Mark Richt heads to THE U and UGA fans react

I don’t listen to much radio on the public airways because I am a Sirius guy… seriously. But over my years of living in Atlanta, I make sure I listen to the Chuck and Chernoff show as regularly as I can. There are a few reasons.

One, I’ve tweeted Matt Chernoff a few articles over my nearly two years as a blogger and he has actually responded to them, which means he’s a cool enough personality to actually read loyal listeners’ thoughts. Secondly, I love how they react to said loyal listeners when they talk utter nonsense.

Much like the recent uproar about Mark Richt and his decisions after being fired. After season upon season of hearing UGA fans calling for Richt’s head, they are now angered by his actions once he was fired. It is absolutely hilarious.

1. I can’t believe he took another job!

Many UGA fans on the radio and inter-web were throwing a fit because they thought they would finally get their main man axed, which they did.  They then thought he would be so hopeless that he would have to sit around on his couch and watch UGA crying alone, stuffing his face with Cheetos as Kirby Smart led UGA to the SEC Championship.

FALSE! UGA axed this guy — which I don’t necessarily disagree with — so he is free to go where ever he so desires. When his alma mater is looking for a head coach, it is a no brainer.

Plus, it is The U. Whether it’s been for good times or bad press, it is one of the top programs in the nation. As Chuck pointed out, if he took the Maryland or Virginia job, that would be one thing. That would be Richt — who remember claims this was an amicable split and a mutual decision to part ways — really just wants to coach and will do it at any expense, even if he were to take over a non-contender. This is Miami, folks. A school that he can make a winner and nationally relevant without having to do much work. You know why?

2. I’ll be so mad if Richt takes Jacob Eason with him!

Why? Do you know why Jacob Eason even committed to UGA? It was his relationship with Richt — not Greg McGarity. Here, just take a look at what I wrote TWO Mondays ago:

He also has put together one of the more highly touted 2016 incoming classes — ranked as high as No. 3 on some sites — and no matter what you think, losing Richt will cost some of those recruits. The second some of LSU’s incoming footballers caught wind of Les Miles, they started bailing. The same would happen at UGA. They came there with promises made by Richt, and no matter who comes in, even if it is Nick Saban, those promises won’t be guaranteed. (for entire article, click HERE)

You want to be mad? As Chuck and Chernoff said — and I agree with — be mad at McGarity, but I even think that is silly. This was a given. Recruits make commitment based on three things:

  • a chance to win
  • a chance to play from day one
  • the head coach and his staff

Now, Eason will have a better chance to play from day one at UGA than he will at Miami with Brad Kaaya in his way, so at the end of the day, it is a moot point. There is no conspiracy here fans — as many chimed in that this was Richt’s ultimate plan — it’s simply the way the game works.

3. Richt betrayed us by bailing on the Bowl game.

Follow my logic. UGA fans want Richt fired because he didn’t make the big time BCS Bowls as frequently as they had hoped. They grew tired of watching the Dawgs in these “lesser” Bowl games. Now they are angry that the coach they wanted fired isn’t coaching in said Bowl game.


Let me start by saying this was a concept I never understood. Take professional sports for example. Everyone in the world can tell when a manager is going to be fired, like Don Mattingly this past season. The writing was on the proverbial wall (I always wanted to see this wall and all that is written on it). The Dodgers didn’t fire him in August when the division was getting shaky and say, “Hey, Donnie Baseball, you just don’t fit here, but would you mind coaching us through the playoffs?”

I get that it is different in college sports because as a coach, you build the program in your style. You recruited the team that is on the field, and you want that one last chance to go out on top alongside with them, more for the kids on the field than the organization.

But here is the bottom line. UGA made a move — again, one in which I agreed with just not so harshly as many UGA fans — and Richt needed to find a job. He did rather quickly, and now he has work to do. Can’t fault a guy for that.

Of course these sentiments aren’t felt by every UGA fan. I know plenty that are excited for the Kirby Smart — and hopefully Hines Ward — Era to begin. They just don’t happen to be the same people calling into Chuck and Chernoff sounding off with conspiracy theories and hate. Everyone is allowed their opinion on the matter, just don’t be upset if Matt-Lanta hangs up on you when it doesn’t make sense.


2 thoughts on “Mark Richt heads to THE U and UGA fans react”

  1. Yeah, I don’t think you can gauge fans’ mood by who calls in to sport talk radio. I’m very bummed out by what happened to Richt.

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