The Wacky Week in Sports

It was quite the interesting week. The World Series is set and it is a matchup I am willing to bet very little predicted. It was another wild one in the NCAA as another big seed fell and yet another was completely humiliated. And the NFL was the NFL, where you never know what is going to happen. The week started off great, as the Pats needed to block a field goal by the lowly Jets in the last seconds to secure a two point victory. How did the week end? Well, that’s what you’re here to find out, right?


It was a high scoring, action packed weekend in the NCAA. Most of the Top 25 were dropping around 30 points in their match-ups. The Game of the Week was no different. The #2 Florida State Seminoles came back from a 17-10 half time deficit to defeat #5 Notre Dame. Amid a week full of controversy, Jameis Winston came out and led an inspiring second half comeback. Winston went for 273 yards passing, two touchdowns, one interception, one new accusation, six pounds of crab legs, and 476 new autographs for sale. Seminole fans continue to preach that he is a target and the squeakiest clean quarterback of them all.

Meanwhile, Todd Gurley sits… and Georgia’s big Chubb doesn’t seem to care. The freshman Nick Chubb had an even better week against Arkansas than he did in his debut against Missouri. Chubb ran for 202 yards and two touchdowns. Maybe the Dawgs are like Shanahans Broncos. You know, anyone that can hold onto the ball will rush for 1000 yards!

Elsewhere around the Top 25:

  • #4 Baylor got smacked around by the unranked Mountaineers, losing 41-27. Forget about the offensive highlights. There were 17 first downs via penalty in this one behind 353 total penalty yards. The refs were in the trainers’ room getting their shoulders iced down after this one.
  • Someone needs to explain to me how a team that has lost it’s last three games by a combined 142-51 is even in the Top 25. Is the SEC that powerful? Whatever the case is, Texas A & M sucked before heading into the Alabama game, and after the 59-0 performance on Saturday, they became even worse. This may not even be a Top 40 team right now. Johnny Football isn’t doing a damn thing, maybe he can come back.
  • I think it’s great that the Marshall Thundering Herd are in the Top 25. Not only are they 7-0, but now everyone is asking that favorite college football trivia question: Can you name all of the Division I schools that don’t end in an “s”? Well… can you?


Get this. The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series. The Royals completed their historic run to by sweeping their second straight series. I’ve said it before, these kids refuse to lose. If you’re a Royals’ fan like my boy Jay Scott, you are never going to be able to sit back and enjoy a game. It’s going to go down to the final pitch every time. They are a dynamic and fun team to watch. I hate to say it as a Yankees’ fan, but they have their own little version of a Core Four going in the form of first round picks. Billy Butler (2004), Alex Gordon (2005), Mike Moustakas (2007) and Eric Hosmer (2008) have all played an integral role in the eight-game postseason win streak. Of course, their bullpen is no slouche either. If the Royals’ starting pitcher gets them six innings with the lead, forget about it. Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland have been untouchable.

Looking to stop the party 29 years in the making are the San Francisco Giants. Travis Ishikawa sent the Giants to their third World Series in five years with a walk-off blast against the Cardinals in Game 5 of the NLCS. It’s time to ask the question: are the Giants a dynasty? The core of the pitching staff has remained relatively unchanged. Brian Wilson left, but the Giants seemingly improved with a deeper bullpen with the likes of Jeremy Affeldt, Sergio Romo and Santiago Castilla. Matt Cain went down, but Madison Bumgarner has stepped in as a verifiable ace. Offensively Buster Posey is quickly becoming a post season legend. They have guys who have been down this road before. It is certainly time to consider the upstarts from the bay as a serious dynasty and if they win, it’s a lock.

(Photo credit: CBS Sports)
(Photo credit: CBS Sports)

It’s not the first time Peyton Manning stole the spotlight and it’s not the last. Manning went out on Sunday Night Football against a very formidable 49ers defense and crushed them. Peyton the Great threw for 318 yards and his 507th, 508th, 509th and 510th career touchdown passes. This time next season, Manning will most likely be surpassing Mr. Favre again to become the all-time passing yards leader. I have had the pleasure of watching Manning’s career from college all the way until it’s eventual end, and as one of my biggest rivals (as a Texans’ fan), I can do nothing but tip the cap with respect. Manning has played the game right, he has played it better than anyone else has and he makes me laugh in any commercial in which he has ever appeared. Congratulations to the GOAT!

I bet number 18 is wishing he had a shot at the current Seahawks in the Super Bowl again. What is wrong with these guys? This week, they shipped off Percy Harvin to the Jets for apparently giving the locker room a big ol’ migraine (see what I did there?). Meanwhile, a St. Louis Rams team led by their third-string quarterback and a rookie third-string running back ran all over the once frightening Seahawks’ defense. Russell Wilson seems to have taken a big step forward with less to work with on the outside, but the defense and Marshawn Lynch have seemingly disappeared. It has been rather interesting to watch. Maybe Pete Carroll needs to get some more Skittles and Chunky soup going.

Ok, fine. I relent. The Cowboys are legit. It looked as if the Giants were going to give them a run, but the second half was all Cowboys. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were in sync and DeMarco Murray has pretty much become the best running back in football. Seven straight 100-plus yard games to start the season and seven touchdowns to go along with it. He does have a case of the fumbles (four lost already this season) which doesn’t bode well for Romo’s eventual collapse. The defense has surprisingly held up their end of the bargain and are no where near as bad as they were pegged to be, The Thanksgiving match-up against the Eagles is going to be a doozy. Romo hopes John Madden’s turducken isn’t the only bird he eats that night!

This week also saw the beginning of the end for the Bears. Their record is the least of their worries as their locker room seems ready to implode. The Chargers fell to the Chiefs in a huge divisional match-up. Kansas City made themselves relevant again and the AFC West is going to be a fun battle to watch… almost as much fun as watching how terrible the Raiders have become.


The NHL season is under way. Montreal and the Islanders are out to scorching hot starts. It’s like it’s the early 80s all over again. Which is good, because that was the last time I could name more than ten players. Mike Bossy still playing?

That’s a wrap, folks. Stay tuned. The NBA season is days away! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch my Texans beat the Steelers. Tata.

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