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Three Intriguing Stories for Week Three in the NFL

Week two in the NFL was highlighted by a bunch of lowlifes. Adrian Peterson stole the show with his child negligence, but Greg Hardy wouldn’t let him have the limelight all to himself. Then Ray Rice jumped in and is appealing his suspension. All three need to just go away for a little while, because if the NFL Network and ESPN can stop talking about them, we may all realize that there has been some awesome football going down thus far in 2014.

Seven undefeated teams remain after week two, and the Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals are amongst them. There are also seven teams who have yet to win a game, with the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints surprisingly headlining that list. Week two was full of exciting comebacks by the Packers, Bears and Browns, had the best defensive player in the game catch a touchdown, and watched Antonio Gates rejuvenate himself in dominating the defending champs.

How does week three top all of that? One thing is for certain. I can’t wait to find out!

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