The Wacky Week in Sports

Well, folks, baseball season is over. The end of the World Series will now bring endless amounts of rumors as to where each big free agent is going to go. College football had some big games and the playoff picture may have gotten a little bit clearer. That’s still weird to hear, huh? Playoff picture and college football in the same sentence? Russell Westbrook proved to be one of the most fragile “superstars” in the NBA and the Dallas Cowboys dropped their second straight loss. Pretty eventful week, huh?


The San Francisco Giants are World Champs once again. Madison Bumgarner, aka Mad Bum, put away the Kansas City Royals in Game 5 and 7 en route to his third ring in five years. The debate has begun whether or not this current Giants team is a dynasty or not. In fact, we explored that topic right here at Wayniac Nation last week (you can read that article here). It’s interesting to see how people are responding, because it isn’t as clear cut a debate as you may think.

Where do the Royals go from here? They have some big questions this offseason, especially after declining the option on Royal stalwart Billy Butler. They also have James Shields, who was not the Big Game James as advertised in this World Series, to consider. Will Dayton Moore go back to the drawing board and regress to rebuild through the draft or do the Royals become spenders? It will be interesting to see.

Lastly, the Chicago Cubs officially announced after unofficially announcing they hired the best manager in baseball to run the ship. Joe Maddon will replace Rick Renteria as Cubs skipper for 2015. Poor Renteria, dude wasn’t even fired from his manager position yet when the news broke about Maddon. I will say this. Reneteria somehow got this Cubs’ team, anchored by Jake Arrieta, to win 73 games. Can we get rid of Joe “The Binder” Girardi and bring this guy on in the Bronx?


One of the most heated rivalries in college football took place in The Swamp this weekend and the results were typical. The Gators, much to the elation of fellow Wayniacs Nomi the Greek, Corenthal James and Stan with a C, chomped the Dawgs 38-20. This was UGAs year to take the East with a schedule that deprived them of facing any of the Big Four from the SEC West and they didn’t show up. The Gators have had a terrible season and Will Muschamp has almost been fired three times. Yet they found a way to beat the Dawgs. It’s the whole reason I will root for the Dawgs but never proclaim myself a devout fan. These guys fail to show up year in and year out and the once 11th-ranked team in the country just blew their playoff chances. They may win the SEC East by default, but Todd Gurley is going to have to win the SEC Championship all on his lonesome for the Dawgs to see a significant Bowl game.

The Seminoles played a close one Thursday night as they had to come back against the surprise #25 Louisville Cardinals. They trailed 21-7 at the half, but NCAA bad boy Jameis Winston had a huge second half, leading the Seminoles to 35 points on 403 yards passing and three touchdowns. Winston celebrated by signing autographs for free crab legs.

The game of the week saw #3 Auburn travel to #4 Ole Miss and it was a doozy. The game featured two of the elite quarterbacks in college football this season and they didn’t disappoint. Bo Wallace had a monster game going for 341-yards passing and two touchdowns while rushing for 61 more yards and another touchdown. It wasn’t enough as Nick Marshall had a bigger game en route to the 35-31 victory. Marshall went for 254 yards passing and two touchdowns while rushing for 50 more yards and two touchdowns. Auburn, like last year, continues to be the luckiest team in college football with another comeback win. The Rebels Cinderella Story has seemingly struck midnight, but hey they have the super tough Presbyterian Blue Hose on the schedule next week. Go HOSE!


Ben Roethlisberger is insane. He’s thrown for 862 yards and TWELVE touchdowns over the last two weeks with zero picks. The past two weeks, Big Ben has been riding my fantasy bench with over 100 combined points. I can only assume that since I have to start him with Philip Rivers on a bye this week, that he returns to reality against the hapless Jets.

Speaking of Philip Rivers, he’s a Class A D-bag. I get that West Coast teams struggle traveling east for the one o’clock start, but come on! 138 yards passing and four turnovers led to the colossal 37-0 butt whooping from the suddenly en fuego Miami Dolphins. This is why, no matter how great a season Rivers puts together, he will never cross into the elite threshold. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck… they just don’t have games like that. Hell, I can play a game like that!

Brady/ Manning Bowl XVI was over before it started. As soon as snow and frigid temperatures were reported early that morning at Foxboro, I turned to my Patriots-loving fiancé and told her the game was over. Brady doesn’t lose in those conditions even if he has to cheat (hello tuck rule!). Despite the lopsided 43-21 score, the game was exciting. I don’t understand how Peyton Manning throws for 438 yards and two touchdowns and still loses. Only the scorching hot, and once old and washed up Tom Brady could allow that to happen. Rob Gronkowski, best described as a hungry bear running towards food this weekend by a friend, is unreal and Julian Edelman added the spark with big grabs and a huge punt return for a touchdown. This rivalry is quickly becoming very, very lopsided. And the Patriots are suddenly very,very scary.

The Cowboys lost again. I felt bad because one of my closest friends, Bisach, is a huge Cowboys fan and emailed me that I have been expressing a lot of Cowboys hate as of late. I then watched (and laughed hysterically) as the Brandon Weeden-led Cowboys lost to the Arizona Cardinals (aka the best team in the NFC-I know, weird) and no longer felt badly. Cowboy apologists have pointed out that the Cowboys were led into battle by their back-up QB, but they failed to mention that the Arizona Cardinals had a three-game stretch with Drew Stanton at the helms! They definitely forgot to mention that they lost to the third-string-led Washington Redskins the week before!


I used to be a huge NBA fan. I grew up a die-hard New Jersey Nets fan and then around 2005, I lost all interest. I still watch the playoffs, and root for the Spurs (as I have written about here) because they are everything good and right about the era of basketball I watched.

Anyway, I joined my first Fantasy Basketball league ever this season to try and renew my interest in the NBA. My first draft pick was Russell Westbrook. Good representation, you diva. This guy seems more concerned with being better than Kevin Durant (which he isn’t) and being a sharp dresser (which, again, he is not).

The Los Angeles Lakers are in early trouble. They are currently led by their newest player, Owen. You don’t know Owen? Owen Four? The Lakers are winless and quite honestly, I don’t even know who these guys are. And nothing, NOTHING, makes me happier than to see the Miami Heat out to a 3-0 start while LeBron James is 1-1.

Another week down. What does this upcoming week have in store? Tune in next Monday night for your wacky recap!

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