Go Cubs Go: Fly the W the Cubbies jump the goat

There’s a lot that can be said about last night’s World Series victory by the Chicago Cubs, some of which will be discussed right here in the upcoming days. We saw Theo Epstein cement his legacy as own of the greatest masterminds in MLB history, and for all those that thought Joe Maddon was the best skipper in baseball, even in a losing effort Terry Francona proved otherwise.

Ben Zobrist showed once again that he may in fact be the most under appreciated hitter of his generation. We saw two dynasties form, as both the Indians and Cubs have even more talent coming up the pipeline that neither should go away. And we saw for all the hype, for all the commotion over service time and Kris Bryant, he was worth the wait and everything advertised. He has surpassed Bryce Harper as the best young player in the National League in my eyes.

Last night wasn’t about Theo showing the world he was right in his rebuild. It wasn’t about the young Cubbies rising victorious. It was about Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Ryne Sandberg getting their due. And it was about Cubs fans, finally hearing the call they had long been waiting for from one of the most beloved voices in the history of the game.

Thank you Budweiser and the Cubs and Indians for showing Harper that he’s clueless. Baseball is fun again.

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