Here is my take on the NY Football Giants 2016 season based on the NFL schedule that was just released.  Albeit crazy early, the Giants will be an improved team, however making the playoffs will mean having to win the NFC East, and that in all likelihood will not happen for this seasons team.

Anything can happen in the NFC LEAST this year.  The Cowboys seem to have the best chance, with a particularly easier schedule. The Eagles are re-tooling and who knows what will happen with a new roster and new head coach.  The Skins are, well, the Skins, but they did win the division last year.  And then you have the Giants who got infinitely better — on paper — with the Free Agent haul they made for the defense.  A lot can change after the draft shakes out, but here’s my take:

WEEK 1: at COWBOYS.  LOSS – starting the season on the road against their life long foe.  I think the Giants have a chance here, but I also think it may take some time for them to get it going with a new head coach and a ton of new players on D.

WEEK 2: vs SAINTS – WIN – Home Opener, and even with an improved Saints team, I think the Giants get it together here.

WEEK 3: vs REDSKINS – WIN – Home game versus a Skins team who I think are not as good as they seemed to be last year.

WEEK 4: at VIKINGS (MON. NIGHT) – LOSS – The Vikings are a team that is getting stronger and stronger it seems.

WEEK 5: at PACKERS (SUN. NIGHT) – LOSS – The Packers are going to be better this year.  A-aron is A-aron.

WEEK 6: vs RAVENS – WIN – Even UD Alum Joe Flacco won’t be able to come into Metlife and sneak out a win.

WEEK 7: at RAMS (IN LONDON) – WIN – as improved as the Rams might be, a rookie QB versus the G-men in London isn’t a recipe for success.


WEEK 9: vs EAGLES – WIN – With the way the NFC EAST is shaping up, I’ll give the home team the win here.  And yes, I’m well aware of how AWFUL the Giants are following their bye week.  I’m not about to go looking up those numbers right now, but trust me, it’s not good.  This game really could go either way.

5-3 at the half-way point of the season….not bad for a middling team.  But if any of the last three games (week 6, 7, or 9) go wrong, the tumble will not be pretty.  Not that it will matter since the 2nd half of the season is where it’s all going to go bad for the Giants anyway.

WEEK 10: vs BENGALS (MON. NIGHT) – LOSS – The Bengals are a very good team looking to get to the playoffs and beyond this year. If they can live up to the hype, I’m not sure the Giants will be able to handle their offense.

WEEK 11: vs BEARS – WIN – While at least at home, the Giants should be able to bounce back here.

WEEK 12at BROWNS – WIN – It’s the Browns for cryin out loud.

WEEK 13: at STEELERS – LOSS – Yikes.

WEEK 14: vs COWBOYS (SUN. NIGHT) – WIN – This one was a tough one.  I had the G-men losing to the ‘Boys in the first game of the season.  Who knows where each team will be this late in the season, but I think the Giants fight for this one at home during Primetime.

WEEK 15: vs LIONS – WIN – The Lions, no Calvin, at home…let’s call this one a win.

WEEK 16: at EAGLES – LOSS – This is where I say that in the NFC EAST, I give the home team the edge.  I have the Giants with a home win earlier in the season versus the Eagles. They repay the favor here.

WEEK 17: at REDSKINS – LOSS – If the Skins are in the same position as last year, the NFC EAST home field advantage takes over again with the Skins winning the home version this time.

FINAL TALLY – 9-7, improved from last year, and most likely better than you thought the Giants might actually be this year.  Promising, but not good enough to make the playoffs.

Now that I’m taking a second look at this, I’m pretty sure this is so incredibly biased and wayyyyy too optimistic for a Giants team that went 6-10 last year.  But I’m going to stick to my guns anyway.  What the hell!


  1. We went 6-10 last year solely because of defensive holes. Think of how bad everyone thought the Cowboys would be going into 2014. ESPN even had them ranked #32 in the power rankings during the 2014 preseason! Then they finished 12-4 after losing week 1 at home vs SF. Things change fast in this league. Giants go 10-6 this year and snag at least a wildcard spot this year.

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