it the Yostseason?) runs with a a victory. That being said, the Royals earned the respect and admiration of the nation, and although ratings were down overall for the World Series, those who watched were taken on an amazing ride.

At the same very moment, in the other dugout, baseball fans were in fact treated to history. We watched the culmination of the best overall individual pitching performance in a seven-game series. We also watched the official birth of a dynasty. I think. Wait, did we?

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The Wacky Week in Sports

It was an interesting week to say the least. TCU played a hell of a basketball game on Saturday. What was that, you say? That was their football team? Well, then, a wacky week it was indeed! There was also the World Series and early morning NFL action to go down that was second to none. This week, however, was also full of tragedy.

Onward to all that is wacky

World Series Preview: The Yostseason is Here!

At the onset of the 2014 season, I projected that this would be the year the Kansas City Royals returned to relevance (go ahead, search the March archives and check it out if you don’t believe me). I said that the boys in powder blue would go 90-72 (they finished 89-73), finish right behind the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central, and win the AL Wild Card game. Heralded and trusted sites such as Fan Graphs had them finishing 79-83, while Covers.com had their over/under wins at 85.5. So, while the baseball world sits in awe at what the Royals have done, The Wayniac beat the experts on this one. Of course, I also projected the Arizona Diamondbacks would be the surprise team of the NL West and take home the Wild Card. How I bet against the San Francisco Giants in an even year is just plain old ignorant.

So how will this World Series go down? Will it be another walk in the park for Buster Posey and his boys from the Bay or will George Brett take home his second ring. It’s tough to say as both teams have many advantages over the other, which coincidentally leads to several disadvantages.

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