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Mark Richt heads to THE U and UGA fans react

I don’t listen to much radio on the public airways because I am a Sirius guy… seriously. But over my years of living in Atlanta, I make sure I listen to the Chuck and Chernoff show as regularly as I can. There are a few reasons.

One, I’ve tweeted Matt Chernoff a few articles over my nearly two years as a blogger and he has actually responded to them, which means he’s a cool enough personality to actually read loyal listeners’ thoughts. Secondly, I love how they react to said loyal listeners when they talk utter nonsense.

Much like the recent uproar about Mark Richt and his decisions after being fired. After season upon season of hearing UGA fans calling for Richt’s head, they are now angered by his actions once he was fired. It is absolutely hilarious.

Chill on Richt, UGA fans, he’s not your problem anymore!