The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 3 Starts and Sits

Last week was a wacky one in football. Jameis Winston and the Bucs pulled off a huge upset in The Benz, while Andrew Luck couldn’t find his way off of Revis Island. Both those events brought my Beat the Pooch Survivor Pool from 76 people to SIX. Fantasy was even harder to project.

JD did yet another fantastic job. He told you to start Terrance Williams who walked away with 18 points and to bench LeSean McCoy, whose 13 points are not acceptable for a first round RB1.

Teddy Ballgame must have been engulfed with his toddler, because his Johnson and Johnson picks were spot on, telling you that David Johnson was a good flex play and that Andre and Chris Johnson should remain on your bench.

My sit of the week, DeMarco Murray, couldn’t have been any worse, and despite finding the end zone, it still only gave Pierre Garcon 14 points, a number that two dozen WRs beat last week. My benching of the entire Broncos TE situation proved correct as well, as all three TE options combined for a mere 12 points. I did unfortunately tell you to bench the Jets defense, but who saw that coming?

Jarvis Landry and Greg Olsen were quality starts, but Drew Brees was a bust. I don’t think anyone expected what happened Sunday in NOLA so I get a pass. Saucy T nailed his Carson Palmer start, but did advise you to bench Tom Brady, which I did. Luckily, I had Ryan Tannehill and was still able to walk away victorious.

We are a few experts short this week, but that doesn’t mean we won’t bring you the same top notch advice. Who is in the Wayniac Nation’s crystal ball this week?


Yes, I’m the idiot who told you to Sit Peyton last week. My bad, I felt for all the Peyton is old talk combined with his week 1 performance, it was what we should have expected. I apologize. I hope to give you better advice this week.

Start of the Week: WR Donte Moncrief. Right now Donte is the only Colt producing for your fantasy teams. He has been targeted 19 times in two games resulting in 168 yards and 2 TD’s thus far. That was with TY playing at “full strength”. TY is now playing with an injured hip which has him probable. Even with TY in the lineup, Donte is a rising star and once Luck get’s it figured out, watch out! It starts this week in Nashville.

Sit of the Week: QB Drew Brees. Yes I know this not a reach but it is a sure thing in my book to keep Drew on the bench. In fact at the beginning of the year I said he would be the biggest bust this year in the Nation’s fantasy predictions post. It’s time for him to sit on the bench and shut it down for the year. It could extend his career for a year or two, that shoulder can’t take too many more hits, and it is going to do with that offensive line.

The Four Horsemen Division circa 2001.


Starts of the Week: QB Tyrod Taylor. I know it’s Miami but they just allowed Blake Bortles to drop 20 on them. Taylor’s ability to run the ball makes him a dual threat and Buffalo’s D is giving him tons of chances to make good on those opportunities.

RB Matt Jones. Once again the Giants D isn’t as good as they look. I know he’s splitting with Alf, but he is very clearly the better back and will get chances against the horrible LB’s of the Giants and on a short week, it should be a no brainer.

WR Travis Benjamin. He’s getting it done in Cleveland even with Manziel as his QB. It seems like he’s Josh Gordon light, and they are getting him the ball all over the field. Oakland’s D is the only one worse than the Giants right now. Get him in there.

And for crying out loud, just start all your Patriots (Brady, Edelman, Gronk). Like no one was doing that already. I just like to be right sometimes.

Sits of the Week: I know no one is going to do it, but sit WRs Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate this week if Stafford is out. Broncos D is really good if you haven’t noticed and even though Orlovski has done well in Stafford’s absence in the past, this one doesnt’ look good.

Sit your Eagles until further notice….except Jordan Matthews who can get garbage time points as seen last week in the last five minutes of the game. No need for you to play the Murray, Darren Sproles, Ryan Mathews game until Chip Kelly has it figured out, and until Sam Bradford throws a ball farther than five yards, you are wasting your time.

RB Mark Ingram….NO Brees + Carolina D = nightmare.

Photo Cred: USA Today
Photo Cred: USA Today

Teddy Ballgame:

Start of the Week: I really like rookie RB Melvin Gordon to put up some good numbers against the Vikings on the road. I also really like TE Larry Donnell to do some big things while the Redskins key on ODB. He’s not on many teams but if you have him start him.

