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The Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones Hall of Fame argument: There is none

Every year, as the Hall of Fame inductions roll around, the Chipper Jones debate begins. Perhaps it is heightened living in the Atlanta area as I do, but each and every year as Larry Wayne Jones inches closer to possible enshrinement, the debate arises.

Is Chipper Jones a Hall of Famer?

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MLB Hall of Fame: my IBWAA votes

Last year, I shared my Internet Baseball Writer’s Association of America votes for our Hall of Fame election. For those unaware of what the IBWAA is, it is a way for internet writers to be part of a bigger whole, as they work towards the BBWAA without the grueling — and arguably outdated — requirements to become a member. It is basically an alliance of writers joined together to discuss and promote our one common interest: baseball.

And then we vote. Last season, the vote saw Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey, Jr. get the required 75 percent to be elected into the IBWAA Hall. If you remember, I voted for many of the Steroid Era players, simply because it’s a part of the game that everyone else profited off of — including the writers who won’t vote for these villains of the game — and they should get to enjoy the honor of being forever remembered. I fell short last year on seeing some of the guys I wanted in, but it didn’t stop me from voting for them again.

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MLB Winter Meetings: Bud Selig and the Hall of Fame

It’s quite the curious case, isn’t it? The Today’s Game Committee, formerly the Veteran’s Committee, selected John Schuerholz of the Atlanta Braves (and Kansas City Royals) acclaim and Bud Selig in to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Nothing is surprising about Schuerholz. He twice was the mastermind behind World Champions. He built the 1985 Kansas City Royals team and then again the 1995 Atlanta Braves team, although some would argue that those teams fell a bit short by ONLY winning one World Championship. Anyway you look at it, Schuerholz is more than deserving.

Selig? You can argue that he is hands down the single greatest commissioner in MLB history. You can also argue, he was involved in the most detrimental era in the sport… twice.

More on Bud Selig and his legacy.

Does St. Louis Cardinals’ Yadier Molina belong in the MLB Hall of Fame?

If you have followed along this preseason, you know that I have been looking at some of the chances that veterans who are getting a bit long in the tooth have for the Hall of Fame. Thus far I have looked at Adrian Beltre (read it here), Torii Hunter and Aramis Ramirez (read it here) and Carlos Beltran (read it here).

So, will Yadier Molina make the Hall of Fame?

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Brett Favre and the 2016 NFL Hall of Fame class

Man, I am not envious of the NFL Hall of Famer voters at all. Coming off the heels of an overstuffed MLB Hall of Fame vote, full of worthy candidates — and a bit of ensuing controversy following the results — this NFL selection will have a lot to choose from. Narrowing down these candidates to five worthy busts for Canton seems nearly impossible.

Read on for this year’s NFL Hall of Fame hopefuls.

The Ken Griffey, Jr. MLB HOF vote: Dunton is 100% irate

On January 1st, 2014, we found out that Greg Maddux made the Hall of Fame. He did it by earning 97.2% of the vote. This was a guy won four straight Cy Youngs with an ERA under 2.50 in every one of those years and a WHIP UNDER ONE in two of those seasons, and he didn’t get 100% of the vote.

It made me so angry, that this blog was born. My first ever piece — Happy Freakin New Year from the Hall of Fame — was written and ever since then you have been following along with me and my mery band of writers.

The writer who has been with me the longest is not happy about the Griffey selection. While I have become numb to the fact that I simply don’t believe anyone will ever receive 100% of the votes, Dunton — our long-time golf analyst, fantasy football expert, and ACC basketball guru — is furious. Find out why as Dunton sounds off below.

Read on to see why Dunton is so upset

Why I did it: My IBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot

I have been a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America for two years. It is a way for internet writers to be part of a bigger whole, as they work towards the BBWAA without the grueling — and arguably outdated — requirements to become a member. It is basically an alliance of writers joined together to discuss and promote our one common interest: baseball.

We also vote. At season’s end we vote on the Awards (Cy Young, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year), but we also vote on the Hall of Fame. I thought I would share who I voted for this year, and maybe give some insight why.

Keep reading to see my IBWAA Hall of Fame ballot

Aramis Ramirez, Torii Hunter and 2021 MLB Hall of Fame eligibles

When Aramis Ramirez announced his retirement from Major League Baseball last week, it brought the total to five of some of the bigger stars of the 2000s who decided to hang up the ol’ cleats. He joins Torii Hunter, Tim Hudson, Barry Zito and Dan Haren as the current list of candidates that are eligible for Hall of Fame induction in 2021. Do any stand a chance?

Are any 2021 MLB HOF candidates Cooperstown ready? Keep reading to find out!

Are Steve Smith and Arian Foster headed to Canton?

The past two weeks in the NFL have seen a rash of injuries to some of football’s biggest stars. Le’Veon Bell is done for the year, and Matt Forte is out for extended periods of time. Now, Keenan Allen looks like he will be out for the season.

Two big Achilles burst over the past two weeks, and with them, possibly the careers of two of the more exciting players over the past few years.

Saucy T asked the other day:

If Steve Smith and Arian Foster never step on the field again, are they Hall of Famers?

It’s a great question. Let’s find out.

Keep reading to find out if Smith and Foster are Canton bound!