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Mark Sanchez to the Vikings makes a lot of sense

STOP THE PRESSES. There was actually another quarterback in the news this past week? While most of America seemingly wants to send Colin Kaepernick far away for practicing his constitutional rights in a disrespectful way, everyone is feeling sympathetic towards the Minnesota Vikings Teddy Bridgewater.

Seeing Bridgewater go down was awful, but the Vikings need to get back to business and play football. 36 year old Shaun Hill — who, 15 years into his career, is still one of the better backups in the game — is being thrust into just his third starting stint in his decade and a half career, the most recent coming with an eight game run for the Rams in 2014.

Unless, of course, the Vikings explore the free agency market, or possibly even a trade.

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Top 3 Stories For Week 11 in the NFL

I can’t believe it is Week 11 already, folks. It seems like we wait an eternity after the Super Bowl for the NFL to kickoff and then it’s gone quicker than a bottle of Fireball at a sorority social. Now, Ryan Mallett is the starting quarterback of my favorite football team. His first task is against the daunting Cleveland Brown defense, the first place Cleveland Browns mind you, at the Dawg Pound. The big thing that Mallet has going for him is that he can’t be any worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick. Well, at least I hope he can’t.

The Wayniac Nation Power 5 takes a bit of a scramble this week. Last week, the Arizona Cardinals flew high to the number one spot. They won again this past weekend against a very tricky St. Louis Rams team to get to an NFL best 8-1. They lost, however, Carson Palmer for the year. The Cards have already played three games without Palmer this year and Drew Stanton went 2-1 in his stead. How far will they fall off with the sixth toughest remaining schedule? The Wayniac still thinks they take the very formidable NFC West, however, they take a step back this week.

THE WAYNIAC NATION POWER 5: 1.Denver Broncos, 2. Arizona Cardinals, 3. New England Patriots, 4. Detroit Lions and 5. Philadelphia Eagles

Luckily the Cowboys are on a bye this week, so we won’t have to hear about how great they are, especially after that impressive monster win in London over the… Jacksonville Jaguars (also on a bye). For those of you unfamiliar with the Jacksonville Jaguars, they are a team that the best High School football team in America could beat. The New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens also take a seat this week. The good news for NFL fans is that those are pretty crappy teams, so there should be some interesting games to watch this week. At least you would think. Somehow the football powers-that-be felt the Washington Potato Skins versus the Tampa Bay Suck-a-neers, the Atlanta Falcons versus the Carolina Panthers and a Monday Night Football matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans was good scheduling. Don’t worry though, there are still several important story lines to follow this week.

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The Wacky Week in Sports

It was certainly another interesting week in the world of sports. It turns out that everyone’s favorite baseball player Alex Rodriguez is a total liar. The Memphis Grizzlies, The Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors are the three best teams in the NBA and that has me freaked out a little bit. There were a few more big upsets and nail-biters in college football on the heels of Division I’s first playoff season. And the Bears played some solid defense in prime time on Sunday Night Football.

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