Three Huge Story Lines for Week 7 of the NFL

This has to stop. These people telling us that the Dallas Cowboys are the best team in football must be silenced. They are a good team right now. They are extremely hot right now. That does not make them the best team in football. Just stop it.

Last week was a wild one in the NFL. The Denver Broncos had a mild scare in New York against the Jets, but at the end of the day they walked away with an easy victory. The Cleveland Browns showed that they are for real, winning their first game without having to come back from double digit deficits. My Texans proved they have improved leaps and bounds from last years catastrophic finish (and by finish I mean from Game 3 to the end of the season). They trailed the Colts in the first quarter 24-0, but J.J. Watt led a vicious comeback attack, and although they fell just short, they never gave up like Kubiak’s Kids would have. And yes, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off a very impressive victory in Seattle, dismantling the Seahawks in one of the hardest stadiums to play in, moving to 5-1. The Cowboys are rolling, but to anoint them the best team in football six games in with a proven choke artist at the helms is a bit premature. Not to mention, they are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles atop the NFC East.

The Eagles, along with the Suck-a-neers, have a bye this week. If so many people are jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon, why are the Eagles so quickly being overlooked. I think my friend and Philadelphia sports guru, The Law Dog, hit the nail on the head.

“5-1 is great. Black Sunday was a great game to go to. McCoy going off was fantastic (especially for two of my fantasy squads). I know this is a day to celebrate the Eagles, but I got to say…Foles is still not playing that great. 10 turnovers for a guy who in 2013 was praised as a protector of the football. It was the #1 rebuttle to Foles haters. Coming into this year, Foles’ biggest strength is now his #1 weakness. Eagles are -5 in turnover differential this year. There are 13 teams that don’t have a positive turnover differential this year. The other 12 teams are 17-49.”

Maybe the week off can get Nick Foles some rest. We here at Wayniac Nation don’t get a bye week. So, what is there to watch this weekend in the NFL? You know I have the answers to that!


3. San Diego is once again SUPER CHARGED!

San Diego is en fuego. The Chargers dropped a close one, losing by one point in the season opener. Sure, they struggled a bit last week against the hapless Oakland Raiders, but AFC West battles always take on an extra edge. Don’t be fooled. This may be the best team in football. The Chargers have reeled off five straight wins, four of which have been by scoring 30 or more points in the game. Philip Rivers is the best quarterback in football right now, and he is using his entries arsenal of weapons. Keenan Allen has been relatively quiet this season and Rivers is still shredding it. Branden Oliver has been superb in his two games as the lead back with Ryan Mathews and Donald Brown out with injuries. And Antonio Gates is playing like he is 25 and Drew Brees is back there again.

This week the Chiefs roll into the Whale’s Vagina. As I said AFC West battles always have some extra kick. The Chiefs 2-3 record is a bit deceiving as they have an extremely talented team on both sides of the ball.. especially the secondary If Rivers comes out and drops another 30 points on an AFC West rival and moves his Chargers to 6-1 next Thursday night’s bout with the Broncos may be the best game of the season.

(Photo credit: CBS)
(Photo credit: CBS)

2. That “other” best team in football.

Don’t get me wrong. The Cowboys are very, very for real. I simply don’t buy that they are the best team in football. If they bury the Big Blue Wrecking Crew at home this weekend, maybe I will be more on board. Right now, there are three teams that I think are better than them, but that doesn’t take away from how well they have performed.

The entire key to the Cowboys revival has been that Tony Romo doesn’t have to win ball games. DeMarco Murray is a monster. Murray is rushing for 131 yards per game while adding a touchdown each game he has played as well. This has taken the pressure off Romo. Now, defenses have to be aware of the run, and this helps the Interception Connection play smarter and safer football. It’s led to a more balance passing attack as well, as Romo has thrown over 100 yards to seven different receivers this season. Their highly questionable defense coming into the season is standing firm as the 15th best in the league. That means they are playing well enough to win games as long as their number four offense holds up its end of the bargain.

The G-Men come to town after being humiliated by the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there is no better comedy on television than when Eli Manning is clueless and the Giants are getting their butts whooped. But here’s the thing. You don’t know which Giants you are going to get as this is one of the most inconsistent teams in football. The Giants three-game win streak was highlighted by three huge wins, topping 30 points in all three. Their losses have been atrocious, however, not topping 14 points in any of them. They hate the Cowboys. The Cowboys hate the Giants. I hate both teams, but there is no denying that both will bring their best to this bout.

1. The Boring Bowl

When you looked at the schedule at the onset of the season, the Lions/Saints game looked like it would be a huge game with major implications. Now we are seeing two of the NFL’s better teams playing at their worst with two of the games biggest faces missing. This game could be as ugly as they come.

Drew Brees rolls into Detroit in a must-win situation. The Saints have not yet won a game convincingly in 2014, nearly losing to the Bucs and the Vikings for their only two wins. Jimmy Graham is out of the picture and Rob Ryan’s defense is absolutely atrocious, allowing 31 points to the Bucs in their last game. Luckily for the Saints, the NFC South is so incredibly bad that a win could give them a share of the division lead.

The Lions were looking sharp and Matthew Stafford seemed to have gotten over that hump that kept skeptics doubting him the past few years. But then Megatron went down. Calvin Johnson has 19 yards receiving over the last three weeks and now it appears he may be out until Week 10. Stafford has been a different man without the universe’s greatest receiver, being out performed by Kyle Orton and Bridgewater (and just so you know, Bridgewater threw for 188 yards against the Lions). Their defense has looked incredible (and is number one on the NFL) and Stafford gets Bush back this week. He needs to step up because in the NFC North every win matters. What would have been a 42-35 shootout a few weeks ago, may turn into a 17-13 survival of the fittest.

Game of the Week: 49ers at Broncos

Colin Kaepernick has turned the 49ers around and has them rolling into Denver on a three-game winning streak. They have the number two defense in the NFL and Frank Gore has been running the ball incredibly well for a 90-year old man. What they do not have is Peyton Manning. This is a great Sunday bout, and I think it will go back and forth until the final quarter. But Manning knows he needs to win games like these to hang close with the Chargers. I think Manning comes out and beats Cry Baby Harbaugh.

sanchez-fumble (1)

Survival Pool Pick of the Week:

Well, the Chargers certainly gave me a scare this week, but I am down to the final 20 in the Beat the Pooch Classic. The Falcons blew my gamble pick of the week looking atrocious at home and dropped me to 4-2 on the risky picks. I think that Tom Brady is getting in the groove and the Patriots at home against their biggest rival New York Jets may be the pick of the week. But if you like living on the edge, my Houston Texans may be your bet. Sure, the Steelers got dismantled by the Browns last week, but the Browns are legit and the Steelers are at home this week. Pittsburgh isn’t an easy place to play, but these Bill O’Brien Texans look like they have the moxie to pull off the upset.



2 thoughts on “Three Huge Story Lines for Week 7 of the NFL”

  1. I agree with you on the Pats being pick of the week! Brady and company are finally getting in their groove. Go Pats!

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