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Countdown to Super Bowl 50: Simms leads Big Blue Wrecking Crew

As we continue our walk down memory lane, we arrive at Super Bowl XXI. I remember this one vividly. You see, my mother is a huge New York Giants fan. My Houston Texans weren’t even a blip on the radar 30 years ago, so I grew up watching the New York Giants.

That 1986 squad is one of my favorite teams ever assembled in any sport despite my general dislike for the franchise in general (which would begin a few years later when they replaced Simms with Hos and Parcells with Ray Handley). I watched every single game that season, aside from one: their Week 11 bout with the Minnesota Vikings. That week, my family had to go to a small stage production of The Manhattan Project in which my Uncle Jay was acting. My 11-year old self did what every growing NFL fan would do.

I snuck a transistor radio in my pocket, wired the headphones through my shirt and listened to the entirety of that 22-20 Giants victory.

I told you, I remember that season vividly. That’s why Super Bowl XXI is chock full of memories, even to the non-Giants fan.

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