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Let me begin by saying that if this is your first sports betting course I highly recommend skimming a few posts (NFL Sundays with SBJ & NFL Rundown with SBJ) from last year. Get very familiar with the SBJ NFL SUNDAYS GLOSSARY terms, which can be found on the home page search icon. I have a slew of high profile future sharps who rode with me for the entire season in our SPORTSBOOK 101 class, and I owe it to them to not regurgitate the same novice lessons we went over in the introductory course.

SBJ is back. Keep reading for his insights on the coming season.

Sportsbook 101: Class is now in session

Last week, our newest edition took a deep look into severalĀ picks and if you listened to him, chances are you are already up on the season. This week, he looks to add to your bankroll, while giving you some valuable lessons. Just don’t take any fantasy advice from him! Without further ado, welcome back Jared the Sportsbook Jesus (pronounced Hey Zeus because I just like it that way).

Who does the Sportsbook Jesus have for you this week? Keep reading to find out!