The First Annual “The Thread” World Series Prediction Special

The regular season is in the books. Tonight starts the MLB Playoffs, a playoff that went right down to the very last day to decide who would be playing. That means everyone is giving their predictions.

Who are we not to play along?

Every year, The Thread brings you our annual Super Bowl Prediction Special. Usually I sit here and break down the playoffs in baseball all by my lonesome. Well, I decided to get the gang all involved in our first annual World Series special.

Unlike the Super Bowl special where they give you some insight and predict MVPs, this first go round is a simple prediction. When the World Series gets here, we will revisit who was right, who was wrong, and reconvene The Thread to get some thoughts on the Fall Classic. So without further ado:

Nomi the Greek:

Boston Red Sox vs. San Francisco Giants with the Red Sox winning

Kid Robot: 

Boston Red Sox vs. San Francisco Giants with the Giants winning

Mark.9 the Game: 

Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants with the Giants winning.

Nick the Greek:

Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs with the Cubs winning

The Englishman:

No prediction. He’s been rather quiet since Chelsea fell out of the top of the Premier League. Must be bitter!


Texas Rangers vs. Chicago Cubs with the Rangers winning

Saucy T:

Cleveland Indians vs. Washington Nationals with the Indians winning

Sperry Mason (for those who don’t remember, he has been working his tail off on his future career. He is so buried in graduate school work and that he does the ol “do not disturb” on The Thread for six to eight months out of the year. That being said, I feel the need to share his entire answer.)

“I literally have no idea who is in the playoffs aside from the Nats. Nationals win against an AL team. Why? Because I know the Nationals made the playoffs…”

(Somehow, he is still atop the fantasy football world, paying attention about three minutes a week.)

And lastly,

The Wayniac:

Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago Cubs with the Cubs winning

I actually had the Ranger until five minutes ago. I will probably flip back once again before the night is over. I think that the Rangers are the better team, but I also think having Andrew Miller at the back of the Indians pen is a huge advantage.

So to recap:

2 – Giants

2- Cubs

1 – Red Sox

1 – Indians

1 – Rangers

1 – Nationals

What do you think Wayniacs?


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