The man behind the suit: RIP Craig Sager

People will remember Craig Sager for a lot of things. Most will remember him as the quirky sideline reporter who wore the eccentric suits. Many will remember the past few years, in which he used his celebrity to become the face of fighting cancer. We all became a little #SagerStrong.

For me, and many people I still communicate with, he was the man behind Jocks and Jills. When I moved to Atlanta, I had no job. I walked up the street to this sports bar, pretty much THE sports bar in Atlanta back then, and began an adventure that lasted five years. To this day, it may very well be the most fun I ever had at a job.

Sure, there were a bunch of local athletes who opened it up with him, but from day one until Jocks Galleria was the last store standing, he always remained a familiar — and friendly — face to those who worked there.

It’s not like he was buddy buddy with every employee in all of the stores, but every time he popped in, I got excited to ask him about whichever game I saw him covering last. And he always had something to say. I mean, after all, he was Craig Sager. He would talk to anyone if they wanted to listen. He was like that with everyone, and scrolling down my Facebook feed today, it is evident.

My interactions with Sager were minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but enough to know that he was a good guy who liked to have his Bud Light and someone to share it with. The people he worked with for nearly 30 years at Turner, all of the athletes and coaches he interacted with, and of course his family, they are the ones really hurting today. All of the staff here at Wayniac Nation send our thoughts and love to the Sager family and friends.

Today the sports world lost a great personality, both on the television and off of it.

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