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Miami Dolphins land Arian Foster while the Jets fly without a pilot

In late March of 2015, Arian Foster visited the Miami Dolphins. I said on April 1st that the Dolphins brass were foolish for not offering him a contract and locking him up right then and there. Apparently, just a few months later, they agreed.

The Jets would also benefit from getting Ryan Fitzpatrick under contract, but the problem is, they can’t even find him.

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The NFL’s quarterback carousel

It’s amazing. There is no position more important than quarterback in the NFL. Yet, the play at the position has gotten so mediocre that player’s like Sam Bradford are commanding mega-deals, while unknown talents with small sample sizes like Brock Osweiler are doing the same.

Take a look at the quarterbacks that are dominating the top stories since Brock Osweiler’s signing. Mark Sanchez. Colin Kaepernick. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Robert Griffin III. Johnny Manziel. Scott Tolzien.

And fans across the nation are actually up in arms about actually snagging one of these guys.

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