Live from Atlanta Falcons training camp


Nomi the Greek and myself spent Wednesday up in Flowery Branch watching some Falcons football and doing a little fantasy recruiting for the upcoming season. What it really comes down to is that we both had the shakes from a lack of NFL action, and Falcons training camp was the perfect cure.

It’s time to RISE UP, Falcons fans. 2015 is upon us. It should be a fun year in the ATL as Dan Quinn and his new regime get their team prepared. I took a few videos and pictures while I was there. Keep in mind one important thing: I am a writer. Photography is something I am learning, as is video taking. Considering that what you are about to see was done with my trusty iPhone 6, I think I did a decent job. Just don’t expect any Ansel Adams classics.

Stretching and getting prepared is the least fun part of training camp. So, I think you will enjoy this condensed version of what it looks like:

The Falcons two biggest weapons were looking sharp on Wednesday. Here’s a bunch of Roddy White and Julio Jones fun stuff. The slow mo videos are particularly fun.

hot rod

hot rod in motion

julio end zone

julio post

Matt Ryan was actually a bit off on Wednesday, but he still looked great. He threw behind a few people on some throws, but I think he is just adjusting to the new offense and working the kinks out. There’s never any reason to be concerned with Matty Ice.

Ice launches one

matty ice in motion

This picture is entitled: FALCONS QBs I HAVE SERVED AT VERDE
This picture is entitled: FALCONS QBs I HAVE SERVED AT VERDE

Of course, there had to be a picture of some personal favorites. My boy Paul Worrilow may see his playing time cut into a bit, especially with first rounder Vic Beasley looking good, but got to give that Blue Hen Nation love.

blue hen nation



This year, Brooks Reed joined T.J. Yates as former Houston Texans I really liked that became Falcons. It will be fun to seem them reunite in Week 4 when my boys come to town. Reed was out of practice yesterday, but was still doing some stretching and light work.

brooks reed

Lastly, the Falcons secondary is looking to make great leaps this season. William Moore and Desmond Trufant hope to become stars and lead the Falcons secondary to a strong season, especially with experienced former head coach Raheem Moore in the mix as Defensive Passing Game Coordinator — whatever the hell that is. Jalen Collins, the rook out of LSU looks to be an exciting addition as well, and could make the Falcons pass defense quite a force.


tru up

Willy Mo
Jalen Collins giving fans love.
Jalen Collins giving fans love.

Well, that was my first venture to Flowery Branch of the practice season. Tune in Monday as me and the wife head back to training camp to take in some football (it’s no wonder I married her).

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