Sits of the Week: I would actually add Jordan Matthews to the sits list along with Fee’s Eagles offense picks. He is going against the really good Jets defense, so as Fee said bench all of their offensive starters until they get this figured out. Also WR Brandin Cooks, the Saints are really bad and Drew Brees has a bad shoulder — not a good situation.

Saucy T:

Starts of the Week: WR Donte Moncrief. Age catches up with all of us, and it appears it has certainly caught up with Andre Johnson. Moncrief is clearly the Colts No. 2 WR going forward. TY is still nursing a sore knee, and I expect Luck and company to come out throwing to prove a point.

RB CJ Anderson. CJ Anderson has gotten off to a rough start this season, but he’s been banged up and learning a new offense. After playing on Thursday, CJ has had ten days of rest, which should help him recover. Gary Kubiak is too smart (although The Wayniac will beg to differ) to keep running bootlegs with Peyton Manning, so I expect to see Peyton in the gun much more which will allow CJ to explode.

Sits of the Week: RB DeMarco Murray. I know this one seems obvious after the first couple weeks, but that doesn’t make it an easy decision. It’s always hard to bench your 1st or 2nd round pick, but until that line proves they can block anyone, I don’t want Murray anywhere near my fantasy lineup.

RB Matt Forte. Matt Forte has looked great the first two weeks of the season. He had a TD vultured last week, but that’s typical Forte (I’m looking at you Michael Bush). This week Forte faces a Seahawks defense with their “heart and soul” Kam Chancellor returning, AND Jimmy Clausen could be under center. This game could get ugly, and Forte will be bottled up all day.

The Nitro League Championship Trophy
The Nitro League Championship Trophy

The Wayniac:

Starts of the Week:

QB: Cam Newton: Jameis Winston, who looked like he’d battle JaMarcus Russell for biggest joke of a first pick, dropped 20 on this Saints defense. I am not a Cam supporter in fantasy, but if there is a week to start him, it’s now.

RB: Le’Veon Bell: This question was actually posed to me: Is Bell a sure fire start against a solid Rams defense with the way D Will has performed? Two things. That Rams defense allowed Matt Jones to rack up 30 points. And no matter how well D Will played, which was nothing short of amazing (his 30 points won me my game last week), he is not Bell. There will be no easing Bell back into it, it’s full steam ahead.

WR: Amari Cooper: The Browns have allowed four TDs through the air (three of which have gone to WRs) to two teams that many didn’t expect to have much of a passing game this year. Coop broke out in a big way last week, expect that to continue.

TE: Garrett Graham: My weekly homer pick makes some sense. Ryan Griffin is out and CJ Fiedorowicz has been hobbled all week. The three headed TE machine the Texans planned on using is suddenly down to one, and that one made a sick TD catch last week with new QB Ryan Mallett at the helms. With so many top TEs questionable this week, you may need to dig deep, and if DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t clear concussion protocol, Graham may get back in the end zone.

Def: Rams: They were thought to be elite, but got shredded by the Redskins. Add to it a questionable offense, and there’s no telling how much that D will wear down on the field. Plus, this Steelers offense is nasty.

Sits of the Week:

QB: Colin Kaepernick. You’ll notice I left him off my sits last week, which I rarely do. He went to Pittsburgh to play a Steelers defense that has more holes than swiss cheese. Now, after a monster week, everyone will think Kaepernick is back. Don’t be fooled. The Cards defense is aggressive and at home, not his week.

RB: I hate to agree with Saucy T only because he is my starting RB, but Matt Forte scares me this week. I don’t know what better option you have on your bench, because I don’t have one and will start him, but I am hoping that Kam Chancellor needs a week to catch up and is a healthy scratch. I think should Cutler be behind center, Forte would be a good play because he would get a ton of check downs, but Clausen is scary.

WR: Got to agree with Mr. Ballgame. Brandin Cooks has been a disappointment for where he was drafted (which was precisely why I stayed away from him) with Drew Brees under center. The uncertainty of Brees is all you need to know to stash him.

TE: Jason Witten. I have had one rule in fantasy football over my 18 years of playing. ALWAYS try to wind up with Witten on one of my teams. That being said, there are too many question marks around those ankles this week. The waiver wire has some surprisingly nice TEs out there, so save yourself the headache this week and go find one.

Def: Chiefs: They have been good so far, but you know who else is good? Aaron Rodgers… in prime time… not the week for the Chiefs.

Anyone we missed? Questions you have about your roster? Ask the experts in the comments below and we will get back to you with our thoughts!

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