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From Ryno to Rizzo: My life as a Cubs fan

(Note from the editor: Today’s World Series Preview isn’t a prediction special. It is a recollection of what 36 years of being a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan is like in the words of my brother Jonathan. Thank you to my brother, who not only took the time to put his emotions and make his writing debut, but remained loyal to the lovable losers for as long as he has. Go Cubs Go!)

Here we are, on the eve of the first World Series for the Chicago Cubs in 71 years.The Cubs last appearance in the World Series was just two months after the end of World War II for the United States. I, like most baseball fans growing up in my town, idolized No. 23 though I was cheering for Ryne Sandberg and the Chicago Cubs, not Don Mattingly of the Yankees.  People do not realize watching the Yankees dominance the past 15 years how difficult it is to make the playoffs consistently. Don Mattingly never made it to the World Series. Ryno, in his Hall of Fame career, made only two playoff appearances, 1984 and 1989. I was too young to understand the epic collapse of the ’84 team to the Padres or understand the significance of the loss to the Giants in ‘89.  Just imagine this for one second however, if the Cubs win the ‘89 series, Game 3 would have been played in Wrigley, not Candlestick, and thus the earthquake would not have impacted the World Series.  A different history would have been written. 

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