Around the Nation: Yankees, MLB Alternate history, and Braves prospects

I need to apologize, dear Wayniacs. No need for excuses. I have been busy and have neglected you. I wasn’t even able to throw together a Super Bowl reaction piece, and for that I am sorry.

As always, I am still writing, just elsewhere across the world wide web. Curious as to what I’ve been writing? Take a peek.


The New York Yankees have had rotation woes for close to five years now. They finally have some young arms that may be ready to take over in the Bronx. Who are they? Find out below:

New York Yankees Rotation: Six Pitchers Ready to Make an Impact in 2017

Before Earl “the Pearl” Monroe was a Rookie of the Year with the Baltimore Bullets, before he won a World Championship with the New York Knicks, he was a Division II superstar. I caught up with The Pearl to discuss his 1967 DII season, when he averaged 41.5 points a game to bring home Winston-Salem’s first national title.

DII basketball: WSSU and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe celebrate 1967 NCAA Championship

I started a series that looks at an Alternate MLB Universe. We discussed a few of baseball’s bigger plays and events. Like Derek Jeter‘s famous Flip Play. What if Jeremy Giambi slid? An outcome of a game wouldn’t have just changed, but so would baseball history.

MLB Alternate Realities: What if the Oakland Athletics Jeremy Giambi slid?

Don Mattingly was arguably the best player in baseball for five years until his back went out. He stayed on the Hall of Fame ballot for 15 years because of that small window of greatness. What happens if his back stayed healthy?

MLB Alternate Realities: What If Don Mattingly’s Back Held Up?

The Atlanta Braves recently added Adam Brett Walker to their roster. He has swung a big bat for a few years now, one of the biggest bats in the minors actually, but still awaits his big league chance. Will he get that big break in Atlanta?

The 2017 Adam Brett Walker Tour lands in Atlanta with the Braves

Speaking of Atlanta Braves, their 2016 third overall pick, Ian Anderson, is set for his Rome Braves debut. He highlights a list of some exciting prospects set to make their South Atlantic League debuts.

Jason Groome highlights 3 SAL prospects to get excited about

That should be enough to get you started. Some pieces I have started and are in the works, hopefully coming at you in the next few days:

  • Jeff Kent‘s Hall of Fame chances
  • Thoughts on the Braves 2017 season
  • Thoughts on the Yankees 2017 season
  • Thoughts on PECOTA rankings and predictions

Stay tuned!

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