The 2016 Atlanta Falcons Schedule… As I See It

Predicting wins and losses for your favorite team in April is a little premature…but who cares.  The draft is coming up in a little more than a week.  Offseason workouts started just a few days ago and the first OTAs start in May.  The 2016 NFL season is upon us!

Before I predict the 2016 wins and losses for the Atlanta Falcons, lets take a quick peek at a few changes that have taken place since the end of last season.

  • Roddy White is no longer a Falcon.  Roddy has been the heart and soul of this offense/ team for a long time.  Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan better make this offense work or they will never be forgiven for getting rid of Atlanta’s favorite son.
  • Vic Beasley, the No. 8 draft pick last season, was brought to Atlanta to hit QBs.  After just an OK rookie season at DE, he is switching positions in Dan Quinn’s defense and will play the LEO which will be asked to rush the QB in the nickel package as well as drop into coverage in the base 4-3.
  • Alex Mack has been added to anchor this offensive line and provide some consistency and help to a couple of youngsters on either end and to a couple of under-skilled guards.
  • Their long time WR coach Terry Robiskie has moved on to an offensive coordinator position in Tennessee.  We have replaced him with Raheem Morris who is a former DB coach, defensive coordinator and Head Coach. He is also someone who has never coached on the offensive side of the ball.  Julio Jones doesn’t need any help but if they plan to develop some of these younger receivers, Morris will be instrumental in their growth.

All of that being said and taken into account, let us predict wins and losses for the 2016 Atlanta Falcons!

Week 1 – Tampa Bay @ Home – LOSS – This game could be a toss up but with Jameis Winston coming off a very good rookie season and HC Dirk Koetter and DC Mike Smith wanting some retribution against the Falcons, the Buccaneers will start the season with a win.

Week 2 – @ Oakland – WIN – Hopefully, a much improved defense will be able to corral Derek Carr and this up and coming offense.

Week 3 – @ New Orleans (MNF) – LOSS –  I hate to say  it but there is almost no way Atlanta wins this game.  It is the 10 year anniversary of the Saints first game back in the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina.  I wish I could erase that game from my memory.  The Falcons were doomed that night and I fear the same for this particular night.  Emotions will be high on that Saints sideline.


Week 4 – Carolina @ Home – LOSS – Defending NFC Champs.  Cam Newton.  Need not say more.

Week 5 – @ Denver – LOSS – They are the defending Super Bowl Champs.  Peyton Manning will not be their QB but lets face it. Whoever their QB is, he will be better than Peyton Manning was last year.  This is about the Denver D.  This just in.  They are good.

Week 6 – @ Seattle – LOSS – This Seattle team is good and really difficult to beat at home.

Week 7 – San Diego @ Home – WIN – They aren’t very good either.

Week 8 – Green Bay @ Home – LOSS – Aaron Rodgers is going to lead this team to another great season.  A fit and trim Eddie Lacy will have a bounce back season and could run all over the D.

Week 9 – @ Tampa Bay – WIN – The Falcons will get their own retribution for week 1 and win in Tampa.

Week 10 – @ Philadelphia – WIN – Philly is going to need a year or two at least, to recover from the damage that Chip Kelly inflicted.

Week 11 – BYE

Week 12 – Arizona @ Home – WIN – While I don’t believe these guys are legitimate NFC contenders, they are still a really good team. Atlanta will have to fight really hard to win but I think the Falcons will pull through.

Week 13 – Kansas City @ Home – LOSS – Andy Reid and his band of merry men come to town and they exit with a win.

Week 14 – @ Los Angeles – WIN – Todd Gurley runs wild but the Rams rookie QB will get dominated by the Falcons much improved defense.

Week 15 – San Fransisco – WIN – SF will surprise some teams this year.  In Chip Kelly’s offense Kaepernick will be a better QB then he has shown over the last two years but it won’t be enough.  Atlanta D breaks down the Chip Kelly show.

Week 16 – @ Carolina – LOSS – Carolina will be playing for playoff seeding and will win this game to improve their status.

Week 17 – New Orleans @ Home – WIN – This will be the last game in the Georgia Dome and Falcons fans will show up for that reason and because they will be pitted against their most hated rival.  In a closely contested game, Falcons win to send the Georgia Dome off into extinction.

This season will be full of emotional ups and downs.  With this bear of a schedule I predict a four game losing streak in the first half and still finishing with an 8-8 season which I believe to be an improvement over last season considering that same schedule.  Only time will tell.


6 thoughts on “The 2016 Atlanta Falcons Schedule… As I See It”

  1. 4 to 5 wins at best. This team has nothing from top to bottom. Needs to clean out front office and all coaches. Just start over and get it right next time.

    1. I unfortunately agree. I wasn’t sure how Shanahan was able to keep his job after the offensive collapse last season, but this a team who is in need of better drafting and new direction in my opinion.

      Thanks for chiming in.

    2. It’s not easy for me to say this but you are 100% correct. Shanahan is a problem and if the head coach/front office doesn’t see that, then they need to go also.

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