The WN Fantasy Football Report: Semifinals Starts and Sits

This season has been one of the most brutal in recent fantasy memory. Several teams went into last week’s playoff action missing many of the early round draft picks as injuries have ravaged the elite of the fantasy football world in 2016.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, this week a nasty winter storm looks as if it will play a major role in deciding which teams will play next week for the championship. It’s expected to be two degrees with a -17 wind chill in Chicago for a game featuring many Green Bay Packers highly relevant in fantasy. The Giants and Lions game is also expected to be blasted by the cold, leaving many question marks there as well.

Don’t worry. Our award-winning (and FREE) fantasy coverage has you ready for victory.



RB– What team is one of the worst against the run? San Francisco 49ers. Who do they play? Atlanta Falcons. Start Devonta Freeman. The Falcons are rolling right now. The 9ers are not. This game could easily be another big time game for the Atlanta offense and Freeman

WR- Davante Adams has become a favorite big time playmaker for A Rod.  Expect at least one big play from him on Sunday, maybe more. The Bears can’t defend Nelson and Adams, so Nelson will get most of the attention.

DEF-How do you not play the Seahawks against the Rams? Enough said!


QB-Tom Brady had a great game against the Ravens highly-ranked D. I don’t see that happening again. Mile High Stadium has been full of lows for Brady and the Pats lately. I see the Pats winning this game but not on the back of a strong game from Brady. He will have an okay game but okay won’t get it done in the fantasy playoffs.

QB-I’m giving you two QBs here. The other one is Matthew Stafford. His injured finger worries me. The high chance of a rain/snow mix in New Jersey worries me more, the Giants D adds to both of these worries. The Giants D is playing really well of late and the other factors could mean a poor performance for Stafford. Be cautious here.

RB-Demarco Murray against the Chiefs is a really bad matchup for all of the Titans. Find another play if you have one.

WR-Dez Bryant. Did you see what Giants D did to him and the rest of the Cowboys offense? The Bucs D is just as hot as the Giants over the past few weeks. Be careful here. If the Bucs can get a pass rush on Dak like the Giants did it could be another long night for 88.

The Wayniac:


QB: I noticed in one of my leagues that one team benched Drew Brees for Tyrod Taylor this week. I must admit that is a bold move, but one I agree with. It is like going for it on fourth down, if you get it you are a genius, if you miss, a moron. Taylor has a juicy matchup against the Browns worst fantasy pass defense and Brees has been abysmal in two straight.

RB: Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are great starts against a terrible 49ers fantasy defense that has allowed 22 total touchdowns to running backs. Coleman dominated last week, but that was an anomaly in a game that feature defensive scores and most of the Falcons starters on the bench before the third quarter began.

WR: The 49ers have allowed 20 touchdowns to wide receivers this year. Taylor Gabriel seems to have a nice connection with Matt Ryan. There is no reason for the Falcons to rush back Julio Jones — or Sanu for that matter — and Gabriel can score in a variety of ways.

TE: Ladarius Green seems to like working with Big Ben and the Bengals are amongst the worst against tight ends. Greg Olsen has been hard to trust this season, but the Redskins have allowed a ton of yards to tight ends (921, second worst to the Bengals), so he can be trusted this week.

DEF: The Texans defense played well against Blake Bortles in Jacksonville last time they faced and there is no reason to think they won’t again at home. This offense is terrible, and the Texans are starting to show the league that they are a lot more than just J.J. Watt. Jadeveon Clowney may prove worth that pick after all.


QB: Andrew Luck has a rough matchup against the Vikings this week, but he is indoors so it could actually be worse. I have to agree with Dunton, though, Matthew Stafford will have a tough time against a very impressive Giants defense. That doesn’t mean the Lions will lose, but it could be an ugly fantasy game.

RB: The running back position has been hit the hardest this season, leaving many teams starting options that were taken off the trash heap. Even with that being said, Todd Gurley simply can’t be trusted right now. If he has no faith in his offense, how can you?

WR: Remember last week I said I was leaving Allen Robinson until Blake Bortles proved to be an NFL-worthy quarterback. He caught one pass for 17 yards last week. You just can’t trust him in that offense.

TE: Someone asked me my thoughts on Dennis Pitta for this week. I feel like I can normally find 12 tight ends more consistent than Pitta to start, but this week I definitely can sit him with confidence. The Eagles defense has allowed the least yards to tight ends this season.

DEF: The Bengals. While the Bills are infinitely worse than the Bengals, the Bills found out the hard way that even if you shut down AB and Big Ben, the Steelers can rack off 300 yards are game on offense.


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