The Wacky Week in Sports

Another week is in the books, folks. It’s hard to believe there are only six weeks left in the 2014 year. That means you are six weeks from the First Annual Wayniac Nation Wacky YEAR in Sports. I know, you can hardly contain yourself.

The MLB helped begin to wrap some stuff up as it’s year-end awards had one superstar doubling up on some shiny new hardware. College football saw some history, a few upsets and the return of a once Heisman hopeful. College hoops kicked off their season and Syracuse is undefeated! Six teams with at least seven wins saw action in the NFL on yet another crazy Sunday and Kobe Bryant proved that you can in fact miss shots you don’t take, and thousands of more that you do.


Clayton Kershaw is a beast. The 26-year old picked up his third Cy Young Award in the last four seasons after going 21-3 with a 1.77 ERA and 239 strikeouts only to get absolutely pummeled by the Cardinals in the post season yet again. Kershaw also pissed off baseball purists everywhere by taking home the NL MVP Award, the first NL pitcher to win both awards since Bob Gibson in 1968. There are those people who feel that pitchers have their own award and shouldn’t be considered for MVP, but the reality is that Kershaw was just that: the most valuable player in the National League. Literally, he makes more money than anyone else in the NL… at least until Giancarlo Stanton signs this ridiculous 13-year deal that’s the equivalent to our nations debt.

The American League saw baseball’s youngest superstar finally claim his first MVP Award. Mike Trout takes home the award… after the worst season of his career! That is a bit subjective as he did set career highs in home runs and RBI, but he also saw a huge decrease in his batting average (dropping below .300 for the first time ever) as well as striking out a career-high 184 time. The kid is still a stud with more MVPs lurking in the future. Corey Kluber took home the AL Cy Young with a masterful third-year performance leading many casual baseball fans to say Who?

Some big trades are going down, but new head honcho John Hart is certainly making the Atlanta Braves his own team. He has parted ways with top prospect Tommy La Stella and Jason Heyward over the last 48 hours. The winter meetings aren’t even full throttle yet, so this should be an exciting offseason.

Photo credit: ESPN

Here’s what’s going to happen in college football. Florida State, led by the NCAAs biggest scumbag, is probably going to claim the number one spot in the land because they haven’t lost since Gangnam Style was a hit (which is an entirely sad state of affairs in and of itself) despite having to comeback yet again against a team far inferior to themselves. What we really learned is that Nick Saban has the Alabama Crimson Tide poised and ready as the best team in the country.

Yes, Florida State is the last major undefeated school in the land (sorry, Thundering Herd, but despite a major motion picture, Marshall is still not a major school) with it’s come from behind victory over then 6-3 Miami. But the Tide impressively rolled over the then-undefeated number one team in the country in Mississippi State. Dak Prescott had another great game, but Bama was able to get to him at key moments and every time he had the Bulldogs in position to score, the Tide seemingly forced a turnover. Bama’s offense is led by two NFL-ready talents in Amari Cooper and TJ Yeldon and they are heading into a huge showdown at the Iron Bowl. Who cares about the rest of the country, let’s see a playoff system in the SEC West!

Speaking of upsets, how bout them Dawgs? The Gurley Watch may have ended with his suspension, but his return helped lead #15 Georgia in a rout of #9 Auburn. Nick Chubb, owner of the best last names in college football, went over 1,000 yards on the season with yet another monster performance, rushing for 144 yards and two touchdowns. Gurley, who looked impressive, wound up tearing his ACL. I don’t know if it was karma or another year of bad UGA luck, but this team is on Chubb now (sorry, that makes my inner child chuckle). #16 Nebraska was upset by #20 Melvin Gordon… excuse me, the Wisconsin Badgers. Did you see this kid? Gordon rushed for 408 yards and four touchdowns at nearly 17 yards a carry. Those are the kind of numbers the video game version of myself used to put up in Madden on the easy level! Wisconsin now has some dubious running back history. As Montee Ball pointed out:

Photo courtesy of USA Today
Photo courtesy of USA Today

Raise your hand if your favorite team has the only undefeated quarterback in the NFL? That’s right, folks, Ryan Mallett is the best quarterback in football. He led the Texans to victory over the then-first place Cleveland Browns with an impressive debut. It sure didn’t hurt that the best player in the NFL was not only sacking and forcing turnovers, but catching touchdowns from the young gun as well. If you don’t think J.J. Watt is the MVP of the 2014 season, you are on some serious bath salts.

Eli Manning threw five interceptions against the San Francisco 49ers. Seriously. FIVE PICKS. There is no snarky, funny comment I can add here as that is a joke in and of itself!

How bout those giant killers, the St. Louis Rams? They have already taken down the 49ers and Seahawks, but their biggest upset came this weekend defeating Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Not only did they hand the Broncos a loss, tying them atop the tough AFC West with the Chiefs, they took out half the offense doing so. Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Montee Ball all left injured and are awaiting the dreaded MRI.

The Atlanta Falcons are in first place. That is not a typo. The 4-6 Falcons are kings of the NFC South and the 2-8 Tampa Bay Bucs are technically still in the hunt for the division. There is plenty bad you can say about the play in the South this year, but you got to give props to Roddy White. He became one of 42 people in NFL history to cross the 10,000-yard receiving threshold. This coming from a guy who looked like he just didn’t get it the first two years in Atlanta. Now, you have to make the case that he may be a Hall of Famer.

And if you're Kobe, you miss most of the ones you do take.
And if you’re Kobe, you miss most of the ones you do take.

Congratulations, Kobe Bryant! You officially became the NBA’s all-time leading ball hog. Despite still trailing Michael Jordan for fourth place all-time in total points, Bryant surpassed everyone in NBA history by missing his 13,418 shot of his career. Bryant has missed more shots than NBA Hall of Famer and Knicks legend Willis Reed scored points!

Elsewhere, the best team in basketball is the Memphis Grizzlies at 9-1. The Lakers are a dismal 1-8 and the Philadelphia 76ers haven’t even won yet. In fact, the trailed 70-29 at the half in one game last week. Seriously? Me and four of my friends could accomplish that at way less the cost. But the Sixers had Charles Barkley, and Charles Barley did this:

Lastly, the college hoops season is underway. It’s Christmas time in Syracuse! Rakeem Christmas that is. He has been a double-double machine as Jim Boeheim and the mighty Syracuse Orange opened things up with a bang as they rolled to victory over the vicious Kennesaw State and Hampton…um, well, does anyone know their nickname. Coach K also started off the season right moving to 2-0 after dropping over 100 points against Fairfield. Its all for naught, however, as John Calipari has once again put together the best college team money can buy. He now has six months to put it all together before his latest flock of 19-years olds bolts for the NBA. I can’t wait for conference play to start!

There you have it, Wayniacs, another week of wackiness in a nutshell. Make sure you subscribe to get your weekly dose of sports recaps, fantasy football and NFL analysis and general rants about things that piss me off in sports. You can also follow me on Twitter with that little link under my picture for daily rants and Saved By The Bell history!

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