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Welcome to the US WIDE Open

Well, our old friend and golf analyst found himself quite busy the past few months. He had field trips, was in New York, went to Disney, and had this #WayniacWedding to attend. He somehow felt that this was an acceptable excuse as to why he missed The Masters, his first Major he missed since joining The Nation as our golf expert. That’s why he came back strong with his US Open projections. So Wayniacs, welcome back Dunton…

Okay so I missed the Masters. Well actually didn’t miss it, just missed a deadline for the piece I was supposed to write. Ok, fine, I forgot, you happy now? Anyway, have no fear. Ol’ Dunton is here with the Nation’s golf guru’s predictions for the US Open.

Who will survive Chambers Bay? Keep reading to find out!

From Concession to the US Open

(Be forewarned, fellow Wayniacs. It has been sometime since I posted. Clear your schedule, we got a long piece ahead of us.)

The US Open is right around the corner. If you really put any thought into it, it is really one of the coolest concepts in sports. Amateurs, as long as they maintain a certain criteria, can actually play their way in to a Major event and play alongside golf legends.

As a big fan of baseball, football and basketball, this idea is inconceivable. Hell, even the field of players that move on to pros from college is really microscopic if you look at the grand scheme of things. That’s what makes the US Open fun and exciting.

See who I’m rooting for in this year’s US Open

US Open is Closed for Lefty

We are 24 hours away from another major and the 114th US Open. A lot of the talk on ESPN and other sports networks is that Phil Mickelson seems confident to get over that hump and grab a US Open Championship. Well, after all those runner-ups at the US Open, our in-house golf expert, Q-Tip, returns to answer the Lefty question:

I live in North Carolina. Unless you live under a rock or are entirely too caught up with Rashad McCants, you have by now heard that Pinehurst is hosting this weekends’ US Open. As if it wasn’t hard enough already, the infamous ol’ Pinehurst Number 2 course has made some changes to make it even more of a challenge. The question on everyone’s mind since the back 9 of the 2013 US Open is: Can Phil Mickelson ever get the final trophy to complete his career grand slam? It’s the one Phil wants most and it has been the most elusive to him. We have watched him come oh so close for so many years only to throw it away. He literally did just that in ‘06 when he hit a drive on the 71st hole into a trash can. So here we are once again, the US Open is about to start, Father’s Day is a week away, fans will sing Happy Birthday to Phil at some point, and the answer to that question is just days away from being answered. Actually, we don’t have to wait. The answer is simple: he can’t and won’t win the 2014 US Open.

Keep reading to see why Lefty can’t win!