Mark Sanchez to the Vikings makes a lot of sense

STOP THE PRESSES. There was actually another quarterback in the news this past week? While most of America seemingly wants to send Colin Kaepernick far away for practicing his constitutional rights in a disrespectful way, everyone is feeling sympathetic towards the Minnesota Vikings Teddy Bridgewater.

Seeing Bridgewater go down was awful, but the Vikings need to get back to business and play football. 36 year old Shaun Hill — who, 15 years into his career, is still one of the better backups in the game — is being thrust into just his third starting stint in his decade and a half career, the most recent coming with an eight game run for the Rams in 2014.

Unless, of course, the Vikings explore the free agency market, or possibly even a trade.

Michael Vick’s best days are behind him, and you can make the argument that a few of them, like Austin Davis, never really had best days. There are plenty of backups out there that may be obtained via trade, but the most attractive could be Mark Sanchez.

The Sanchize. I know. He just lost his starting to job to some guy you never heard of, and may be third string behind a rookie that most didn’t expect to play at all this season. I am also aware that there a very few active quarterbacks that like to throw the ball to the other team more than Sanchez.

That being said, Sanchez was at his best when he was needed the least. That’s why the Denver Broncos were originally a perfect fit, and now the Minnesota Vikings could be as well.

It still seems very Twilight Zone-ish that the Mark Sanchez led New York Jets made consecutive AFC Championships in an era when Tom Brady played in the same division. It’s even more surprising when you see that that he threw 29 touchdowns to 33 interceptions over the same span.

Those Jets teams however had a solid ground game and the No. 1 defensive in both yards and scoring  in 2009 and a top ten in 2010. Their ground game was led by Thomas Jones renaissance in 2009 and post-GOAT LT2 and Shonn Greene in 2010.

Adrian Peterson is better than all of them. And the Vikings defense finished fifth in scoring and 13th in yards just a year ago. Sanchez won’t have to do a lot for this team to succeed. That means he won’t have to throw his signature interceptions.

The move would also reunite Sanchez with Pat Shurmur. Shurmer was the offensive coordinator in Philly when Sanchez was forced to play nine games. Sanchez posted an 88.4 quarterback rating that season, which happened to be his career high. Shurmur may be the Tight End Coach in Minnesota, but he clearly knows how to get the most out of Sanchez.

Kyle Rudolph is a solid safety net over the middle. Stefon Diggs and Cordarrelle Patterson give any quarterback speedy options that can create with dink and dunk type passes or the infamous bubble screens.

Where the Broncos may have erred is announcing their starter a tad bit too early. Demoting the recently acquired Sanchez and not speaking highly in him in regards to the depth chart seems to knock his value down a bit. It shouldn’t take a lot for the Vikings to pry Sanchez away from Denver, as opposed to someone like the big armed Mike Glennon whom Tampa Bay seems to want a king’s ransom for.

The Vikings were a playoff bound team with Bridgewater. With their experienced coaching staff, one of the best running backs of all time, and a solid defense, they could still very well be no matter who is at the helm. Day one is a mere week away of the 2016 NFL season. It will be interesting to see which direction the Vikings go.


2 thoughts on “Mark Sanchez to the Vikings makes a lot of sense”

  1. Nice piece. 🙂

    Would love to have Glennon—I think he’s better than Bridgewater and is a perfect fit for Norv’s offense—but Sanchez is a much better option than Hill. Or Stave. Or Heinicke. Or whatever other undrafted stiff the Vikings try to trot out there.

    Be well.

    1. Thanks for reading. I agree that Glennon could probably start right away, but the reports I read are making it seem as if the Bucs see that he is worth a high draft pick. I don’t know if he’s worth that sort of gamble, but it should be explored!

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