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RIP Jose Fernandez

I’m not going to pretend to have the words to write about the young life of a man I only knew from what I saw on the field and read online. He was a kid who risked it all to do what he loves for a better life for his family, and seemingly enjoyed every minute of it as evidenced by his infectious smile.

Wayniac Nation is terribly saddened by Fernandez’s passing and we wish our condolences to every life he touched.

The Miami Marlins Cody Poteet is a pitching prospect to watch

When I headed out to Rome to watch Max Fried and the Braves last Thursday, I wasn’t expecting much from their opposition. After all, John ranked the Miami Marlins farm system 29th out of 30th for the second season running, so to temper my expectations of the Greensboro Grasshoppers seemed right.

I was impressed with a few things I saw. I saw Marlins 2015 first-round draft pick Josh Naylor steal a base, to improve to 9-for-11 on the season, which still boggles my mind considering he is 6-foot, 225 pounds with what many have labeled Grade 20 speed. I saw Anfernee Seymour rip a gapper and drive in two, continuing to make himself look like a nice find in the seventh round of the 2014 draft. And I saw Cody Poteet totally control the strike zone.

Keep reading for more on one of Miami’s under the radar prospects.

Can the Miami Marlins make the MLB playoffs?

Two seasons ago, the young Miami Marlins surprised a lot of people when they went on a second half surge and finished 77-85. That led a lot of people — including yours truly — to think they would take an even bigger step forward in 2015.

Instead, they suffered a rash of injuries and several sophomore slumps that saw them take a step backwards. Sure, they finished in third place, but they lost six more games than 2014, and they barely edged out the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies who were fielding Triple A squads by August.

So, can this Marlins team bounce back?

Are the Marlins trending in the right direction? Keep reading to find out!

The Miami Marlins and Barry Bonds: to hire or not to hire

When news broke that the Miami Marlins were interested in bringing one of baseball’s most prolific home run hitters in as their new hitting coach, you could be sure that the ol’ information highway exploded. Some people are completely disgusted, others think it’s time. So, should Major League Baseball welcome back Barry Bonds?

Are the Marlins prepared for the ensuing chaos of hiring Bonds?